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Halfblood Club

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 17,146
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Graylin Treel is on a deadline. With only a few hours to go, she needs to put herself in the path of the dragon that she has chosen as a mate. The problem is, he thinks she is a pathetic human. When the glamour drops and their senses are aroused, can any structure of man take the heat of two dragons in the throes of passion?

This is a re-release.

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"Enough of this." He pulled her legs around his hips and walked out of the morning room, down a hall, up a flight of stairs and into the master bedroom.

Their route was marked by their clothing as it was torn off by one or the other on the way to the bed. She squealed as he tipped her onto the sheets, then shrieked again as he took one breast in his mouth with a suddenness that left her breathless. He could not fit the entire mound in his mouth, but that didn't mean that he wasn't trying.

The burning pulse of pain and pleasure caused her hips to arch against him in a silent plea. She was writhing in heat and waves of sensation as he switched his attentions from one breast to the other, teasing the nipples ferociously in turn.

Her hands clutched at his shoulders and she gasped and moaned as he moved two fingers between her thighs to tease at her slit.

Dampened with her juices, he twirled those fingers around her clit and she screamed as the flames of lust consumed her from head to toe, magic released as her body did.

Rikard did not let up, but kept his fingers running around her sensitive nub until she shrieked again, losing her breath as sparks shot from behind her eyes.

When she finally ceased to shake in reaction, Rikard spread her thighs and settled between them. She had not yet seen his cock, but it felt larger than was comfortable as he slowly moved into her.

It was a short series of rocking thrusts that took him into her to the hilt. She felt stuffed and squirmed for relief of the pressure. Apparently this was his cue to begin to pound into her with savage purpose.

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