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Really, really liked this story! I loved Max and Dom---the darkness in Max and the caring nature in Dom. Aubrey was good as well. She'd had a tough life but was strong and smart and willing to give herself up in place of her men. I've never read this author before and am very impressed. I especially liked the darker undertones in the story; it added a nice, somethat menacing edge. I was well on my way to giving it 5 stars but I was a bit disappointed in the way the threat to Aubrey and the entire city was resolved. The set up was sooo engrossing but then it was wrapped up in like, 2 scenes. Without giving any big plot points away it was too convenient to me that all of a sudden Max could hire a wizard and Aubrey somehow just knew what to do to trap the enemy. That pivotal moment was the catalyst that changed the trio's relationship, and because that was weak, it lessened the impact of Max, Dom and Aubrey finally coming together. It was....a little anticlimactic. Despite my issues near the end of the book, the author mostly redeemed herself with the crazy, kick ass cliffhanger ending (not involving this book's main characters). Wow, way to keep us on the hook for the next book!! Loved it. Anyway, this was my 1st book from Ms. Fern and I an eager to check out more!

Reviewed by: SoCalReader (Date: 03/08/2015)
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