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I am always curious about a new take on a paranormal world and this one did interesting things with werewolves so I thought that I'd give it a try. I found the concept of Omega wolves being the real power instead of the alphas and male pregnancy a curiosity. I satisfied my curiosity, but in the mean time I found myself enjoying the simple plot- run from the big bad wolves who kill all Omegas and gay wolves- and the characters of this novella-length story. Matty, the main character, was the angsty type during the story, but it was quite clear based on what was going down that he had reason to be. He goes from being a hardworking guy who can't catch a break in life that gets an incredible weekend with the guy of his dreams who disappears on him, to a guy discovering he's pregnant and now being chased by 'the men in black' only to find himself face to face again with that incredible guy who now acts like he can't stand the sight of him. Now to be fair, Rico isn't exactly the jerk he appeared to be and when the story switches to his perspective it becomes clear why he made the choices he did. There is a cover-up and secrecy within the wolf leadership and Rico is as much a dupe as Matty. So along with their friends, they are both on the run now with Rico quickly getting into the role of leader and protector as he adjusts to the fact that he now has a family on the run with him. As I said, the unique worldbuilding caught my attention, but its not epic. The story is about people on the run, but its not deep or darkly foreboding. Once I caught on to the tone of this lighter piece and went with it, I enjoyed it. This was my first book by the author so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'll definitely be checking out some of her other stories when I'm in the mood for a switch in pace from my usual fare. I recommend this story for those who enjoy light, but spice m/m paranormal romances.

Reviewed by: Sophia Rose (Date: 04/25/2013)
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