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If the author keeps going in this vein, then 'Of Dragons and Wolves' is going to be a favorite series of mine. I loved how brave Oliver was, and how he risked himself to save Fraser. Theirs was (technically) the easiest of the matings, so far, in that they both knew, they got it done, they got rescued, they made it home alive. The author is weaving future storylines into each of these successive installments which is good, and bad, in my opinion. It's good because I know what's coming around the bend. It's bad, because in some ways it takes the focus off of the MC's for the current book. So, now I have the shape shifting doppelgänger to look out for....the one who wants Kendrick....but, Roman is in love with Kendrick, except Roman agreed to be mated to another of Connor's brothers.....and, I've got Connor wanting a child with Aris, but Aris is terrified that with his weak heart, a hatchling would kill him. Telenovela INDEED!

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 03/30/2016)
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