[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Joe’s a defective Omega who’s finally found the courage to leave his cheating lover. He leaves his pack of ten years and intends to make it on his own. But when his car breaks down, Joe has no choice but to call for a mechanic.
He’s shocked when he discovers the mechanic is Atlas, one of the five lone Alphas who recently moved back to Emerald Valley—and who pose a threat to his former pack. Is the attraction between them real, or will Atlas break his heart, too?
Alpha werewolf Atlas can’t explain his strange attraction to Joe, given that the man Atlas believes was his mate died a year ago. Atlas’s wolf tells him Joe is his mate, but his wolf has made a mistake before.
When the inferno between them grows too strong to ignore, Atlas knows it’s too late for second-guessing. Joe is his mate, and he intends to show his Omega that running away isn’t an option.
A Siren Erotic Romance
His Omega to Keep (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I'm so happy that this second installment in the ‘Wolves of Emerald Valley’ series focuses on Atlas. He is one of the five alpha wolves who left their hometown years ago - leaving it to be taken over by a corrupt pack - and Atlas also left his mate, his omega, Larry. They continued to meet in secret twice a year, even though Larry had chosen to be with an enforcer for the Lunar Fire pack that had overtaken Emerald Valley, but it has been a year since Larry was murdered, and Crash, Atlas, Colton, Dante, and Lee returned to their hometown.

Since Crash and the guys helped Blake, alpha of the Lunar Fire pack, consolidate his power, and defeat Luka, his former beta, Blake and a vampire coven keep the peace in Emerald Valley. When Joe finds Royce cheating on him, he decides it's finally time for him to leave the pack and strike out on his own. Joe has been told by a pack doctor that he is defective and will never carry strong alpha pups. *eye roll* Joe is incredibly lucky to have Atlas come to his rescue when Joe’s car breaks down one mile before the town limits.

“The last time Atlas handed his heart on a platter to a man he thought he loved, Larry spat on it. Comparing Joe to Larry was pointless though. Joe was so open, and eager to give, whereas with Larry, Atlas had to rely on scraps.”

It was wonderful to see Joe really open up and show his true personality without being in his brother’s shadow. Joe took to the job of organizing Atlas’s office like a champ and the two men slowly got to know one another. Joe was afraid of giving his heart to the big alpha because what if it was rejected? Atlas wasn't used to an omega like Joe and he was afraid it was all too good to be true.

Oh, what a delightful addition to the series! I loved watching Joe come into his own and find his true mate, and I loved seeing Atlas finally find his omega who is honest and loving with him! They both needed each other and I adored being on this journey with them!
Christy Duke




“Is that your ultimate goal, to leave town and start somewhere else?”

“Yes,” he replied without hesitation.

Atlas considered him for a moment then looked at the piece of paper with the list of repairs. “I’ll make you an offer. I need an assistant to help me sort out the mess in my office. Plus, I want something else.”

“Hold on a second, are you offering me a job?” Joe was on his feet and leaning against Atlas’s messy desk, unable to contain his excitement. “I don’t know anything about cars, but I’m a fast learner. I’ve held all kinds of jobs. I’ve been a barista, I’ve sold hair products at a stand in a mall, I’ve also worked at a bookshop. I’m your man. I mean, yes, I’d like to work for you.”

“Hold on, pup. You haven’t heard the rest, but remember, you already said yes.” Atlas had a mischievous look in his eyes that made him freeze up. 

“What’s the other thing?” He had to ask.

“I want you.”

“Um. Wait. What? Me?”

“Yup. You can be my new toy.”

Joe stared.

Atlas laughed. “You know what pets are, right? You’ll be my pet.”

Joe couldn’t formulate a whole sentence right now. Of course, he knew about pack pets. Dominant males in the pack who didn’t acknowledge a submissive wolf as their mates but their fuck partners considered those individuals pets. 

If Atlas meant that as an insult, the dominant wolf was dead wrong because that meant Joe had a chance with Atlas. In bed. He’d always secretly envied pets. They always seemed free-spirited to him, free to make their choices, to leave one partner and move to the next if they felt like it.

“Are you pulling my leg right now?” 

Atlas looked surprised but quickly recovered. “Nope. Take it or leave it.”

“Are you kidding? I’ll take it.” Joe walked around the table and held his hand out. “Let’s shake on it.”

