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SCS Dark Star


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Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 30,276
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When the long-extinct Rovania are found still alive, steps are taken to integrate them into the modern age. When the newly commissioned Space Corps Ship Dark Star reaches Earth to pick up crew, Astrogator Cai and Captain Nick Steele come face to face with a dream made real—actual, living Rovania.

Veloki has no interest in abiding by the wishes of his su-periors, he wants a human to play with, and the other Rovania feel likewise. Within hours of arriving on Dark Star, they agree to catch themselves some humans and show them what the Rovania do for fun. There’s more than one way to integrate.

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Tito was in the lead as they entered the off-duty lounge, followed by the twins. Loki and Spasti brought up the rear. The lounge was a large space dominated by the viewscreen currently showing the Earth spread out below. Tables were grouped along the edges of the dance floor, the bar was across from the viewscreen, and the raised band platform was to the right of it. The lounge was about half full of crewmen when they arrived.

To say they attracted attention would have been a grave understatement. Silence fell as they entered, all eyes turned toward them. There was an expectant quality to the silence, Loki decided as he casually surveyed the crowd, feigning a calm he didn’t at all feel. The others were as tense as he was, curious, waiting.

The humans didn’t press forward, didn’t try to touch though their lust was plain to the Rovani noses. They merely looked and appreciated what they saw. The silence broke abruptly into soft exclamations and murmured comments to one another.

“I think the inhibitory shots were a bad idea,” Spasti said, in Greek, so that he wouldn’t be overheard by anyone else. “These are handsome, healthy humans. I want one.”

“One? Why settle for just one?” Tito grinned over his shoulder at them.

Loki snorted. He had a human... but he could see Spasti’s point. These humans smelled very, very good indeed, and monogamy was no part of a Rovani’s makeup. “The shot stops working if we just go ahead and do it with someone.”

“And once we’re in space,” Riko started.

“The council won’t find out,” Raki finished.

Spasti blinked. “Did we just agree to—”

“Yes,” the twins answered in the same breath.

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