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If only. If only werewolves and supernaturals existed, and the love of my life, like Scott is to Eric, could have been cured. I guess because of how close to home this book hit, I adored Scott and Eric the most out of all the couples I've seen so far. "The sound of Scott’s heartbeat. It wasn’t there anymore. Eric listened, waiting and waiting, his body tense and shaking with what he knew was happening. There was no gasping for breath, and his heart wouldn’t start up again, and no matter how much Eric focused his ears, he couldn’t hear it thumping beneath Scott’s chest, as though it had simply decided to turn down the volume. Eric’s eyes were wide, but he refused to acknowledge what that meant. Scott’s body was so still as Eric held him, and he squeezed the man tighter, refusing to let him go, as if ignoring what he knew had just happened would somehow make it go away." (Oh, Marcy, you have no idea how horrible this feeling is, believe me, I do.)

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 03/29/2016)
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