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Syler's Savior (MM)

Star Kingdom 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 20,051
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

King Syler has the worst luck. After being forced into an unwanted marriage as a young man, he now is free to choose a Queen that will have the people’s best interests at heart. Alone in the underprivileged Third Class, Syler saves Frost from the lashing post. Can Syler manage to keep the politics at bay, all the while fighting his growing attraction for Frost?

Frost Santaz is nothing special. Well, almost nothing. He works at the decrepit Third Class Orphanage and pulls his community service hours like everyone else. As the Prince of Third Class it’s his duty to protect his class from any more harsh laws that will eventually unfold into a Civil War. Frost has done his best to avoid a war he knows will cost more than it can gain. When King Syler needs him, Frost has found his way to save his class, and kingdom, but can he save himself from Syler?

A Siren Erotic Romance





“Good Morning, King. I should say you look rather healthy for a dead man.” Frost threw out there for the King’s benefit.

The King took a moment to get his bearings, and Frost could understand the disorientation from his stressful previous day. Frost chanced a look at the man, and he forgot to breathe at the sight of the ivory face in the morning light. The rays had caught the golden strands of hair and reflected like the sun on raindrops. The golden strands shimmered in the light, and Frost was fascinated by the beauty of the color. He had to wonder if that was something unique to the King’s bloodline. His previous clean shaven face was dotted with a golden shadow, and his moss-colored eyes held an intelligence that bordered on genius. This was not a man to underestimate. “What are you doing here?”

“A few kids found you sleeping. Since they saw you save me from a few lashings, they came and found me. I brought you a change of clothes, but we need to hurry and get out of here. The elite are searching the buildings now.” Frost pointed to the clothes sitting by the King and went back to watching the sky dance with the fast-moving clouds from the mountains. He thanked the powers that be that they were going to get a huge storm. It would be the saving grace of the King, since rain washed away the trail a dog could smell. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer before they pulled the dogs out. He could hear them barking and growling to be released. Behind him the rustle of clothes told him the King was changing. He steeled himself to hold still and not look, but it was one of the hardest things he had done in a long time.

“Thank you for the clothes, but I still don’t understand what you’re doing here,” the King mumbled under his breath. Frost turned and met the moss-colored eyes that seemed to call to Frost on some basic level. He really didn’t know why he was up here, either. The King didn’t understand the rules of third class. He wouldn’t survive a night in this environment, at least, not with everyone being his enemy. Right now the King needed a friend, and Frost found himself wanting to be that friend.

“I’m not really sure. I guess I have a hero complex. It seems to be a major factor in all my decisions. Third class is a rough place, and I don’t think you can really go it alone. Hell, I’ve lived here all my life, and there are places here that are not safe, at all.” Frost paused for a moment, “Ever. Now, we have to go before the dogs lead them this way. I can at least get you away from the elite, and that would make us even.” Frost didn’t want to say out loud that it wasn’t about keeping score of favors for each other. This way it seemed like he was returning a favor, but inside, Frost knew that wasn’t the case at all. For some reason, he cared what happened to the man. Frost hopped from the ledge and led the King to the roof panel.

Frost popped the door open and climbed down the ladder, surprised at the ease that the man followed. He wondered why the man was so trusting, but maybe the dogs howling a few blocks away had something to do with the trust. At the bottom of the stairs, Frost led them away from the roof looking for the favorite access point of the homeless children of Fourth Street. The building only had five floors, and Frost knew at one time it was an apartment building. The neighborhood had slowly been taken over by thieves, addicts, prostitutes, and other troubled people. Frost eased around the hallway picking his way through drug addicts that slept off their previous highs. He found the long plank easy enough, and he opened an old apartment door. The window had curtains that had been half torn off, and the floor beneath the window had rotted from the constant rain. Frost eased the board across the windowsill until the other side of the board rested on the window of the next building.

“There is no way we are doing that,” the King said. Frost smiled at the man. They were so doing this, but he wasn’t going to flat out say that by the fear in the man’s eyes. Frost asked, “What’s your name?”

“Syler,” the King answered, and Frost realized it fit him. He smiled to himself as he repeated the name in his head a few times, testing how it felt inside. He liked it. Frost looked at Syler. “Nice to meet you, Syler. I’m Frost. Now, this is the easiest way to buy us a few minutes from the elite. The dogs can lead them to the window, but they will have to go all the way downstairs and then try to pick up our trail in the next building. We are going to be doing this through four or five buildings. I’ll help you, but we have to do this. If we try to outrun the dogs, we will fail. You’ll be dead and so will I. We need to buy time for the rain to come. Then we can hide out for a while at a safe place,” Frost said before carefully testing the floorboards beneath them. He quickly climbed on the board and turned around to hold his hand out to Syler.




