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Unbridled Heat (MF) by Morgan Fox (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Contemporary

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Marie's Tempting Reads Review: I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!! I have read most of Morgan Fox's books and I always thought her Moonlight Shifter Series was my favorite, but she definitely topped that with her new book in her new series, Unbridled Heat. With biker romance becoming so popular, I can definitely see why Morgan Fox would go to writing in this particular direction. The fact that she hit it off right away with Unbridled Heat is beyond INCREDIBLE in my opinion. I haven't read a whole lot of biker romance because I didn't think I could get into them but I am now completely hooked on this series by Morgan Fox and simply can't wait for the next book in this series! The characters were very unique and complete opposites of each other, I think that is precisely why they fit so well together. Layla is a good girl. She is innocent and sweet while Luke is the bad boy, who likes women and doesn't fall in love with them...until Layla. Even though he is warned off her by several of the ladies at the bar Layla works at, he can't seem to help himself. Sparks fly between Layla and Luke and passion soars with each encounter and soon Luke finds himself falling in love for the first time. This story was incredibly sweet and mouth-watering good! I loved the sexy bad boy biker and the innocent bartender. The sex was scorching and the overall story-line was written beautifully. I am now in LOVE with bikers thanks to Morgan Fox. I give Unbridled Heat an AMAZING FIVE SHOOTING STARS!! If your looking for a new biker story or interested in reading your first one, then Morgan Fox's Unbridled Heat would be PERFECT for you.

Reviewed by: Marie Brown (Date: 06/01/2015)
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