[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, werewolves, vampires, M/M, HEA]
As an Omega wolf who’s been held captive as a vampire’s blood slave for five years, Jerry doesn’t trust people easily. He has a problem coping with his new life and, to top it all off, bumping into an Alpha werewolf with luggage of his own doesn’t help.
Colton’s one of the five lone Alphas in town and the best friend of Jerry’s brother. Jerry knows he’s not mate material, but when the heat between them becomes too hot to ignore, can Jerry take a chance at love?
When ex-special forces paranormal soldier Colton returns to his hometown, the last thing he expects is to find his mate. Jerry is gorgeous, sweet, and perfect for him in every way. Colton knows Jerry is his to claim and mate, but Colton has to deal with demons of his own.
Will their pasts get in the way of their happily ever after?
A Siren Erotic Romance
To Protect and Mate (MM)
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
It’s good to return to Emerald Valley and its unique wolf pack and vampire coven. Along with the five alphas who left many years ago but returned for vengeance against the murderer of their slain friend. At the end of Lee and Magnus’s story they had found and eliminated Eduardo, Magnus’s evil brother, and also liberated his blood slaves including Jerry, whom Lee had been searching for for a long time. Jerry’s older brother, Rob, was Lee’s best friend and when he died Lee took it upon himself to become Jerry’s adoptive older brother. Jerry had been kept as a blood slave by Eduardo and endured a hellish nightmare no one should ever endure.

“Back in his cell, he’d been certain he wanted freedom, to live again, and yet he didn’t understand what he’d been asking for. “I didn’t know living could be so hard,” he whispered.”

Even three months after his rescue, Jerry struggles with fear, nightmares, panic attacks, and he just wants to fly under the radar and not have anyone notice him. Unfortunately, the members of the wolf pack can still smell he was food for a vampire and most of them look at him with disgust. They don’t dare physically harm him or Lee, Magnus, and Lee’s alpha friends would be on them, but words can often be far more hurtful. Jerry knows he’s broken and that no one will ever want him.

Colton is one of the five alphas who returned to Emerald Valley with Crash, Lee, Dante, and Atlas, and helped to get revenge on the old beta of the wolf pack who murdered Larry, their friend. When Colton first left town he enrolled in the Army where he eventually was placed into a shifter special ops unit. He has his own share of PTSD related trauma and issues, so when he meets Jerry, a part of him understands where the little omega is coming from. Colton’s wolf whispers “mate” but Colton shies away from that. As far as he’s concerned anyone he gets involved with just ends up hurt or dying.

As much as I did enjoy Jerry and Colton’s romance, there were a few things that didn’t work well for me. The insta-lust was fine as they are shifters but the insta-love came as a surprise considering what each shifter had endured in their life. It came across as unrealistic, in my opinion, and there were several inconsistencies that I had difficulty with. However, the romance was very sweet and I liked seeing both men get the happiness and love they each deserved.
Christy Duke




One moment, depression hit him, the next, it dissipated. Jerry felt nothing but the heat and hunger of Colton’s lips crushing his and Colton’s rough stubble rubbing against his cheek. God, but it felt good. Jerry couldn’t recall the last time anyone ever kissed him like this, and it didn’t help that Colton tugged him close so their bodies touched. He was so tall that yummy muscles clashed against Jerry’s lean body. 

Colton sucked and nipped, pushed a tongue between his lips, and Jerry opened up so Colton could thrust his tongue down his throat. Jerry had experience when it came to sex, but they were negative ones. Sometimes the vampires who drank from him wanted something a little extra, but unlike those times, he felt safe with Colton. Completely strange, because the massive Alpha was all kinds of terrifying. 

He heard Lee talk about all his friends, but Colton seemed to be the one Lee considered most dangerous. At that moment, he didn’t care. Colton slipped a hand up his body, and he nearly froze because there were some old bite marks there. Colton didn’t seem to care, didn’t shove him away and call him disgusting. The Alpha ran his hand past them to grab one nipple and give it a pinch.

Colton’s mouth muffled his cry, and the Alpha dragged his hand lower now, past his ribs, belly, and near the waistband of his jeans and boxers. He pulled away, although he wanted so much more. He wanted Colton to erase all his horrible memories of sex and replace them with good ones, and his wolf knew Colton was the right man for the job.

Mate, his wolf whispered the taboo word. Taboo, because Jerry wasn’t a fool. Colton might be the one and only Alpha who didn’t care he’d once been a vampire blood slave, but whatever Colton said, Jerry knew no one would ever want him as a mate. 

