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Eastern Embrace (MM) by Stormy Glenn, Olivia Black (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Alternative (M/M, Gay)

This reviewer's rating: 5 - Outstanding

I felt many emotions while reading this book. Anger, at how awful Isei was treated by his brother, then how he was tricked into his mating by the King. I loved the relationship he had with Akihiro, until he stopped listening to Isei and started to do what others thought he should in regard to his mate.Yes I think Isei should have tried harder to state his opinion but Akihiro was not using his head. I loved the friendship that developed quickly with Tetsuo. That man had his back! The nanny? omg I wanted to rip her head off! Wanted to cry when Isei did the only thing he thought he could to stop the pain! Then when Akihiro finally gets his head out of his......and realizes what has been going on? LOVED alot what was done then. I loved this story. Even though parts made me so angry and then wanting to cry then all ..."awwwww" Loved how it ended. Let's hope Izo and the King....yeah I can't wait to read about THAT. *snicker*

Reviewed by: Red (Date: 03/02/2015)
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