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Halfblood Club

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Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 18,507
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The first two lovers they select are duds, one elf has another woman in mind the whole time, and the other…shudder. The third lover is a bit of a surprise--two men.

Boral and Orlyn have been friends for hundreds of years, all they are looking for is a woman to take them both on. Will Esmy give in to the temptation of two handsome elves, or will the human morality of her mother's people send her running for the hills?

This is a re-release.

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Moonlit skin writhed on the silken sheets. The couple on the bed had been twisted together for hours, their magic swirling in the air around them in a wild cloud.

His lips caressed her throat while his hips worked in a steady beat. He groaned his release against her ivory flesh as his body shuddered in completion. Councilor Wyx fell to the side of his companion and closed his eyes as he struggled to regain his breath.

"So my granddaughter will be tested by the council?" Isowyn fixed her gaze on her companion and arched one brow. Sweat ran down her sides and coated her willowy limbs with a fine sheen that made her glow in the darkness. Her silvery hair was tucked behind one delicately pointed ear.

"Yes my dear Isowyn, at the next full moon your granddaughter will be brought before the council." He opened his golden eyes and met her steady gaze. "You do realize, however, that I am not guaranteeing her passing the tests, only that they will be administered."

"I understand that Wyx, but I need her to have this chance. She is all I have, and there is no guarantee that Erak will ever reproduce again." She brought her lips down to meet his and in a few seconds of dueling her tongue with his he moved to cover her once again.

"A pleasure doing business with you, Isowyn." His hips rocked forward and his turgid member slid home once again.

She arched her back, welcoming her fey lover. This was what her kind did best. Those of the faerie were very good at sex, after all, they had plenty of time to practice.

Her granddaughter needed to know the pleasures of her own kind.

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