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Outlaw MC of Mars

Outlaw MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 8,255
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The war is over but the fight Liam faces has just begun. He must confront his memories or be consumed by them. Nightmares plague his sleep. Although Liam’s body has healed, his mind is fractured and dark. As the joy of Christmas falls on Mars, Liam, Outlaw, and Reilly return to Earth—to the very prison where Liam’s torment first began...

Will the Outlaw MC of Mars finally find their happy endings?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMM)

User Reviews
When i was getting ready to read this book , knowing it would be the last in the series I didn't want to finish the book too quickly. This being the end meant that we wouldn't hear again from the gre...

- Red

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“I fucking love you,” Outlaw said.

“Mr. Romantic,” Reilly murmured with a smile.

I jerked when Outlaw’s softening cock slid out of my body. Feeling empty, I grabbed his hand. The fire crackled and fears were absent as we joined Reilly. He was already undressing. Outlaw and I stood at the tent entrance naked, watching him.

Reilly had the most stunning blue eyes and with our light source the fire, they seemed to sparkle. With the blond hair, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had some Viking DNA. But he was short, only reaching five three. It was a fact that I liked. At this height, Outlaw and I could stare down at him and watch his blue eyes roll up at us. Usually, he was naked. This time, almost naked. His hair was spiked, but partially flattened since he took off his shirt. He didn’t have the muscle mass we did. Reilly had the body of a lean dancer, the flexibility too.

I felt the first drips along my inner thigh. Outlaw’s cum. I’d clean up in a minute. Right now, Outlaw and I stood holding hands as Reilly pulled his pants down.

“You’re a pale fucker,” Outlaw commented.

I was busy watching Reilly’s cock bob and bounce. His balls were beautiful, nearly even and pulled up tight to his body. His fingers wrapped around his shaft. It was so insipid I could see the veins beneath his long shaft. The tip was rounded like mine. You wouldn’t believe the sounds he made when a tongue probed him there. Reilly was also hairless. He shaved every day, giving him this ridiculously silky touch. Reilly walked up to us. He rubbed his palm against the head of his cock. I placed a hand on his hip and so did Outlaw. We stood in a naked circle. Reilly rubbed his dick up and down.

“You gonna spray your fucking jizz on us?” Outlaw asked. His cock was flaccid, hanging against his balls. The foreskin was scrunched up, covering his tip. But I swore I saw it twitch as Reilly groaned. “Pump it harder, Reilly.”

I glanced at the blond. His gaze was locked with Outlaw’s. Sweat beaded his hairline.

“Come on, Reilly.” Outlaw leaned closer to him. “I’ve already fucked his sexy ass. All I want is for you to come on me. Give me that tasty, creamy, messy…”

Reilly gasped. He lifted to his toes as he came. Long jets of white decorated Outlaw’s torso. He groaned. We held him up as the last few spurts dribbled out. The drops slid down his fingers. I took his hand and licked him clean.

“Good boy,” Outlaw praised in his deep voice. Then they kissed. It was an intense collision of teeth and tongue. Outlaw turned to me.

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