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Handsome, Hard, and Delicious (MM)

Handsome Heroes

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 25,230
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Travel the universe, meet new people, and find some nice ass...what was wrong with that plan?

Layden had to take it one step further and fall in love with a man his complete opposite. Lavender was of the Feline clan while Layden of The Golden Wolf Clan. The sex was fantastic. It was everything else that was the challenge. Although, every big fight ended in a world-class romp.

Even with all the yelling, Layden fell in love with the lanky, finicky Lavender. Until the day their pasts came to find them and Lavender is kidnapped by his own people. Now Layden must find his problematic mate and save him before Lavender is lost forever.

Prepare for some epic failures in escape plans, frottage in a space suit, and a handsome twink that plays dirty.

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMMM), spanking, rimming

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As only James Cox can do it! Layden wants to surprise his mate Lavender with a new home. He is the one who gets surprised when his frisky kitty is not at all happy about the location of their shabby c...

- Shirley W.

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Not only was my lover hot but he liked to play. When had I become so lucky? I smelled the heady mixture of his musk and his clean flesh. It made me inhale sharply. The moment Lavender ran from the room, I let out a loud growl and gave chase. I ripped my shirt off, shredding it with my nails as I ran. My wolf DNA was taking charge. I felt the human parts of me begin to shut down and go dormant. Footsteps sounded down the hall. I sniffed the air and smiled. My teeth were beginning to elongate at the scent of such a sexual conquest. I took off.

Sweat beaded my skin as I reached the end of the corridor. As part wolf, I had a higher temperature than most beings. Combine that with the brown hair on my chest and the warm ship. It made my skin shiny with perspiration. I sniffed the air again. There he was. He smelled so fucking good. I let out another growl as I took off down the left corridor. There was a shred of clothing on the ground. I shoved one boot off and then the other as I stumbled forward. In all my life, I had not lost a prey and this, by the stars, wasn’t going to be the first time.

I turned a corner, skidding to a stop. The odor was strongest here. Hot horny male seemed to pump into the air all around me. It teased my nostrils and made the appendage between my legs grow harder. I was fully erect and ready to catch the feline Flower. There was no stopping me. I pulled at my pants and kicked the door to the cargo bay open. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty,” I teased, smiling. By the stars, the smell was so strong. I stepped down the stairs slowly. My pants were open, but my hard dick was hidden. There were several boxes stored here and in the corner was a private stash of goodies. “I know you’re in here.” I shoved my thumbs in my pants and tugged. Yeah! My cock bobbed free and I groaned.

“Layyydennn,” Lavender whispered.

I spun around. It seemed to be coming from every corner. The echo was screwing up my senses. I closed my eyes and took another breath. There he was. I smiled and looked upward. In the beams above my head hid the sexy Flower. He grinned down at me, hanging from a beam. From this height, I could see the bulge in his pants and the way his lean muscles bunched to keep him steady. He didn’t even swing as he hung there. “Come down,” I ordered, trying to control the beast in me. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to mate.

“Make me.” He chuckled as he propelled his body upward, flipped over a nearby beam, and landed at the door of the cargo bay. He did it all with remarkable grace. Lavender then shoved his pants off to reveal his hard-on.

My body tensed. My hormones were on a rampage as my eyes fell on Lavender’s handsome cock. I pounced forward, taking the steps three at a time as Lavender’s eyes widened. He tugged the door open and prepared to flee. I grabbed his arm just as he stepped out and hauled him back. His body slapped against mine and I wrapped my arms around his waist. My dick was pressed against the upper portion of his ass cheek. “Mine!”

“Is that so?” Lavender leaned back and our lips met.

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