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3.5 Stars ~ Mated by Chance ~ After all of the heavy stories that I have read recently, I needed a trope I loved, with hot shifters, a snarky omega, and an mpreg. Truly, nothing makes me happier than to just sink into sexy, hot fun with a little drama and a happy ever after. The fact that I snatched this book before my dear friend could only makes me happier. Jane Perky is a new-to-me author, and I'm excited about this new series. In the 'Blue Moon Wolves' series, the author has built a world where shifters and humans have come to terms with each other after the war that ended fifty years ago. Of course, there's always the bad seeds on both parts. Y'all know I'm a softy for the underdog, or in this case, the undercat, right? Conner is running from an abusive ex who just wants to use him to breed. He's chosen Blue Moon because it has a strong wolf pack, and he's hoping it will keep Randy from following him. The very first night Conner meets Hayden, the alpha, the sparks fly. Hayden can't understand what kind of idiot would let his pregnant, unclaimed mate wander around. It doesn't matter, because Hayden is determined to get his kitty. "Worse, it wasn’t Conner’s body he fantasized about, but something more. All that sass couldn’t come from nothing. He hungered to know Conner’s story, his past, his likes, and dislikes. God help Hayden, but he wanted too much when he shouldn’t." Not everyone in Hayden's pack is thrilled that his mate is a pregnant tabby shifter, but Hayden couldn’t care less. When his beta challenges him, Hayden refuses to back down, and is forced to take action. Too many other shifter groups want to overtake Blue Moon, and Hayden isn't about to let that happen. Of course, before all of that happens, Hayden has to deal with Randy kidnapping his mate, and the wolf who betrayed the pack, and told Randy where to find Conner. An absolutely adorable start to a new series. I really hope more books will follow, and quickly. I'm curious to see what more can happen in Blue Moon. Owned by the Beta ~ I read book one in this series when it first released and then, like a nincompoop, I completely spaced on getting any more as they came out. *rolls eyes at myself* Regardless, I’m happy I remembered this series as I wanted to see what happened with secondary characters I met in Hayden and Conner’s tale, with Horatio being high on my list of people I was curious about. Horatio and Corey met as young boys from opposite sides of town but sharing the experience of having abusive fathers. Horatio got bitten by a werewolf along with his two closest friends not very long after and Corey got shipped off overseas to private school. It’s now fifteen years later and much has changed. Horatio is the beta of the blue moon wolf pack, a business owner, and a respected man. Corey has returned to Blue Moon and a disapproving family - even though he’s the only heir - and is trying to pay off his debts the only way he knows how, by selling his body. “You know I spout bullshit whenever I’m scared and too cowardly to ask for help. Please, give me a chance. I lied. I need your help.” I want you. Save me. Corey didn’t add those last words for fear he’d scare his wolf away.” It was great seeing Horatio and Corey finally both admit that there had never been another for them. Their love story was a twelve-year journey but they needed to grow up in order to find their way back together. Granted, Corey will always challenge Horatio with his ability to get into trouble, but Horatio needs someone to keep him from falling into too staid of an existence. A marvelous addition that I enjoyed. Playing for Keeps ~ I jumped directly into this third installment of the series as I really liked Jaime and what I’d seen of him so far. I felt bad for him that he’d been in love with Horatio ever since the other man saved Jaime’s life by giving him the bite and then taking Jaime under his wing. Jaime is suffering now that Horatio mated Corey and they’re planning to get married so Hayden, being the amazing alpha he is, decides to give Jaime the job of keeping track of a nosy reporter who’s coming to town to dig up dirt. Milo is in Blue Moon trying to find out what makes the wolf pack special enough that small shifter groups, refugees so to speak, are moving there and humans reside in the town harmoniously with the wolves – but all other large paranormals or groups avoid it like the plague. Milo doesn’t expect to meet Jaime on his first night after his car broke down and he has made his way to the bears roadhouse. Note to self… don’t go there, the bears are super scary. “Jaime had taken his assignment grudgingly, as a way to forget all about Horatio, but he never expected to be so taken with Milo. The human had bite to him and plenty of snark, and Jaime liked that combination immensely.” I think anyone who can fall for and mate a reporter has an awful lot going for them. *grins* That isn’t an easy job and often the journalist is truly out to ruin people’s lives just so he or she can get their story. Luckily for Jaime, Milo is a good person even if he lost his way a little. I enjoyed watching them fall in love and the ending was very good.

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 10/23/2018)
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