Still, this was too good an opportunity to pass up. If Colton was interested, then Jerry wouldn’t back away like some timid little mouse. That’s what Colton thought he was, but he planned on changing that. He gave Colton’s lower lip a nip, which he underestimated.

Colton looked surprised and touched the bleeding spot. Jerry’s heart raced. Oh God. He only wanted to show Colton he had teeth, too, wanted to make the bite sexy, but he’d ruined his chances. Shit. Except Colton touched the spot and the blood with wonder on his face, not horror.

“You bit me,” Colton said.

“Um. Yeah. Sorry.”

“Fuck, that’s hot.” Colton licked his lips, and if possible, lust glazed the Alpha’s eyes. In what alternate universe had Jerry been dropped into? Because men like Colton had zero interest in guys like him, secondhand goods who—no. Jerry refused to feel sorry for himself now, especially when Colton looked at him like he was the most the desirable thing in the world.

Jerry had to take a step back. Breathe. Colton narrowed his eyes, not a good sign.

“Are you playing games with me, Omega? Because lesson number one, I don’t like games.” Colton said those words with a little growl, the sound raising all the hairs on his arms.

“Me play a game with you?” Jerry asked in disbelief. “Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe you’re curious about what it’s like, being with used goods like me.”

He was taken aback when Colton gripped his shoulders and snarled into his face, just like some damn wild animal, but God knew it was effective. Jerry suppressed a shiver. He’d forgotten that Alphas were like other dominant males. It wasn’t wise messing with mercurial Alphas. 

“If you make another disparaging comment about yourself again, I’m going to throw you over my knee and spank you.”

Flabbergasted, Jerry stared. Colton was so intense, so serious, and yet he was drawn to all that, too. “Are you serious?”

“Absolutely. I’d never play games with Lee’s younger brother. Hell, I’m risking plenty with you, because I have a feeling Lee or Magnus wouldn’t be too happy about this.”

“But we haven’t done anything but kiss,” he protested. That was true. Colton was one of Lee’s best friends, and Lee was too darned overprotective, too. Magnus was the same, although the vampire was more subtle about it.

“Wrong, little Omega. You’re as good as mine. By the end of tonight, that is.”

“Are you that confident?” he stuttered. This Alpha was unbelievable, arrogant beyond words, and yet his wolf accepted the truth in Colton’s words.

“I’ll see you tonight, Omega.”

Colton began walking away, leaving him more confused than ever.

“You never mentioned where we’ll meet,” he called back.

“I’ll come by your workplace.”

Just like that? 

Jerry was stunned, amazed, and yet excitement kindled in the pit of his belly. His date with Colton was something to look forward to, and some days, he didn’t know what the hell to do with his life. He could still refuse and tell Colton he wasn’t interested, but what would that mean to him? Days and nights spent avoiding other shifters and living a life of lonely seclusion. Sure, he had Magnus and Lee, but they had their own lives to live. He couldn’t rely on them forever.

It felt like he’d been living under a rock ever since he’d moved into town. Jerry had taken his first step to independence by moving out of Lee’s apartment and getting his own den and a job. A job, he realized, he was going to lose if he didn’t turn up at Bacon and Burgers. He hurried back to his workplace, although he knew his mind would be preoccupied the rest of the day by one persistent and alluring Alpha.




They tore at each other’s clothes until they were both nude, and he spent a couple of seconds admiring Jerry’s slender body. He noticed Jerry giving him a once over, gaze lingering on the package between his legs.

Jerry swallowed, arousal thick in the air. “You’re much more massive than I imagined,” Jerry whispered.

“Don’t worry, little Omega. I know. That’s why I’m going to prep you carefully—unless you changed your mind?”

“No way!”

That was good enough for him.

He pushed Jerry backward, until the Omega’s back hit the wooden table. Jerry let out a breath, but didn’t speak as Colton planted a hand on his belly.

“Lie down, because you’re going to be dessert.”

Jerry shuddered but sat on the edge of the table and lay down. Colton licked his lips at the feast in front of him. 

“I thought you were just being nice about being attracted to me,” Jerry whispered.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Colton ran his fingers down Jerry’s hairless chest. A few old vampire bite marks littered Jerry’s skin, but he knew they would be gone soon.

“You’re not…disgusted.”

He growled. “What?”

“That I’m second—”

To shut the foolish Omega up, Colton kissed him again. It was a quick rough one, leaving both of them craving more.

