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I'm so happy that this second installment in the ‘Wolves of Emerald Valley’ series focuses on Atlas. He is one of the five alpha wolves who left their hometown years ago - leaving it to be taken over by a corrupt pack - and Atlas also left his mate, his omega, Larry. They continued to meet in secret twice a year, even though Larry had chosen to be with an enforcer for the Lunar Fire pack that had overtaken Emerald Valley, but it has been a year since Larry was murdered, and Crash, Atlas, Colton, Dante, and Lee returned to their hometown. Since Crash and the guys helped Blake, alpha of the Lunar Fire pack, consolidate his power, and defeat Luka, his former beta, Blake and a vampire coven keep the peace in Emerald Valley. When Joe finds Royce cheating on him, he decides it's finally time for him to leave the pack and strike out on his own. Joe has been told by a pack doctor that he is defective and will never carry strong alpha pups. *eye roll* Joe is incredibly lucky to have Atlas come to his rescue when Joe’s car breaks down one mile before the town limits. “The last time Atlas handed his heart on a platter to a man he thought he loved, Larry spat on it. Comparing Joe to Larry was pointless though. Joe was so open, and eager to give, whereas with Larry, Atlas had to rely on scraps.” It was wonderful to see Joe really open up and show his true personality without being in his brother’s shadow. Joe took to the job of organizing Atlas’s office like a champ and the two men slowly got to know one another. Joe was afraid of giving his heart to the big alpha because what if it was rejected? Atlas wasn't used to an omega like Joe and he was afraid it was all too good to be true. Oh, what a delightful addition to the series! I loved watching Joe come into his own and find his true mate, and I loved seeing Atlas finally find his omega who is honest and loving with him! They both needed each other and I adored being on this journey with them!

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 07/13/2017)
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