[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
After former officer Scott Randell was kidnapped by crazy werewolves, and then kidnapped again by an even crazier rival pack, he’s about had it.
Eric Knight only just found his mate after the man was caught snooping around dead werewolf bodies, and after the man was kidnapped, he’s on a mission to get him back and turn him into a werewolf.
The problem is that he needs Scott’s consent, and Scott isn’t all that willing. He doesn’t want to be a monster, no matter how gorgeous Eric is and how much he wants to be with the man, and now Eric has to convince him that being a werewolf doesn’t have to be like what he’s seen in the movies.
There is a risk to Scott’s life in giving him the bite, however. Because even though it could save Scott’s life, there’s no telling whether the changes in his body would negatively affect his cancer and kill him anyway.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Werewolf Cure (MM)
13 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
If only. If only werewolves and supernaturals existed, and the love of my life, like Scott is to Eric, could have been cured. I guess because of how close to home this book hit, I adored Scott and Eric the most out of all the couples I've seen so far.

"The sound of Scott’s heartbeat. It wasn’t there anymore. Eric listened, waiting and waiting, his body tense and shaking with what he knew was happening. There was no gasping for breath, and his heart wouldn’t start up again, and no matter how much Eric focused his ears, he couldn’t hear it thumping beneath Scott’s chest, as though it had simply decided to turn down the volume.
Eric’s eyes were wide, but he refused to acknowledge what that meant. Scott’s body was so still as Eric held him, and he squeezed the man tighter, refusing to let him go, as if ignoring what he knew had just happened would somehow make it go away."
(Oh, Marcy, you have no idea how horrible this feeling is, believe me, I do.)
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"The eighth book of this growing series focuses on yet another addition to Roarke's ever growing luna werewolf pack. The new member, or rather, potential member, is another human. Scott has a real problem: he is dying of cancer. The key question is whether he will accept being turned into a werewolf (since everyone seems to think that will cure him), or whether he refuses and dies. What is unusual about this book isn’t the idea that werewolves can fight off any human disease, but the risk associated with the turning process. Scott might die anyway, and that makes reaching a decision for him and his mate, Eric, a tough one. Scott is a cop, hasn’t quite made it to detective, and he now he will die or cancer. Both his parents died young, of the same disease, so he almost expected it. He has put his affairs in order, and wants to enjoy his last few days in peace, but fate has other plans. Once he is abducted by werewolves –twice – he begins to see a reality that is beyond what most people have to deal with, and he was more than a little shocked. All in all, he took it pretty well, and Roarke's new luna werewolf pack consists of some pretty cool guys, but still. Eric is conflicted. On the one hand, he wants nothing more than to bite and turn Scott as fast as possible, He hates that his mate is so sick, and can’t stand the idea of him dying before they can help him. On the other hand, he doesn’t want Scott to know everything (like the fact that Eric will most likely die as well, since mates very rarely survive each other's deaths). I loved how he was trying to do the best thing for Scott at all times, but, of course, only when they really start talking can they find out what's best for both of them. If you're looking for a shifter story about a very sick man who doesn’t expect to return to his old life but instead finds a new reality and a new lease on life, if you enjoy reading about mates who seem to have everything against them and not much time left together, and if you're looking for a book with lots of hot and increasingly loving action between the sheets, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“How long ago did you stop your treatment?”

“Long enough for it to grow back in, as you can see. The second the doctor told me it wasn’t doing anything, I stopped. I did it because I didn’t want to die like my father, clinging to life and just wasting away like that. I stayed at my job for another week, getting everything in order, letting everyone know what was going on, and that I wouldn’t be back, and then I resigned. I figured I’d take a vacation before it got to the point that I couldn’t go out and do anything on my own anymore,” Scott said.

He was fiddling with his fingers between his knees, and Eric reached for both of his hands, holding them tight as he got down on his knees on the floor.

