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Zombie Girl (MF) by Melissa Hosack (Published by: Evernight Publishing )
Categories: Horror/Twisted Tales, Paranormal, Short Stories

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This book was pretty good but I didn't like reading it from the perspective of the male character, Karik. Plus, the theme didn't seem realistic with Elizabeth claiming to be a zombie which seemed more in line with her possibly being more believable as a vampire. If she was a zombie, how could she substitute draining blood out of someone for constant sex to survive? Why were her hair, teeth, skin and bones not all rotting away which is typical of the zombies that we know? I think the fresh minty breath that she supposedly had really made the story more unbelievable for me even more. Though the story never really got into it due to lack of character development, the couple sounded like they were really young, like in high school; I don't like my main characters to be that young unless they were featured in the prologue portion of a book. The best part of the book were the sex scenes, of course. Overall, though the book was slightly disappointing, it was interesting to see a different type of "zombie" in literary existence.

Reviewed by: jl201334 (Date: 07/05/2014)
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