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Masked Emotions (Complete Series) by V.E. Campudoni (Published by: Beau to Beau Books )
Categories: BDSM, Contemporary, Multiple Partners

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First let me say I am hugely disappointed with Siren-Bookstrand for not responding to my "contact us" e-mail not only not within their stated 72 hours but as yet, 6 days later, have not heard back. This series only delivered in pdf format no matter what download I tried. So this review is actually because I had to buy the series from Amazon to get it in Kindle format. Now about the series: This is exactly the kind of series I hate to read: when they are cliff hangers and where stupid characters keep passing in the night. The main female character in this series, Lana, is a total waste of a good character. She's in college to be a psychologist. On my stars! Who would ever go to a psychologist who is this dumb? Stupid women in books drive me insane which is why when I read the first 10 pages or so in Book 3 I just threw up my hands and said "Done!" Truthfully, I struggled from mid-point of book 2 but punished myself and stayed thru the conclusion of that book. I just cannot stomach all these back and forth screw ups any longer. Fortunately for me, Amazon let me have my money back. Bookstrand couldn't even take the time to answer me when I explained I could read the book in the format they sent! So between the books being stupid by plot and Bookstrand ignorning me, I'm taking a break from Bookstrand. Amazon may not get books up in as timely a manner but at least I can read them!

Reviewed by: Songbird71 (Date: 02/12/2019)
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