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It’s good to return to Emerald Valley and its unique wolf pack and vampire coven. Along with the five alphas who left many years ago but returned for vengeance against the murderer of their slain friend. At the end of Lee and Magnus’s story they had found and eliminated Eduardo, Magnus’s evil brother, and also liberated his blood slaves including Jerry, whom Lee had been searching for for a long time. Jerry’s older brother, Rob, was Lee’s best friend and when he died Lee took it upon himself to become Jerry’s adoptive older brother. Jerry had been kept as a blood slave by Eduardo and endured a hellish nightmare no one should ever endure. “Back in his cell, he’d been certain he wanted freedom, to live again, and yet he didn’t understand what he’d been asking for. “I didn’t know living could be so hard,” he whispered.” Even three months after his rescue, Jerry struggles with fear, nightmares, panic attacks, and he just wants to fly under the radar and not have anyone notice him. Unfortunately, the members of the wolf pack can still smell he was food for a vampire and most of them look at him with disgust. They don’t dare physically harm him or Lee, Magnus, and Lee’s alpha friends would be on them, but words can often be far more hurtful. Jerry knows he’s broken and that no one will ever want him. Colton is one of the five alphas who returned to Emerald Valley with Crash, Lee, Dante, and Atlas, and helped to get revenge on the old beta of the wolf pack who murdered Larry, their friend. When Colton first left town he enrolled in the Army where he eventually was placed into a shifter special ops unit. He has his own share of PTSD related trauma and issues, so when he meets Jerry, a part of him understands where the little omega is coming from. Colton’s wolf whispers “mate” but Colton shies away from that. As far as he’s concerned anyone he gets involved with just ends up hurt or dying. As much as I did enjoy Jerry and Colton’s romance, there were a few things that didn’t work well for me. The insta-lust was fine as they are shifters but the insta-love came as a surprise considering what each shifter had endured in their life. It came across as unrealistic, in my opinion, and there were several inconsistencies that I had difficulty with. However, the romance was very sweet and I liked seeing both men get the happiness and love they each deserved.

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 01/25/2018)
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