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Behavior Problem (MM) by James Cox (Published by: Evernight Publishing )
Categories: Multiple Partners, Science Fiction, Alternative (M/M, Gay)

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Love love love this MC series by James Cox. It is very unique as it takes place on Mars. So this is book 3. Deviant is by far the roughest I think we have met of the Outlaw MC. So of course that makes the sexy bad boy a shoe in for my favorite!  We all know how much I love a sexy, broody, tatted up bad boy that rides a cycle or in Deviant's case a hoverbike.  He is not good at taking orders but he will stand by his President and take care of his club. After the one of the clubs patch members gets arrested, none other then the love of Outlaws life, plans get moved up. A new development occurs when Tage walks into the bar with a female who claims to want to help.  Can this group organize an uprising? Will Deviant find what he has been looking for? Surprises are around every corner and our favorite peace officer we love to hate is doing his best to annoy us, Daisy...ahem...Day-Si is of course as colorful as usual. James Cox never fails to give us an amazing story that flows so nicely and smoking hot sex scenes you close your eyes to and visualize in the middle of reading. The man is a genius! A must read series!

Reviewed by: Shirley W. (Date: 04/19/2015)
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