“You can’t do that,” Jerry whispered. “Kiss me all the time to make problems go away.”

“The only problem I see right now is the way you perceive yourself. To me, you’re fucking perfect.” To make his point, Colton nipped at Jerry’s neck, which turned out to be a massive mistake. Jerry’s pulse jumped, and he had the sudden urge to unsheathe his canines and bite down really deep, hard enough to leave his mate mark. That way, no one would bully or tease Jerry without facing him first. Besides, it felt so right, to make Jerry his. 

My Omega. My mate.

But that would also bind Jerry to him until death to them part. Mating between shifters was for life. He fought an internal struggle and moved his mouth, kissing Jerry lower. Reaching Jerry’s chest, he took Jerry’s right nipple into his mouth and sucked hard until Jerry cried out above him. He reached for Jerry’s dick at the same time, beginning to stroke it.

His own dick started to thicken, too, and he pushed aside the urge to sink his prick inside Jerry. Omegas were self-lubricating, but he wanted a little foreplay first, to taste Jerry and take his time. 

“Oh God,” Jerry whispered. “It’s too much, your hand and your mouth.”

“Baby, we’re just starting. Take what I have to give you.”

Jerry moaned as Colton worked Jerry’s dick faster and took Jerry’s lips again. The Omega eagerly thrust his hips, and he vaguely wondered if the table could take both their weight. Otherwise, he’d have to explain to Dante, who’d gotten the table for him, what had happened to his latest gift.

“I’m so close,” Jerry whispered, as they pulled back from the kiss.

“Go ahead, baby. Come for me.”

At his urging, Jerry groaned and Colton pinched his leaking tip. That did the trick. With a cry, Jerry came, squirting his cum all over his hand and splashing some over his abs and ribs. Jerry’s eyelids fluttered and the Omega screamed out his name. Shit. That was unbelievably sweet, and he wanted to do it all over again, just to see that expression of euphoria on Jerry’s face, knowing he was responsible.

“That was amazing,” Jerry whispered.

“What about my turn?” he teased and Jerry looked at his dick.

Jerry smiled up at him. “My, Mr. Wolf, are you thinking of putting that big dick inside me?”

He returned the smile and Jerry shivered.

“Please,” Jerry murmured. “Oh hell, why am I so horny again?”

“Because we haven’t completed the dance.” He kissed Jerry on the nose and helped the Omega turn, so Jerry lay on his stomach. He didn’t even have to command the Omega, because Jerry pulled his legs open and thrust his ass up at him in offering. 

He ran his hand down the curve of that tempting ass, thumbed Jerry’s puckered entrance with deliberate slowness, and gave Jerry’s balls a teasing pinch. Jerry groaned.

“I thought Alphas liked to get straight to the rutting,” Jerry complained.

“What’s wrong with admiring what’s mine?”

He didn’t fail to notice that Jerry didn’t correct him at all, didn’t protest. Good. 

“Are you ready for me, Omega?” He circled Jerry’s asshole again, before pushing a finger in. Jerry moaned and clawed at the table.

“Aren’t you done admiring?”

He chuckled, pushing a second in and making twisting motions. Jerry’s juices had made the Omega slick, but he wanted Jerry to be prepared. Colton added a third and must have brushed against Jerry’s prostate, because Jerry cried out even louder.

“So good,” Jerry whispered. 

“This is just the beginning, baby.”

“I don’t know how I feel when you call me that.”

Colton paused, but his gaze never strayed from the Omega. When he first used the word, it simply slipped out but now, it sounded perfect, just right.

“It feels good,” Jerry said, blushing. “Like I’m special.”

“You are,” Colton replied without hesitation, finally pulling his fingers out. “Ready for me?”

Jerry nodded. “I want this so badly, Colton. All memories I have of sex are unpleasant ones. Vampires only saw me and the others as food that happened to have other uses.”

Jerry clenched his jaw, and misery replaced anger. “I only wished you could have been my first.”

Anger swept through Colton in waves. Not for the first time, he wished he could resurrect the leeches who hurt Jerry, only to dish out plenty of hurt and send them back to hell. 

“It doesn’t matter. You and me, we’re here now,” he said, kissing Jerry on the mouth, feeling Jerry respond.

“Yeah. Yeah okay,” Jerry murmured.

Flashing the Omega a reassuring smile, he lifted Jerry’s legs over his shoulders and guided his prick to Jerry’s entrance.

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