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Oh wow. I've really been interested in reading Lee and Magnus’s story ever since Magnus was introduced as the head of the vampire coven that Lee called upon when Blake needed help consolidating his power within his pack. There were a lot of sexual undertones between Lee and Magnus, so I was pretty sure there was more to their story than I had heard. Interspecies relationships are uncommon in this world but they do occur, and the way Lee’s wolf has always responded to Magnus can only mean one thing. Mate. But Lee refuses to believe it, or even contemplate it. Magnus has known Lee is his mate ever since he met him five years ago when they made their pact. Their pact that they would track down Magnus’s sadistic older brother, Eduardo, kill him, and liberate from being Eduardo’s blood slave a young man Lee considers his brother. It has taken five years to finally locate Eduardo and it is time for Magnus to take what he wants from Lee. I liked watching Lee and Magnus figure out a way to have a relationship when they're different in so many ways. It wasn't easy, no doubt about it. Lee has an inherent distrust of vampires and certainly can't imagine one feeding from him. Whereas for Magnus, a lover who is willing to let him feed from them, shows an incredible amount of trust. This is just one of the issues they had to work on. I struggled, again, with quite a few editing errors and I continue to hope that those will be addressed in future novellas. However, overall, I did enjoy this addition to the series.

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 07/13/2017)
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