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The Forever Mates Complete Collection (MM) by Stormy Glenn (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: BDSM, Paranormal, Alternative (M/M, Gay)

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Mikhail & Jace Wow. What a beginning! Adored Jace, Liam, Bay, and Rue right from the start for being unapologetically gay as f*ck and not caring. These four friends definitely define twink and they could care less what anyone thinks..... although all of them, except Jace, are smart enough to be nervous when they find themselves in a redneck roadhouse bar. *grins* Mikhail and his three brothers - Zus, Stefan, and Yuri - can’t believe their eyes when the four gorgeous men enter the bar. They are pretty quick to “dibs” the one for them, not knowing they’ve inadvertently chosen their forever mates. Mikhail has his hands full as Jace is a bit of a spitfire and I really enjoyed watching them clash. Mikhail is alpha of his pride along with his brothers, but there’s one member who has been wanting kill them for years. Now that the brothers have all found their mates, it seems like no time like the present for a little infighting to begin. Bay just stood there, staring. “Am I the only one here that understands that we are being attacked by a bunch of people that can shift into tigers?” “No, I got it,” Jace replied. “I just don’t care.” “They can kill us,” Bay insisted. Jace waved his hand back toward the shattered front window. “They are no different than the bigots back home that call us names and try to beat us up when we walk down the street because we have more fashion sense then they do. I, for one, refuse to allow them to make me leave, especially now that I’ve found someone that loves me just as much as I love him.” (yep, the fashion sense comment had me laughing uproariously) “Stupid bigoted asshole!” Jace snapped as he walked over and kicked the guy in the side. He kicked him again and then leaned down and picked up the skillet. “Gay does not mean sissy, you jackass!” *I couldn’t resist with these two quotes* I adored this first story and appreciated all the background the author gave. Now I’m jumping straight into the next tale....... Zus & Rue Oh, now this is a treat! The author seems to be writing of each of these couples stories following the same timeline but from a different couples perspective. This is going to be so much fun! It would seem Fate has definitely paired Zus and Rue correctly as Zus is a Dom looking for his sub and Rue is a sub looking for his Dom. I have to admit that these brothers are pretty horrible communicators. So far, both Mikhail and Zus have completely screwed up the claiming of their mates causing all kinds of miscommunication and confusion. Typical men! “You are my mate!” Rue opened his mouth to argue when the strangeness of Zus’s words struck him. He snapped his mouth closed and thought about them. Mate, what exactly did Zus mean by that? Somehow, Rue knew Zus didn’t mean it in the usual sense. But then, nothing about the entire situation was usual. “What does that mean?” he finally asked. Zus was seriously intimidating but Rue offset that by being freaking lovable. I loved seeing the same days (essentially) that the first story covered, gone over again viewed through Zus and Rue’s eyes and experiences. Definitely a great way to read these stories. Stefan & Bay I was really looking forward to this couple because out of all four Stefan and Bay had the most difficult progression to happiness. A huge misunderstanding caused by a lack of information from the get-go led to these two men having to fight pretty hard for each other. Throw in Stefan being shot, the brother’s home being attacked twice in two days by some crazy members of their pride, and everything was a little tense for a while. Unless someone was blind and deaf, they’d see that all four of them were clearly gay. They talked gay, they walked gay, and they looked gay. They were the stereotypical twinks society so often associated with gay men. Loud, bright colors, makeup and piercings, even the effeminate body movements, they had it all, in spades. Christ, two of the four of them had little sequined purses under their arms. *snort* I got pretty angry with Bay for a while. He definitely allowed his anger to get the best of him and he refused to listen to anything Stefan had to say. He also yelled at Stefan and rejected him. Poor Stefan. People skills are not his strong point and he kept screwing up every time he tried to explain to Bay what he is and that Bay is his forever mate. His heart was breaking at every turn and I felt horrible for him. And that was before he got shot! I understood Bay a little better once he and Stefan talked and I was happy to see Bay accept his responsibility for the mess that had been made. A very satisfying story, to be sure! Yuri & Liam I think it’s perfect that the author wrote Yuri and Liam last. Yuri is the strongest of the brothers and, as such, he learned at an early age to always be gentle with others - unless they were trying to kill him, of course - and Liam is the shyest and sweetest of the four best friends. I think it Liam knew he wasn’t as good of a catch as the others. He wasn’t as outgoing or self-confident or even as brave as his friends. Introverted…that was what they called it. He was introverted down to his soul. He didn’t like crowds or loud noises or really big people, which made his overwhelming attraction to Yuri all that much more confusing. The man was built like a semi truck. And yet his gentleness showed through from deep inside of him. Awww, I loved this ending story. Each of these couples were unique, hot, and fun, and I loved the way the author told the tales.

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 05/10/2018)
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