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Calling All Villains (MMF)


Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 37,415
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Some want to use her.
Some want to kill her.
I’m just looking to get paid.

Every year there’s a call for all villains to attempt to kidnap the not so human princess. Being half vampire gives me an advantage but when I meet Aneen things don’t go as planned with her or the suspicious, sexy bodyguard, Stefen. Then she’s kidnapped by my partner. With Stefen’s help, we go on a perilous journey to save the princess. I never expected to find my conscious along the way or reveal a terrible secret hidden in history.

In a world of shape shifters, fairies, selkies and mermen, a war is brewing. The fate of Otherworld stands on the brink of destruction. Can a violent half vampire, a stubborn bodyguard, and half goddess princess save this magical world?

**Includes the Bonus Story: Lovart’s Guide to Traveling Otherworld.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex

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“What does she taste like?”

I smiled and kissed him. The flavor of her mingled on our tongues as my hand continued to stroke her pussy. “Delicious.” I muttered and stared into his blue eyes. “Now, your turn.” I pushed Stefen to his back and roughly grabbed his trousers. Aneen watched, flushed and naked, as I tugged on Stefen’s trousers. I stripped the clothes off and he lay beside our woman just as bare. “Well, this is going to be the last thing I think of before I die.”

Stefen laughed.

“Seriously. You and Aneen naked in bed. Her legs are open. Your cock is hard. I can honestly say I’d die a happy man in about … ten seconds.” That’s how long it’d get me to come with this view. Stefen’s dick was thick and smeared with pre-cum as I wrapped my hand around the girth. “Have you ever seen a cock before Aneen?”

“Not close up.” She whispered, leaning toward us.

I slid my other hand between her legs. “Keep this open, princess.”

She blushed then opened her legs.

“Our Stefen does have a beautiful dick.” I stroked him and he groaned. “Makes me want to spend hours sucking him.” I took my hand from her and caressed his balls. “The face he makes when he comes is like he’s found the answer to how to be happy in this world.”

Stefen gave me a tilt of his head and a raised eyebrow.

“I can be fucking poetic when I want to be.” To shut him up, I leaned down and wrapped my lips around his tip. “Tastes salty to your sweet.” I sucked and Stefen groaned. “The perfect meal.” I swirled my tongue around his foreskin and then placed kisses along his upper thigh. “Do you want to taste him Aneen?”


“No!” Stefen lifted to his elbows. “The second she touches me I’m going to come.”

I stifled a laugh at his horrified expression. “Ain’t nothing wrong with being a little over excited.”

Aneen groaned. “Please.” She wiggled a bit as if her body was busting at the seams.

Stefen moved to his side and kissed her. His hand sliding to her breast and his fingers closed around the nipple.

I went back between her legs. Pressing kisses along her thigh, over her clit and then I parted her lower lips with my fingers. That hole was glistening with need and I slid my tongue over it. Once. Twice. On the third swipe I stabbed her quickly and went back to licking.

Aneen hissed out a breath, but the sound and any words were snatched up by Stefen’s kissing.

I played with her clit, sliding my fingers over the swollen bud and when she began to lift her hips I stuck my tongue back inside her.

A deep groan sounded.

I tongued her pussy, easy at first, but getting more aggressive at the sounds she was making. A man could only last so long. Both Stefen and I were getting close to our breaking point.

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