“You know, it’s been so long for me that I would have killed for a one-night stand. With you, I don’t think I could survive just one night,” Syler said, and Frost smiled at the knowledge that the feelings were mutual. Frost kissed Syler again, taking his time to learn every inch of Syler’s mouth. The kiss was slow and deliberate, and Frost knew it would never be enough. Finally, Frost had to break the kiss to tell Syler that he felt the same way. “I don’t think I can let you go. It’s too far already. I think I knew that when I saw that Elite officer pointing that gun at you. I was so scared he was going to shoot you.” Frost shook his head in denial at the fear he felt. “I don’t know how I’m going to live without you. Even if we stopped now, I’m a goner.” Frost shrugged. Frost collided with Syler as Syler wrapped his arms around him. Their lips met as Frost fell backward, and Frost pulled Syler on top of him so he could straddle his hips.

Syler kissed him, and Frost almost lost his mind at the sensation of Syler’s legs straddling him mixed with the heated kiss. Syler broke the kiss momentarily as he removed his shirt. Frost agreed with the thought, quickly removing his shirt before he pulled Syler back on top of him. Their skin touched, and Frost was fascinated by Syler’s skin color against his much darker skin tone. Their nipples rubbed against each other’s, and Frost flicked his hips at the tightening of his balls. He sucked air through his teeth as Syler rolled his hips, and Frost’s body burned from the contact. Syler licked his neck, and Frost buried his head in Syler’s neck, nipping and licking the sweet skin beneath his ear. The moan that sounded from Syler was the sexiest thing Frost had ever heard. He sucked Syler’s neck as Syler rubbed his balls against Frost’s aching cock. The need flowed from his spine through every vein, and Frost pushed them both into a sitting position and latched onto Syler’s nipple. Syler arched like a cat in heat as Frost nipped the tiny nub.

Frost reached down, undoing Syler’s pants and dying to reach the cock that throbbed against his chest as he sucked. He freed the length from its confines and ran his fingers along the vein in appreciation. Syler threw his hips against Frost’s hand, and Frost had to use his free hand to try to slow Syler’s need. He grabbed the base of Syler’s cock, stemming the orgasm that Syler fucked his hand for. Syler whimpered against the restraint of Frost’s hand, but Frost didn’t want this to be over that quickly. He licked around the nipple and along his chest before capturing the other nub as his prize. Syler moaned and wrapped his fingers in Frost’s hair, trying to pull him closer to the nub. Frost used his tongue to flick the nub, and received a shudder that resonated through Syler and into Frost’s aching cock. His head swam from the feeling, and he worried about lasting long enough to get inside of the man he needed more desperately than air.

“Please,” Syler begged, and Frost let the nub go as he flipped Syler onto his back to explore freely. He licked along the stomach muscles that flexed beneath his tongue. He followed the rivets in the well-formed packs, and circled his belly button in interest. Syler pushed his jeans down, freeing his hips from the stiff material, and Frost licked the hip bone in appreciation. His hand caressed the length, and Syler moaned beneath him in need. His skin was hot to the touch, and Frost leaned down to catch the perfectly formed mushroom head between his teeth. He gently licked the head, sucking it into the hollow of his mouth before running his tongue along the pre-cum littered member. The salty, sweet taste exploded on Frost’s tongue, and he needed more of the addictive elixir. Syler flicked his hips against Frost’s mouth, and Frost had to concentrate on breathing as the length pushed into his mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Syler mumbled, “please…. don’t stop.” Frost smiled around the length as he allowed Syler control for a few minutes. He used his free hand to free his own aching cock, and whimpered as he stroked the length in need. He used his other hand to try to keep Syler from losing complete control. Syler was beyond control, and Frost knew he would come soon by the way his balls tightened. He let the cock fall free of his mouth regretfully. Syler pushed Frost back on his legs, and Frost moaned as Syler sucked his cock in his mouth. The wet heat drove him to madness, and Frost had to use his free hand to keep him steady on his knees. Syler swirled his tongue around the head and then plunged his head down. Frost lost control of his hips and pushed against Syler’s mouth in need.

His body burned as Syler slid his mouth along his cock, paying attention to Frost’s balls before sliding back up to his mushroom head. Syler only used his mouth as he opened a packet of pocket lube. Frost wanted to ask where it had come from, but Syler chose that moment to force the entire length of Frost’s cock in his mouth. From that moment on, Frost was lost in the feeling of the sensations of Syler’s mouth along his cock. He plunged his cock in and out of Syler’s mouth, begging for the release that was building in his spine. Frost cried out as Syler let his cock free.

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