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Gentling the Submissive (MFM) by Zoey Marcel (Published by: Evernight Publishing )
Categories: BDSM, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys

This reviewer's rating: 2 - Fair

Because I loved the first book in the series, I was sure I would love the second. Not so much. It felt as if chapters had been forgotten to be included or in editing some needed background to the story had disappeared. I felt through the whole book like I had to be missing some piece of the story that wasn't there. People showed up you didn't know who they were. Events happened with a bare minimum of effort when in fact such events should have had a major impact. Strange. Read the first book. Skip this one. Hope the 3rd answers some questions. Frankly I no longer care to learn the answers. I can't do another book like this one.

Reviewed by: Songbird71 (Date: 01/19/2019)
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