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Swallowing Mayhem (MM) by James Cox (Published by: Evernight Publishing )
Categories: Multiple Partners, Science Fiction, Alternative (M/M, Gay)

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I was going to wait and start this book tomorrow. However I read the first 1/2 a chapter this morning and just finished the rest of the book. It was THAT good! So far I have loved all the books in this series and this one is no different. Torrin and Mayhem are a perfect match for each other..Torrin speaks and Mayhem grunts more than speaks. When he does speak...well you'll have to read this book to see what I am talking about. Just like the ones before it, this book grabbed my attention right off the bat and kept it throughout the whole book. It flowed well, kept me entertained and quickly flipping to what could possibly happen next.I loved how Torrin and Mayhem connected and how Mayhem helped Torrin become the man he wanted and needed to be. Torrin on the other hand seemed to soften Mayhem. Or was it that he just gave to Mayhem what HE needed? Either way, a great story and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by: Red (Date: 06/13/2015)
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