Scott’s eyes were wide, and this wasn’t normally a position that an alpha would take with anyone other than a mate. It left him too open to attack, but this was Scott. Eric, God help him, he was in love with the man. He didn’t want him to think that he was on borrowed time.

“It doesn’t have to be that way. Do you know why I went a little crazy that day and tried to bite you?”

“You wanted to turn me into a werewolf,” Scott said.

“Yes, but think about the significance of that. You would be cured, you wouldn’t be dying anymore.”

Scott was shaking his head, like he couldn’t believe that. “There is no cure.”

“Not for humans, but for us there is. I told you that werewolves don’t go to doctors, well that’s because we almost never need to. We’re either immune to most diseases or resistant to them.”

“That doesn’t mean that being a werewolf will cure me. Just you saying that means there isn’t a one hundred percent chance.”

“No, but it’s your best chance.” Eric had to make him see. He had to get Scott to understand that he was going to lose everything if he died. “The last thing in the world I want is for you to ever be scared, or uncomfortable, but I won’t be able to handle it if you die. I will go out of my mind. Don’t take the chemo if you don’t want to, but at least consider this.” He didn’t want Scott to take too long considering it, though. “How much…I mean how long do you have?”

“I’m not going to die tonight, so don’t be worried.”

Eric gave him a look. He didn’t want to tell his mate that that was a stupid thing to say, but he was pretty sure it was all over his face.

“Yeah, I guess that was pretty stupid,” Scott said.

Eric chuckled. “You’re reading my mind and everything.”

Scott was smiling back at him, but then that smile was replaced with wide eyed hope. “They told me I won’t make it to next summer, and you’re telling me it can all just go away if you bite me?”

“I’m saying it’s your best chance. You can live, you can be with me,” Eric said, and he squeezed Scott’s hands even tighter. The man was probably going to have some more bruising on his fingers for that, but Scott wasn’t thinking about that.

“Could I go back to being a cop? At the least I could say that it went into remission to keep them from asking for a physical, or I could—”

Scott stopped talking as Eric shook his head.

“I could never go back, could I?”

“Probably not. I don’t know what being a cop is like, or what they’ll have you do if you suddenly showed up saying you were cured without any paperwork from a doctor to prove it, but I’m thinking that a job like that…” Eric shook his head again, hating that he had to disappoint his lover so much. “I don’t think you would be able to go back.”

There was disappointment in Scott’s eyes, and it made Eric’s heart ache, but there was nothing he could do about that. He focused instead on the way those gray eyes started to swim.

“You know,” Scott said, and even though he had to wipe at his eyes to prevent any tears from falling, his voice still sounded normal. Mostly. “If I agree to do this, and it doesn’t work, I think it’ll destroy me even more than the day I was diagnosed.”

“It’ll destroy me if we don’t try,” Eric said, and he knew that he was so close. So close to hearing that one word that he wanted to hear.

“Can I have…I don’t know, a couple of days to think it over? I mean, I don’t know enough about werewolves to just jump in. Will I be dangerous?”

“Never,” Eric said. “You’ll have to learn to be one with your wolf, and you won’t be able to shift into the big wolf like me. You’ll be just a normal looking wolf when you do shift, and if your animal side comes out too much, then the entire pack is here to pull you back.”

Scott let out a shaky laugh. “I can’t believe I’m considering this. I can’t believe this is even an option.”

“You take all the time you need to let it sink in, baby. I promise I’ll be right here the whole time. And when you’re ready, I’ll be the one to make the bite and ease you through it.”

“What’ll happen if it doesn’t work, though?”

“We’ll deal with that together.”




With his hands on Eric’s thighs, he could feel all the goose bumps that were forming on his skin. The man’s body was like a furnace, but he wasn’t so hot that Scott didn’t want to touch him. It was actually sort of perfect.

Ughn! You’re such a fucking tease. Don’t stop,” Eric said.

