Behavior Problem (MM)

Outlaw MC 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,420
2 Ratings (4.5)

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

Deviant doesn’t do friendly. He’s had a hard life and it shows in his behavior. The Outlaw MC of Mars is starting to expand thanks to some tough women who want to change the law. In the government’s eyes, women are only needed for breeding. Deviant volunteers to train them. What he doesn’t expect is to meet Tage. The handsome man blushes more than a hard spanked butt—and what a fine pair of cheeks he has. But Deviant made a promise to himself. Never fall in love.

With a covert war against the government going on, the last thing Deviant needs is a weakness. Will the shy Tage bring the big badass biker to his knees?

Be Warned: m/m sex, multiple partners

Behavior Problem (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Behavior Problem (MM)

Outlaw MC 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,420
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer
Love love love this MC series by James Cox. It is very unique as it takes place on Mars. So this is book 3. Deviant is by far the roughest I think we have met of the Outlaw MC. So of course that makes the sexy bad boy a shoe in for my favorite! 
We all know how much I love a sexy, broody, tatted up bad boy that rides a cycle or in Deviant's case a hoverbike. 
He is not good at taking orders but he will stand by his President and take care of his club. After the one of the clubs patch members gets arrested, none other then the love of Outlaws life, plans get moved up. A new development occurs when Tage walks into the bar with a female who claims to want to help. 
Can this group organize an uprising? Will Deviant find what he has been looking for? Surprises are around every corner and our favorite peace officer we love to hate is doing his best to annoy us, Daisy...ahem...Day-Si is of course as colorful as usual.
James Cox never fails to give us an amazing story that flows so nicely and smoking hot sex scenes you close your eyes to and visualize in the middle of reading. The man is a genius! A must read series!
Shirley W.

Prospect smiled. “Outlaw said if you didn’t beat anybody yet you’re probably gonna need me to suck you off. So, here I am.”

It actually didn’t sound like such a bad plan. This sexual tension between Tage and I had to cool down. I wasn’t looking for a long-term guy or even a short term. I think that’s one of the reasons I liked Prospect so much. He didn’t see sucking as too personal. He just enjoyed the touching, the closeness, the cum. While I was doing all this internal thinking, Prospect moved toward me and lowered to his knees. I stood there with my arms still crossed.

Prospect pulled his vest off and laid it carefully on the couch then removed his shirt. He was a twink with barely any lean muscle. He was all pale flesh and hungry eyes. He opened up my jeans and my dick flopped out. It was only half raised. The moment Prospect wrapped his hand around it, my dick started to grow longer, sprouting like a weed in the sun. But even as Prospect started stroking my length I pictured someone else. Tage.

The door opened like my thoughts had conjured him. His blue eyes went wide and he sputtered out a few words. He managed to drop the tray of coffee. It seemed like a theme going on.

Prospect glanced at him. “I don’t mind more.” He shrugged. Calm. Collected. Just another group blowjob like it was a common occurrence. For him it probably was.

Tage, on the other hand... His cheeks were full on blushed and his eyes went from Romeo taking off his shirt to Prospect kneeling in front of me to my hard dick stuck out between the flaps of my jeans.

“Join us.” I moved from Prospect. My dick bobbed as I walked to Tage. It was a stupid idea. Shy, prude, fancy Tage getting naked with a bunch of Outlaws. Real dumb, but I wanted him to. There was this need to be with him without having to be exclusively with him. You know, lick the fruit, but not have to pay for it and bring it home. “Tage.” His gaze left the two guys behind me. “Join us.”

“I...I don’t think I can.” He bit his bottom lip, squeezing it between rows of white teeth.

I grabbed his hand, pressed our palms together. Then I brought our joined hands to the front of his black pants. The bulge was obvious. Tage liked what he saw. “You’re hard.” I smiled.

“But your friends...they’re in the room. Prospect is...” Tage looked away.

“Join us. Join me.” I held his hand firmly and started to walk back to the couch. There was a moment of resistance and then I tugged him forward. We moved to the couch. I sat down in the middle then yanked him so that he plopped on the end seat. Romeo was next to me pulling on his jeans so that they pooled around his ankles. Prospect was beside him, making loud slurping and sucking noises. I took our still-joined hand and moved them over my dick. They hovered there, neither of us ready to go for the next step. Ah, fuck it. I moved my hand to the back of his and pushed. The moment his warm palm touched my sensitive skin I hissed out a breath. “Oh, yeah.” I moved his still hand so that he rubbed up and down my length.

Tage’s fingers flexed and then he squeezed me.

“That’s fucking good.” I smiled as I said it.

He looked up at me and grinned, still biting his lip. Tage moved his thumb to my tip, across my foreskin, under it, then swiped over my slit. The wave of pleasure was so thick my head fell back. I thrust my hips lightly and leaned toward him. I was taller so I could actually kiss him if I just angled my torso more. There. I pressed my lips to his neck and sucked the skin. Tage shuddered, his wandering hand pausing, frozen in the middle of my shaft. I soothed the suck with a lick and then pressed my lips to his. Our kiss was leisurely. I tugged on his bottom lip and then my tongue met his. Our taste buds swished across each other. Then I grabbed Tage’s hand and started to move it. He stroked my dick as a loud groan welled up from beside me.

“Watch them,” I whispered.

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