I fell in love with romance novels years ago and read everything I could get my hands on, from alternative to ménage and everything in between. Thousands of books later, I'm still an avid reader on the lookout for a good book.

I started writing ménage romance with Siren Publishing under the name, Alicia White. Recently, I decided that I wanted to branch out and with the support of my publisher, I started writing ManLove under, Olivia Black. Silver Bullet, is my first ManLove series and I’m looking forward to many others in the future.

I love waking up in the morning, getting my iced coffee and sitting down in front of my laptop. Going on adventures with my characters, makes writing the best job on the planet. My hope is that readers will find something positive in every book I write and that they will enjoy the journey along the way. Happy reading!

Visit her website at: www.OliviaBlackBooks.blogspot.com

 Email her at: [email protected]

Q: Why the change from writing ménage under Alicia White to writing ManLove under Olivia Black?

A: I love writing ménage, but I’m growing and changing as an author. I felt inspired to write the Silver Bullet series. One day I sat down and mapped out all the characters, describing what they looked like and what their backstory was. When I was finished, I sat back and realized that I had almost a dozen books that I needed to write. I immediately opened my laptop and boom the first few books were done. The rest is history, I now write under two pen names.

Q: Do you have a favorite M/M author?

A: I’ve been a huge fan of alternative romance for many years. The names that pop into my head are Carol Lynne, Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn, Anitra Lynn McLeod, and AJ Jarrett. I have a collection of their books sitting on my shelf along with many more from other talented authors.

Q: You’ve written a couple of series with other Siren Ménage Everlasting Authors, would you like to collaborate on projects with Siren ManLove Authors as well?

A: I love writing with other authors. The two experiences I’ve had so far have been very rewarding. Writing is generally considered a solitary activity and I like working with others. It would be wonderful to be asked to be a part of a ManLove series.

Q: How do you make the love scenes you write so incredibly hot?

A: I have to be honest, I watch porn. I use the scenes as inspiration and it really does make the scenes in my books hotter!  There is one star that I’m a fan of, Jesse Jackman. I watch everything he stars in and he’s the inspiration for a character in a future book. I’ll let the readers guess which one.

Q: Most of your books are paranormal stories, what attracted you to writing fantasy versus contemporary?

A: I really love shifters, vampires, and other paranormal creatures. The Alpha males that are tough, rough, and animalistic are so much fun to write. When writing fantasy, you can use your imagination and make anything possible. That aspect really gives writers a lot of room to create different, magical worlds.

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