[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, werewolves, vampires, M/M, HEA]
Lee’s a werewolf Alpha haunted by failure. He lost a submissive werewolf he’d sworn to protect to a vicious vampire coven five years ago. Unlikely redemption comes in the form of vampire king Magnus, who wants the same coven dead. Vampires and werewolves don’t go together, and yet when Lee’s with Magnus, his wolf and heart howls with longing. Lee’s professed to hate vampires, but Magnus might be the exception to that rule. The more he fights the hunger, the more his need for Magnus grows.
Five years ago, Magnus made a promise to a certain werewolf Alpha to hunt down a rabid coven together. Magnus has known that Lee is his mate from the first time they met, except the Alpha seems intent on resisting their mating bond. The vampire king will do whatever it takes to convince his stubborn wolf that they’re better together than apart and, in the end, love will prevail over hate.
A Siren Erotic Romance
His Forbidden Alpha (MM)
10 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Oh wow. I've really been interested in reading Lee and Magnus’s story ever since Magnus was introduced as the head of the vampire coven that Lee called upon when Blake needed help consolidating his power within his pack. There were a lot of sexual undertones between Lee and Magnus, so I was pretty sure there was more to their story than I had heard.

Interspecies relationships are uncommon in this world but they do occur, and the way Lee’s wolf has always responded to Magnus can only mean one thing. Mate. But Lee refuses to believe it, or even contemplate it. Magnus has known Lee is his mate ever since he met him five years ago when they made their pact. Their pact that they would track down Magnus’s sadistic older brother, Eduardo, kill him, and liberate from being Eduardo’s blood slave a young man Lee considers his brother. It has taken five years to finally locate Eduardo and it is time for Magnus to take what he wants from Lee.

I liked watching Lee and Magnus figure out a way to have a relationship when they're different in so many ways. It wasn't easy, no doubt about it. Lee has an inherent distrust of vampires and certainly can't imagine one feeding from him. Whereas for Magnus, a lover who is willing to let him feed from them, shows an incredible amount of trust. This is just one of the issues they had to work on.

I struggled, again, with quite a few editing errors and I continue to hope that those will be addressed in future novellas. However, overall, I did enjoy this addition to the series.
Christy Duke




“Do you mind if we took the stairs? I never liked taking elevators,” Magnus remarked.

“Fine.” Lee wondered why he didn’t insist on meeting Magnus at the floor instead, maybe because the vampire would think him avoiding spending more time together was a weakness. They took the emergency stairwell. Magnus went ahead, leaving Lee with the image of Magnus’s taut ass, that shoulder-length hair he wanted to touch, just to see how soft it was.


“Did you say something?” Magnus asked over his shoulder. “Too busy checking out my ass?”

Lee gave Magnus a sharp-tooth grin. If Magnus wanted to play games, he’d do the same. “You have a nice piece of ass.”

“I’ve been told,” Magnus said. Arrogant vampire. “You’re quite a specimen to behold, too, Alpha.”

Lee snorted.

“Does my flirting discomfort you?” Magnus asked.

“Not at all.” Lee growled. 

Why was it Lee never had trouble roping in men, never hesitated, never doubted his own abilities, but with Magnus though, all that precious control flew out the window? His wolf pushed Lee to focus on his baser needs, to take the prize in front of them and sate their needs, but Lee could never cross that line. 

He’d snapped on the night Jerry was taken and didn’t ever want to feel that sensation again. All new shifters were taught to control their beasts, to prevent the animal from taking over. Alphas had a harder time leashing their inner animals. With Magnus, his wolf seemed to think it was okay to push at him, challenge him. 

“We’re here,” Magnus said, pushing open the door to the fifth floor. “You haven’t broken out in a single sweat. Keeping fit?”

“What’s it to you?” Lee trained at the gym and at the boxing ring every day to keep in shape when he wasn’t working at Atlas’s car repair shop. He needed to be in top form, in case the need ever arose.

“Merely making small talk.” Magnus took a key card out and entered the room. Lee understood the need for privacy because he didn’t want anyone to eavesdrop on their conversation either.

Magnus sat on the edge of the bed. Lee took the chair beside the bed. 

“Scared of coming too close?” Magnus asked. “Don’t worry, I’ve already fed for the night. No danger in me biting you.”

