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The Dick Defender (MM)

Sons of Outlaws

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 24,020
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Helrick doesn’t use bodyguards for protection, he uses them in his bed. Spoiled, foolish, and horny describe the president’s son. Hel isn’t interested in anything but his next lay. When a new guard, Sin, arrives intent on keeping Hel at a distance, he finds it a worthy challenge. It’s only a matter of time before Hel gets what he wants, but when the threat he’s been warned about his whole life comes true, only Sin can save him. Add that to the biggest storm of the century hitting their little city on Mars and Hel might finally need a real bodyguard.

As assassins focus on Hel and the storm inches ever closer, Sin must use all his skills to protect the president’s son and the foolish flirt he’s falling for. Even if it’s with his own life.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming

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“Hey, Sin, are you masturbating in there?”

All I heard was Sin growl. The curtain stilled. “What the fuck are you doing in here?”

Oh, he did sound pissed. “Just trying to save a guy from wearing out his wrists.” I grabbed the end of the curtain and pulled it open. That reveal was worth a thousand days in a cage. He was hotter than he looked in clothes. Muscle against muscle, almost pale skin with freckles from one shoulder to the other. He had a hairy chest and a trimmed trail of coarse black hair going down his very flat belly. His hands were cupped over the parts I wanted to see the most. “Hey there.”

Sin made that growl sound again. It had less impact when the man was covering his goods and dripping wet. “Hel, I will drop you.”

“Oh, that sounds fun.” I grinned and lowered to my knees outside the flat base of the shower. There was a rock style seat in there I could have used but I figured he’d get out as I was getting in. “Come on, open up.” I pointed to his crotch and licked my lips.

“Back off.”

I blocked his only way out. The hot water still splashed onto his right side and steam made the air almost unbearable to breathe. So, what did I do? I slid my hands up his thighs, of course. His legs were fucking packed with muscle. Did he spend all day working this body? “And he shivers.” I felt that subtle tensing as my hands shifted closer.

“Hel, get out.”

He was no fun. “You got to take your hands off your dick to throw me out, Sin, and the second you do that my mouth’s going to be on that cock like a dust storm sucking up sand.”

He stared down at me, obviously having issues covering his cock now that it was growing. “I’m not going to be like every other bodyguard you’ve had.”

That was surprisingly … touching. “So far you’re not.” My conviction faltered. Only for a moment. “It took a lot less effort to get their clothes off.” I covered one of his hands with mine and rubbed them along his fingers.

“Hel!” Sin grabbed my wrist.

And revealed my prize. His one hand was covering his shaft but those beautiful big balls were hanging in perfect view. Curly pubic hair stuck from his solid, tight to his body, sacks. “Someone needs a trim.”

Sin went wide eyed and tried to cover back up.

My hand was there first. I cupped his balls and his whole body shivered. Yeah, that’s the good stuff. I rubbed him with my fingers, massaging and rolling him around as I leaned forward. The shower wasn’t that wide so I had no problem reaching him. I planted a kiss on his thigh. Sin grabbed my wrist again, tugging my hand away. “I have other things to play with your balls besides my hands.” I grinned, and licked.

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