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Undercover Heat (MF) by Morgan Fox (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
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Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review: THE BEST ONE YET! I LOVE LOVE LOVED Undercover Heat. This one is undoubtedly my favorite one in Morgan Fox's Men of Iron Horse series so far. I absolutely melted with Special Agent Reid. He was gloriously good looking and he oozed of sex and sin. His description was beyond mouthwatering to me and I had a hard time NOT drooling, I swear! Now Brynn is one hot-headed heroine. She is not only a gorgeous woman, but she doesn't take no crap and isn't even aware of her own appeal thanks to a very cruel ex. However, all it takes is one sexy agent disguised as a bad ass, to show her how desirable and sexy she truly is. I loved the hotter then hell sex in Undercover Heat. But the one scene that stuck out to me most was the first time Reid and Brynn had sex, which happened to be in the storage room of the bar Brynn works at. It was incredibly fast, hot, and addicting. But these two had sparks flying everywhere even outside the bedroom. They clashed so beautifully that they each did their best to rile the other up until their passion took over and they ended up in bed. I am telling you all that it was SPECTACULAR. These two characters were MADE for each other and I just LOVED this story to pieces. Its action packed and so very sensual. The storyline was good and solid and so delicious. Morgan Fox did it again, and I can't WAIT for the next book! I give Undercover Heat A FLYING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I liked the writing and LOVED both Brynn and Reid. It had the perfect blend of romance and edge to the story. I can't get enough of this series and am eagerly awaiting the next one!

Reviewed by: Marie Brown (Date: 06/06/2015)
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