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Party for Three (MFM)

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Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 10,124
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Sherry doesn't think forty is old, but her friends are throwing her an over-the-hill party just the same. She is going, but not planning on having fun until she has the attention of not one but two younger men. Making up her mind between the two seems difficult until they offer to share the experience.

Being twenty years younger than Sherry isn't going to stop Sean from getting his game on. He plans to make her his by the end of the evening, but when his good friend Alan sneaks in and whisks her away for a lovers rendezvous, his plans change to make this work out as a party for three.

Sean's plans would be perfect if he can get Sherry to see him and Alan as men who desire her and not get so worked up over the age difference.

**This book has been previously published in an anthology.


Sean took her in his arms and the heat of his body infused hers. Or was that the wine? God it was hot in here.

Out here.

Oh whatever, her mind was so distracted with his sculptured body against hers. He was rock hard, and muscular. That wasn't the only thing that was
rock hard. Sean liked the way she felt against him just as much. Her breasts pushed up against his chest and she encouraged him by pressing her pelvis back against him. Grinding against him, she pushed her body into his. He positioned his thigh between her legs and she rubbed against it wildly. She hoped he didn't feel how wet she had already become, but she suspected he did. His arms were the only thing keeping her upright as she felt her knees go weak. He had them wrapped around her waist with a restrained sense of power that thrilled her.

Sean's voice was raspy, showing her he was as affected as she was, "I had to get at least one dance with the birthday girl."

He was close enough to kiss her. Inches away from her lips, and God she wanted him to kiss her. The breath caught in her chest and she felt a pressure wrap around her chest as she waited for him to meet her lips, before she couldn't resist him any longer.

She wrapped both her arms around his neck and she tipped her head to the side, brushing her lips against his. Immediately he responded, the kiss grew hot and needy. A snake of fire wrapped itself around her belly and she felt the fire drift lower.

In the haze of her mind she heard laughing and murmured words. "Lover boy is at it again."

She pushed herself away suddenly aware they had an audience.

Sean looked disappointed that their kiss ended abruptly. "You know my family has a tradition of giving the birthday girl spankings."
Sherry pursed her pink lips, not at all pleased with the idea of being spanked at her age. "You would have to tie me down first, Mister."

"I don't know, you would probably like that too." He growled in warning.

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