Atlas’s lips formed a predatory grin. The Alpha seemed to have other ideas because he took Joe’s offered hand, only to tug him down, so Joe landed on Atlas’s lap. He swallowed, aware of Atlas’s dick, straining against his jeans and his own thickening cock. 

What had Joe gotten himself into?


* * * *


Atlas hedged everything on a bet. He’d asked Joe to be his pet as a dare, a kind of challenge to see how far Joe would bend. It occurred to him on a whim because, this way, he could also provide Joe a place to crash without making Joe think he took pity on the Omega. Joe already had plenty of hard blows to his pride today. Atlas didn’t need to add more. Joe admitting he had no money had probably been tough. 

Atlas knew what it was like, craving independence. He, Crash, and the others had been raised in the system and grown up in unstable environments. No one wanted to risk rearing a dominant shifter male, let alone an Alpha. 

For most of his life, he felt as if he was drowning, never given a break until he turned eighteen and, together with his friends, left town. So he knew what Joe must be feeling right now. If Joe had been with the pack for ten years, leaving must be a shock to him, but Joe’s reluctance to go back and ask the pack for help told Atlas volumes. Joe wanted to prove he could make it on his own.

However, Atlas didn’t expect Joe to say yes with such an eager expression on his face. Seeing the fire in Joe’s eyes amplified his need, making his dick rock hard. Atlas couldn’t remember the last time any man had gotten such a reaction out of him and his wolf. His inner animal all but wanted to bend Joe over his desk and make Joe his. Forever.

Where that thought came from he didn’t know. He held the beast back, knowing where that path might lead. Nowhere. Once, he’d given his heart and soul, everything, to someone else. Visiting Larry’s grave that morning, he realized Larry had never felt the same about him. It ached to come to that conclusion, but all the signs pointed to that hard truth. Atlas had simply been too blind to see it.

Atlas stared into Joe’s eyes. Fuck, it was hard to think with this slender Omega on his lap. Atlas wanted to do all kinds of things to Joe, to uncover every secret and make Joe scream out his name in a paroxysm of pleasure. 

Joe got off him, and for a moment, Atlas thought he’d screwed this up. Instead, Joe positioned his legs on either side of him and wrapped his arms around Atlas’s neck. The Omega did this tentatively, carefully, as if Joe was scared Atlas would tell him off. 

He wrapped one arm around Joe’s waist so the Omega wouldn’t fall off then used the other to grip the back of Joe’s neck. 

“Kiss me,” Joe uttered, telling Atlas they both wanted this, needed this. 

A kiss could tell a man plenty, so Atlas went for it. He slanted his lips over Joe’s, all roughness and heat. Joe responded with a passion rivaling his own. Their tongues and teeth clashed. Atlas slipped a hand past Joe’s shirt to touch firm, but soft skin. Fuck, he wanted to caress and pet, to explore every inch of Joe’s body. 

He moved his hand higher as he deepened the kiss, more turned on when Joe sucked down on his tongue. Flicking Joe’s nipple with his fingers, he gave it a pinch. Joe squirmed, closing the distance between them so Joe’s chest crashed with his. When he pulled his mouth away, Joe moaned into his mouth, pupils yellow and dilated, eyes half-lidded with pleasure. Joe looked tempting, so fuckable. His for the taking. 




“I want this. I want you.”

“Good answer.” Atlas thumbed away the pre-cum from his shaft. 

Every action this Alpha did stumped Joe completely. His experience in the bedroom might be confined to Royce, but he knew from other submissive wolves in the pack that dominant males always demanded. They never gave unless it was a reward. 

“What are you rewarding me for?” he had to ask.

Atlas furrowed his brows.

“Dominant males don’t give without a reason.”

“Is that how your world worked?” 

“Um, yes?” Joe made a mental note to stop saying “um.” He should be more confident, because what if that kind of attitude turned Atlas off?

“Not in mine.” Atlas moved his hand up and down Joe’s shaft, his movements slow and teasing.

Joe shifted on Atlas’s lap, thrusting himself into Atlas’s callused huge hand without shame. 

“Let me see you come undone.” 

Atlas worked him faster, his touch addictive. The Alpha slammed his lips over Joe’s again, kindling heat from belly to dick. Any moment now someone could walk in them and see Joe straddling the boss. The thought terrified him and, at the same time, made him giddy with excitement.

“What if the door opens?” he asked after Atlas pulled his mouth away.

