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Chloe's New Beginning (MFM)

Novikov Clan 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 39,824
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Chloe Novikov thought she lost everything when her husband, Conner, died in a motorcycle accident. They only had five years together, but she thought she knew everything about him. When she gets a visit from a lawyer, she's shocked to realize that there are a lot of secrets he kept from her.

Adam and Brandon Novikov have been waiting a long time to meet their mate. Conner, their youngest brother, went out with high hopes of finding her, and he did, but he refused to bring her home where she belonged. When Chloe comes to Alaska to meet her late husband's family, the men are unsure of how to handle things.

This is the story of one woman's loss and how things change when secrets are revealed.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Real tear jerker. Great ending however

- kad268

I really love this author. I haven't read a bad book yet. This one had me crying, laughing and hot.

- jculp

Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "CHLOE'S NEW BEGINNING was such a touching and emotional read that I had to have a break between reading. Chloe Novikov has lost her husband in a tragic accident and she's an emotional wreck. She can't deal with his loss. When a lawyer visits her with regards to settling Conner's affairs, she finds out he has been keeping a secret from her for the last five years. Adam and Brandon Novikov have been waiting for Conner to bring their mate home. Chloe visits Alaska and finally meets her late husband's family but gets more than she could ever imagine. This is such a heart-rending story. Alicia White has portrayed the loss of a loved husband perfectly. At the beginning of the book I had to put it down or risk sobbing onto my kindle. The emotions were well written and took me by surprise. Even though this story has a paranormal/ shape shifter edge to it, the loss wasn't downgraded but the story even seemed to highlight her loss. The high levels of emotion the way the author works Chloe through the pain of loss was exceptional. Adam and Brandon provided so much more to help her deal with the loss. They didn't push her into accepting and I loved her erratic mood changes. She would be up and then down and I felt this added to the flow of the story. CHLOE'S NEW BEGINNING is a highly recommended read for me. The emotions were perfect and I felt so absorbed in the read and for an author to capture a reader like that is brilliant. Excellent read and I can't praise it enough. I will be looking for more work by this author." -- Sam Crescent, The Romance Reviews

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Adam pulled her toward his desk, and in one swoop was able to knock everything off it. He lifted her up and laid her on the hard surface. She took a deep breath and got her bearings, wanting to see both of her men. Adam unbuttoned her shirt quickly, opening it to gain access to her breasts. Then he went to her jeans, pulling the tight material off her body completely.

Brandon took her arms and spread them above her head, holding her down. Adam pushed his hands up her body to her bra and flicked it open, exposing her nipples to the cool air. She sucked in a breath. He used his nails, scraping them down her body until he reached her panties. He grabbed the sides and tore them easily.

Adam didn’t waste any time. He pulled his desk chair around, pushing her legs apart. She felt vulnerable and tried to close her legs, wanting to hide from him. He grabbed her thighs and pulled them apart, pushing his hands closer to her pussy. She felt his fingertips touching her delicate skin. He moved closer still, and she felt his breath on her. She shifted, enjoying the suspense of waiting for him. He wanted her to surrender, to be submissive, and she wanted to please him.

Her muscles tightened, and her pussy leaked. She lay motionless, feeling his fingers spread her nether lips. He put his finger on her clit and moved it in small circles, and she moved her hips, needing more.

“If you keep moving, we’ll have to tie you down, baby.” She stopped immediately, knowing that Adam was serious. She didn’t want to test him. She knew the kind of pleasure he could give. She lifted her head slightly, wanting to watch Adam, but Brandon forced her down, grabbing her nipples and pinching them, gaining her attention. He lowered his mouth to her breast. His teeth raked one nipple, and then bit at the puckered flesh.

“Oh, God.” She gasped, unable to speak. Pain shot through her, amazing pleasure filling her pussy with cream, making it throb. She watched Brandon play with her nipples while Adam’s long tongue licked her pussy in one long swipe from her clit to her ass. She was shaking, needing more, and they didn’t disappoint her.

Adam stood up and unzipped his pants, then stripped before her until he stood naked, his cock jutting forward. She gave up trying to slow her breathing, unable to take her attention from the thickness, the length, the perfection of the cock in front of her. She started panting, wanting him inside her.

“Dear God. You are so incredibly beautiful.” Adam’s voice changed. It became more animal than human. His eyes turned darker, almost black. She lay on his desk, spread-eagle, her juices dripping down her thigh, and the only thing she wanted was his cock buried deep inside her. He grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand, holding her upper thigh with his left. He teased her, rubbing the head against her opening before shoving his full length into her. She was already so wet that his entrance was smooth and quick.

He pulled her body to the edge of the desk, his large hands holding each cheek of her ass as he pumped into her. He pulled her to him as if she weighed nothing, and she gave him complete power over her body. His cock was thick and rubbed against all the sensitive spots inside her. She was in heaven.

“You’re so perfect, baby. I love watching your face while Adam takes you. Your skin gets flushed, your pupils dilate, and the sexy sounds you make drive me wild.” Brandon kissed her lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth, and she swirled her tongue with his, enjoying the taste and the intimacy of the situation.

“I want you, too, Brandon. Give me your cock.” She licked her lips and winked at him. He stepped back and slowly unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them down. She stared at his cock. He was huge, hard, and ready.

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