Nice reminder the vampire had fangs, but Lee had canines, too. “You should be the one who’s afraid.” 

“Don’t fight your desire so hard, Alpha. It’s wrecking you inside out,” Magnus said, flinging one knee over the other to regard him. 

“My desire? You think I’d want to fuck a vampire?” Lee showed Magnus the hatred in his voice.

“The bulge in your jeans tells me otherwise. Tell me what you want to do with me, Alpha. Maybe I can answer your needs.” 

Lee didn’t deny it. He’d liked being upfront and honest, but he knew this was one boundary he had to keep. Lee had sensed Magnus’s vulnerability all those years ago, had seen the way Magnus loosened around him, turned soft, when no one was looking.

Knowledge that Magnus could yield to him in unexpected ways made him rock-hard, and his cock strained against the zipper painfully. What the fuck was Lee supposed to do when a complete stranger let his shields down around Lee? It didn’t help his wolf wanted to rut the vampire king, and had wanted to since the start. Only one thing could explain his attraction, but Lee would deny it with his very breath.

Magnus wasn’t his mate, couldn’t be.

“We’re here to talk about Jerry,” Lee said in a clipped voice.

Alarmed, Magnus rose and padded to him, footsteps quiet.

“Stop. Come any closer and I’ll do something we’ll both regret.”

“We’re both adults, Lee.”

It was the first time Lee ever heard Magnus call him by name. He sat back, rigid against the armchair, but didn’t stop Magnus from sliding over his lap, the movement mesmerizing, like pale liquid silk.

“My brother isn’t going anywhere,” Magnus said, lips brushing against his ear. 

By reflex, Lee curved one arm around the vampire’s waist, breathing uneven. 

“Don’t you want to taste me, Alpha? Haven’t you thought about me at all?”

Lee clasped his free hand over the back of Magnus’s neck and edged Magnus close, until their chests, stomachs, and groins touched. He hovered his lips a mere inch from Magnus. Magnus parted his lips slightly, an open invitation. 

“You have no idea what kind of filthy deeds I’ve done to you in my head,” he told the vampire, gauging Magnus’s reaction. 

Interspecies relationships were uncommon, but existed. What the hell was he thinking? Magnus needed a distraction, and maybe so did he. His wolf desired Magnus years ago, and Lee didn’t think it was wrong to sate his lust, even for one night. No one had to know he slept with a vampire, with the enemy. No matter how many times Magnus made it clear he no longer wanted to do anything with Eduardo, the same blood flowed in their veins. 

Only a fool would trust Magnus’s word, and only a fool would fuck a vampire. Lee didn’t care. Magnus looked perfect on his lap, eager almost, like a pup denied affection and touch so long, it would latch onto the first person it saw. 

“Tell me.”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

Magnus trailed a slender hand down his chest, dragging fingernails down his ribs, tracing his abs through the fabric, and finally hovered by the zipper of his jeans. “Did you think you were the only one who had these taboo fantasies, wolf?”




Lee dared him with his eyes, so Magnus undid the button of Lee’s jeans. Since the werewolf didn’t stop him, he drew out Lee’s cock, pleased to see how massive it was. Magnus licked his lips and pressed a hand over Lee’s left pectoral. The werewolf’s heart beat strong and true, so full of passion, and Lee’s dark brown eyes burned with lust. 

A growl vibrated from Lee’s chest, feral, full of dangerous promises. Even an experienced immortal knew it wasn’t wise to play with an Alpha werewolf. Vampire tricks didn’t work on them, and Alphas could rip them to shreds, given the chance.

Playing with Lee was playing with fire, but was that what they were doing?

“Let me please you,” Magnus whispered.

“Are you saying you’re going to suck my cock, vampire king?” Lee asked, amused.

Magnus wrapped his fingers around Lee’s dick, thumbing away the precum and licking it off his fingers. Lee groaned at the sight. His own dick pulsed against his trousers, thickening. He couldn’t recall the last time he’d ever been this aroused. Magnus had his pick of vampires to warm his bed, yet none of them struck a chord the way Lee did. It had been a monumental task keeping his distance from this Alpha wolf for a year, twelve whole months of pure torment.

