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Kink's Way (MF)

The Brothers of Menace MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 53,550
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Being the VP of The Brothers of Menace means Kink has to make tough calls, and be hard as nails. But giving himself the rule of not doing relationships means for a lonely life, especially when he wants a woman that is just as damaged as he is.

Cookie has risen above the nastiness that life has thrown her way. But then she sees Kink, a man that is rough and dangerous, and she wants him more than she has ever wanted a man.

But just when Cookie and Kink start to give in to each other, drama unfolds with the MC, and with Kink's personal life. He is at risk of losing his daughter, and the ones responsible for bombing The Brothers territory strike on a personal level. Soon violence is erupting, lives are on the brink, and all Kink can think about is being with Cookie.

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking

User Reviews
Oh man!!!! This is a smoking hot book. I love this series.

- rhondavb

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She pressed her lips to his, and for a moment he was so damn tense and hard beneath her mouth. Maybe he was scared himself, or surprised by her boldness? Either way she was not going to stop until he told her to. Then she would let the reality of all of this settle in. Right now it felt good to have him pressed close to her, to feel his hardness against her softness. She wasn’t short by any means, but even at five-foot-six Kink towered over her, and made her feel more feminine and fragile than she had ever felt.

He pulled back, breathed out heavily, but was still close enough that if she just leaned in that inch she could kiss him again. But he didn’t bring his mouth back to hers, and instead speared his hand in her hair, pulled her head back so her neck was arched, and placed his lips hard on her neck. For several long seconds all he did was lick and nip at her throat. He ran his tongue up her flesh, circled it around her ear, and growled out roughly. “You smell so good, taste so fucking good.” He went back to running his teeth up and down her neck, and then pressed the lower half of his body against her belly. He was hard for her, rock hard in fact, and he started grinding himself against her. “You see what you do to me? You see how hard I am, and all it took was this one kiss to make me nearly coming in my fucking jeans.”

A small gasp left her, but she didn’t push him away, and instead gripped his hair tighter, and pulled him in closer.

“But you’ve made me this hard before, Cookie. You’ve made me like damn steel, and all I had to do was look at you.”

Another shiver worked its way through her body, and she grew wetter. God, she was so wet.

“You want me to touch you?” he whispered roughly against her ear. “You want me to touch your breasts, your pussy, or maybe that juicy ass of yours?”

She was breathing heavier, not sure how to respond, but knowing she wanted to tell him all the things she desired him to do to her.

“All you have to do is tell me where you want me to touch you, Cookie,” he said low, heavy, and his warm breath teased her hair.

She didn’t say anything, just lifted her hand, took hold of his that was beside her head, and lowered it to her breast. “Here,” she said softly, and when he pulled back to look in her eyes, she pushed his hand even lower still. “And here,” she said when he was now pressing between her thighs.

“Damn, baby, I can feel how wet you are for me.” He pressed his hand a little harder against her.

She rested her head back on the fridge and forced herself to keep her eyes open. The way he rubbed his fingers against her had all the muscles inside of her contracting and releasing. “This is so…” She didn’t know how to finish that sentence. It felt right, so right in fact, but it also felt rushed, unusual. The sensations moving through her were like nothing she’d ever experienced before. They frightened her, excited her, and made her want to latch onto them and not let go. But she also had to be realistic. A man like Kink, one that she knew got around in the club with the willing women, certainly wouldn’t want her for more than a few hours.

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