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Ghosts of Christmas Passion

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 19,980
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As only she can, Amazon #1 best-selling erotic romance author Trinity Blacio brings her readers a paranormal Christmas ménage. Talk about holiday spirits!

Toni was having the worst Christmas in her life. Her grandfather had just died, and her so-called boyfriend had wiped her out of her savings, not to mention had gotten her evicted. She had had to move out to the wilderness home her grandfather had left her, where not only did she find a new car, but two Christmas ghosts who had promised her grandfather they would look after her…and so much more.


Toni jumped as the fireplace hissed and flared on its own as she stepped out into the bedroom. “Okay, Grandpa,” she said as the wood crackled and burned, “what the hell is going on?” She stepped toward the fireplace and glanced around. “Ya know, I’m not Scrooge. I just need time.” She jumped when something tugged at her hair, making it fall out of its tie and down around her waist. “Who’s here?” she screeched, turning in a complete circle, starting to feel like she was in the damn movie. Toni rubbed her arms and stood still, looking around and listening. Her grandfather always loved haunted places, but surely, he didn’t haunt this place.

“Okay, I get it there are ghosts and such. You’ve proved your point.”

Toni sighed.

“Listen up. I know you can hear me. I’m sorry if I’m treading on your space, but I have no other home to go to, so please don’t scare me anymore. I promise I won’t hurt your home. If anything, I just want to fix it up, slowly, real slow,” she muttered. Toni moved to her suitcases as the fire heated the room, and opened the one that held her blankets and sheets.

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