“Fuck,” Lee said, pupils already turning gold, a sign the Alpha was more animal than human now. “Look at you, what a sight you make. Perfect. Gorgeous.”

Magnus’s pulse raced. He bit on his lower lip. Magnus expected insults, degrading comments from Lee, but not those words, and none of it felt like a lie. Lee closed his huge, callused hand on the back of his neck again, sending shivers down his spine. Then Lee slammed his lips over Magnus’s. Heat washed over him and traveled straight to his groin. 

The Alpha kissed rough, all tongue and teeth, but Magnus craved the fire Lee offered. The room fell away. In those precious moments, Magnus forgot about their deal, the problems in his coven.

He was undead, a living corpse, yet Lee seemed capable of bringing him back to life. Bolder now, he ran his hands past the hem of Lee’s shirt, touching nothing but firm muscle. He meant his earlier compliment. Lee was a magnificent specimen of a werewolf, built like a dangerous, tempting predator.

Lee prodded his tongue against his lips. Magnus let him in. Lee was unsure how to work his tongue around his fangs at first, but somehow managed to thrust it down his throat. Sucking down, Magnus felt Lee digging his hands into his waist. Their clothes were in the way and had to go soon, but first, Magnus wanted to taste Lee, to hold the Alpha’s dick captive in his mouth, like he’d always dreamed of. 

When Lee pulled away, the Alpha panted. His chest rose and fell, stunned the vampire was capable of blanking out his mind like that. 

“Let me,” Magnus repeated, closing his mouth over Lee’s nipple and sucking through the fabric. Lee groaned as Magnus grazed his teeth over the bud. 

“Do it,” Lee said.

Lee released him so Magnus could fall gracefully on his knees. Magnus always knew he’d submit to the right man in the bedroom. It was clear Lee was worthy of his worship. Lee worked fingers into his hair, gripping hard.

“Don’t bite my dick off, vampire,” Lee warned.

“Why would I do that, when I want your cock inside of me?” Magnus asked sweetly. 

Lee groaned. Pleased his words had an effect on Lee, he went to work. Flicking his tongue out, he swirled it across Lee’s cockhead. By now, Lee was at half-mast, so he didn’t need to do a lot of work. He ran his tongue across every ridge and bump of Lee’s dick, his own hardening and painfully pressing against his zipper. Patience, he told himself. Reaching Lee’s balls, he took them in in his mouth, sucking softly.

Lee tightened his grip on his hair. “I’m close.”

Magnus relaxed so Lee could use his hair as a handle and fuck his mouth. He always made the wrong choices when it came to relationships. Magnus gave his trust away easily, and it always ended up in abuse. Maybe that was all he’d known. He’d been a whore, his brother a thug, when their maker found them and changed their lives forever. 

Lee was different though. Despite Lee’s firm hold on his hair, he could tell Lee was careful, thrusting in and out of his mouth with control, even though Magnus could sense Lee’s wolf so close to the surface. Finally, Lee let out a snarl and exploded, spilling his load down his throat. Magnus had perfected years of practice in the bedroom arts. He swallowed, not wasting a drop. When he looked up, he saw Lee looking at him intently. Gone was the usual anger, the teasing from the werewolf’s eyes. 

Most people, he noticed, failed to see past the teasing, joking mask the Alpha wore. He had a theory Lee wore that friendly mask on purpose, so his enemies would underestimate him. Magnus knew, though, that deep down, Lee hid his grief, his anger underneath all that playacting. Now, Lee looked at him like he was looking at Magnus for the first time.

“Clothes,” Lee said. Magnus rose to his feet, surprised, and Lee grabbed his belt, tugging him close, and helped him undress. It felt surreal, standing nude while Lee remained dress. Time to remedy that. In seconds, Lee had his clothes off. The werewolf slumped back in the chair, looking like some magnificent savage conqueror of the past. 

He licked his lips in eager anticipation, gaze lingering on Lee’s cock, already ready for round two. That was what he liked about Alphas—their hunger could sometimes be insatiable. “My, Alpha. You’re so hot for me so soon?”

In response, Lee grabbed his arm. Magnus got into position, this time spreading his legs on either side of Lee, so Lee could see his own arousal.

“Fuck, every inch of you seems proportioned, perfect.” 

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