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Taking Over (MF) by S.J. Maylee (Published by: Evernight Publishing )
Categories: BDSM, Contemporary

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When SJ first told me that she was going to write a story about Gina, well let's just say I was very skeptical. Gina was defiantly not my favorite person and the way she treated my favorite heroines, well that didn't bode well for Gina. To Gina say was my least favorite person would be the understatement of the year. As can be expected, when SJ told me to expect this story in my inbox, I was part excited and part scared. Excited to finally get to know Marcus and scared because it was Gina. But I promised to go into this story with an open mind, after all I do adore SJ. So after reading it, did I like it? Short answer..... Yes. Long answer..... Gina surprised me, in more ways than I anticipated. The reasons that she acts the way she does proves that she has a heart.... a really big heart. Although her actions are not be condoned, I get it. And for this I have to, albeit reluctantly, admit that I like and respect her. Marcus has he's hands full when he decides to get to the heart of Gina. He's the Master with a heart of gold. He's techniques are very provocative and alluring. I love that he never gives up on Gina, even when her stubbornness gets in the way. And it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes. What a great surprise to see so many familiar faces in this story. It's like seeing old friends and catching up with them. I would have loved to have been sandwiched between all those seductive men at one table. Someone get me a fan! In short, this was a very sensual tale of longing for someone from afar and then getting the opportunity to finally act on those feelings. A story of hope, courage, and second chances. A story that proves you can't judge a book, or a person in this case, at face value. Well done my friend! You took the bad girl we all loved to hate and made her someone that we can love and care for. I didn't think it was possible, but you are Gina's personal miracle worker!

Reviewed by: liz_josette (Date: 06/13/2015)
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