Scott didn’t. Not yet. Because he could feel his lover’s pulse through his dick and on Scott’s tongue, he was in a good position to know when he was giving too much and not enough.

Eric wasn’t nearly close enough to the brink of orgasm yet, so, while keeping his lips tight, Scott finally sank the rest of the way down the column of Eric’s cock. He kept going until he felt the tickle of the man’s pubic hairs on his nose.

He kept his breathing steady and slow through his nose. It had been such a long time since he’d done this that he was shocked he wasn’t having a gag reflex. On top of that, this was the first time he’d ever actually enjoyed it as much as though he was the one getting a blow job instead of the other way around.

Eric moaned and sighed, his hips still thrusting gently, letting his cock slide back and forth in Scott’s mouth in a slow motion, like he was afraid of being too rough with him.

Scott didn’t want gentle. He wanted to be fucked hard in every way possible and he wanted to lose himself in the ecstasy of it.

“You want me to fuck you?” Eric said.

Scott looked up at him, letting the man’s cock slide from his mouth. “You heard that?”

“Soul connection, right?” Eric asked. He looked a little sheepish, but hardly embarrassed, considering the thoughts Scott had just been having about him. “You’ll learn to control it eventually. I won’t always be able to peek into your thoughts, so you shouldn’t worry about it too much,” he said.

Scott wasn’t worried. Granted, he hadn’t seen this coming either, but this could work. “I sort of like the idea of you hearing my dirty thoughts while I’m sucking on your cock,” he said, and he dipped his head down and swallowed around Eric’s dick, making the man moan for him before he could respond.

Scott wanted to test this out, to see how far it could go. He wanted to know whether or not Eric could actually read his mind when he wanted him to, or if he was just making really good guesses based on what he felt from Scott’s energy and enthusiasm for what he was doing.

That’s it, fuck my mouth. Hard. I want to swallow your cum and make you hard again for me.

He wasn’t sure how this was supposed to work, exactly. For all he knew, the entire house could read his mind and he’d just projected that to all the men who lived here. God, he hoped not, but Eric’s answering moan, the way he reached up and grabbed at his own hair as his hips canted up and forward. “Yeah. I want to fuck you. I love it when my cock is in your mouth. You do that so good,” Eric said. He started to babble after that. Total nonsense, but Scott knew that the man had heard what he’d said.

Scott’s plan changed after that. He didn’t want to tease Eric until he was on the brink. He wanted to make the man come inside of his mouth so he could swallow every bit of him. For some reason that seemed incredibly important.

“It lets me mark you,” Eric said, still panting and gasping.

Scott let his eyes roll up so he could look at the man. There was a thin layer of sweat on his body, and his fingers were twitching by his head as he looked down at Scott.

“When I’m in you or you’re in me, it’s part of how we claim each other,” he said. “And it feels really fucking good.”

Scott bet it did. His own erection was throbbing to the tune of his fast heartbeat, and it was clear that his cock was a little jealous of all the attention that he was giving to Eric instead of to himself.

Scott could hold off. He knew it would feel so much better when Eric put him on his knees and then moved behind him so that Scott had to sit in his lap. Eric would fuck him hard as he stroked Scott’s hard dick.

Eric groaned. “Keep putting thoughts like that into my head and we’re not going to be able to finish this,” he said.

Scott fought to keep from laughing, but he returned to the task at hand. In an effort to tease the ever loving hell out of his lover, his mate, he’d only succeeded in making himself want Eric that much more.

Thankfully, Eric wasn’t resisting his coming orgasm anymore, and Scott was only interested in making the man come hard, so he was done with the teasing as he kept his lips tight, moaning around Eric’s dick so that the added vibrations would drive him even crazier.

Eric’s breathing and gasping got to be faster and louder. He wasn’t even speaking anymore. It was just his body reacting to what was happening to him.

That’s it, baby, come for me. Come inside my mouth, I want to swallow you.

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