“Do you really care?” Atlas asked, stopping.

Joe let out a snarl of frustration, only making the big wolf laugh. He squirmed when Atlas trailed his fingers lower, to rub at his puckered hole. 

“Not there,” he whispered.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t played with yourself here before, little wolf, or any of your lovers?” Atlas’s warm breath tickled against his ear, making him shudder.

“I did, when I was lonely. Lovers? Before Royce, there was no one else.”

“Royce. That’s his name, huh?”

He straightened his spine and stared at Atlas. “You’re not going to do anything to him, right?”

“Not yet anyway. Forget him. You’re with me now. If you’re still able to talk, then I’m not doing a good job.” Atlas pushed a finger in him, and Joe moaned at the sensation. Atlas chuckled. “I forgot how convenient it is, being with a self-lubricating Omega. Convenient.”

“Why? Have you been with many?” he demanded.

“Just one.” Atlas had that intense look again, but before Joe ruined the moment, he slipped a hand past Atlas shirt, eyes widening.

“Dude, you’re like…a wall.”

Atlas curved his lips. “I can’t tell if that’s a compliment or insult, and didn’t I tell you to don’t call me dude, pet?”


Joe squirmed on his lap, but Atlas added a second finger in him and began playing with his entrance by making twisting motions. 

“Are you seriously going to fuck me here?” he asked, a little worried and hopeful at once.

“Unless you tell me to stop.”

“That’s just it. I don’t.” 

Atlas laughed. “Play with your dick.”

Joe curled his fingers around his dick and continued where Atlas had left off. Jerking off in front of Atlas felt tons different from masturbating on his own. For one, Atlas’s gaze never wavered, remaining on his face. Joe felt incredibly exposed, vulnerable. During the rare times Royce had sex with him, Royce made him feel as though it was a favor he had to earn, and Royce never looked at him.

Enough about the past though. 

“Atlas, I won’t be able to…” he began, unable to continue. The pressure building in him was about to burst open.

“Let it all out, pet.”

“B-but your shirt. I’ll make a mess all over you.”

Atlas laughed, the sound warming Joe’s belly. “Don’t worry. I have a spare. Do it, pet. I want to see you come.” 

Then Atlas added a third finger in him. Joe imagined the big Alpha replacing those digits with his cock and came, mind splintering as he spilled strings of his cum over Atlas’s shirt and coveralls. Panting, he clung onto Atlas, amazed by Atlas’s strong arms, still gripping him tight. So solid, that was the word. Atlas was solid, as if Joe needn’t worry Atlas was going to disappear one day and leave him all alone.

“We’re not done,” Atlas said in a hoarse voice, more animal than human. Even the Alpha’s pupils blazed dark amber with lust. Still riding the waves of post-orgasm bliss, Joe nodded, fingers fumbling to work Atlas’s jeans. He needed Atlas to be in him. Now.

“Let me,” Atlas said. 

Joe hung back as Atlas peeled off his shirt, revealing an impressive torso lined with hard muscle and six-pack abs Joe wanted to stroke and touch all day long. 

“Wow, you’re really like, amazing. Wait.” Joe stood to quickly take off his jeans and boxers before resuming position.

“You’re perfect, too, pet,” Atlas said, nuzzling his neck, brushing sharp canines against his skin.

Joe’s pulse sped up, knowing that special spot was where a dominant male placed his mark on his mate. He always dreamt of being worthy of that mark. That was like a brand, which told the world he was whole, that his soul mate completed him and he did the same. Atlas looked as though he was in pain but moved his lips higher, to kiss him on the mouth again. 

Joe sighed after the kiss then glanced down, mouth dropping open.

“Intimidated?” Atlas asked, amused.

Atlas’s cock was thick and long, the largest Joe had ever seen.

“Impressive comes to mind,” Joe admitted. “Can something so big really fit in me?”

“Take me in you, pet. I know you can.” Atlas grabbed his cockhead and positioned it to Joe’s entrance. Joe was already prepped and ready from Atlas’s previous ministrations. He held on tight, gripping Atlas’s biceps. 

Atlas pushed in, slowly at first, as if Atlas didn’t want to hurt him. It felt like being torn into two, but once Atlas passed the thick ring of muscles, it was easier to breathe.

“Be brave for me, pet. Endure the burn because, soon, I’ll make you see stars.”

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