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Table for Three (MMF)

Big Girls and Billionaires

Etopia Press

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 35,891
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Set the table for a scorching threesome...

Josie Smith, a hardworking waitress at the Highland Grill, doesn't believe her friend's prediction that Josie's life is about to change. So what if her horoscope says she's about to meet one, maybe two, mysterious strangers? They'd probably just be bill collectors. Mysterious men she could do without. The last guy she dated was mysterious, all right—he was a pathological liar. And the one before that did nothing but take jabs at her plus-size, curvy figure. But when her friend points out Lucas and Dan, the two hotties who've become regulars at the Highland Grill, Josie can only laugh. Sure, they're sexy as sin with their black leather jackets and big, shiny motorcycles. But sadly, she isn't exactly their type. She'd caught them in a scorching-hot embrace in the parking lot one night, and even Josie isn't foolish enough to pine away over two gay guys.

Lucas Pearce has more money than he can spend in several lifetimes. He's a powerful, respected, old-money billionaire, and has a man he loves and trusts—tech mogul Dan Jackson. Both of them are bisexual, and both agree their hearts are big enough for one more. When they discover the Highland Grill, they immediately fall for the beautiful, Rubenesque Josie Smith. Josie believes they're just city boys who ride in every Friday on their motorcycles for the great food. But the boys are hungry for more than just the Friday night special. They want the curvy waitress with the kind smile and the warm eyes—and they intend to do whatever it takes to get her. So when things go south at the Highland Grill, Lucas and Dan think they've got it all under control. But it isn't long before they realize they might not be as all-powerful as they'd thought, and Josie might not be as easy to win as they'd imagined...

Reader note: contains m/m/f ménage and hot romance elements, BBW and billionaires, and male male love. A complete, stand-alone story with a happily ever after

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I found this was a good read. I enjoy all the books that I've read by Zoey Thames.


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God, the man could kiss. The passion of his lips pressed against hers had her lightheaded and her knees weak. Her pussy ached, and there was nothing subtle about her throbbing need to be filled by his cock. Maybe two cocks at once, she thought dazedly, feeling like her skin might catch fire with lust, she was so hot for them both.

Lucas broke the kiss, leaving her breathing hard. Dan gave her no respite, taking her by the cheek and turning her head toward him so he could capture her lips in a kiss that had her thoughts vanishing in a haze of desire and passion. All she knew was that she wanted them. Here. Now. The deck was private, open only to the stars overhead and the fireflies in the trees. She wouldn’t let this moment pass her by.

Not on her life.

Dan’s cock was like a steel pipe trapped in his leathers. She had done that. She had turned him on, made him so hot and hard that she could feel his stiff length of cock throbbing against her. A greedy groan escaped her lips as she dropped her hand down and began to trail her fingers against the rigid shape. Softly, just skimming over the head and down the shaft and back up again.

Teasing him. Arousing him even further.

He growled and thrust his hips at her. He pushed his cock, hidden only by a layer of leather, against her hand. Seeing evidence of his pleasure made her feel even bolder. She began to stroke him with more friction, feeling his cock jump and twitch at her touch.

Not to be outdone, Lucas pressed up against her from behind, his thick cock nudging insistently into her back. She might’ve made some quip about how she had her hands full with two sexy-as-hell, horny-as-hell men, but Dan was kissing her senseless, while Lucas’s big hands cupped her breasts. He slowly caressed them, working over her curves, making her nipples peak with desire even though she was still wearing her blouse and bra.

From the front, Dan’s nimble fingers began to undo the buttons of her blouse one by one. She wasn’t even paying attention, because Lucas moved from behind her into her view. He stared straight into her eyes as he began to pull off his leather jacket. He yanked off his shirt, and she bit her lip to stifle a groan of pure lust.

His chest was perfect, all sculpted muscle, ridged abs, and firm pecs. He looked like a sculpted statue of a god. And after he stepped out of his boots, unzipped himself, and his cock sprang out, she almost called out to the nearest god in delight. His cock was just as big as the rest of him, curved slightly upward, the head tinted red, the slit wet with precum.

Her head swam with barely controlled passion. Dan had her blouse open and slid it down her shoulders. She was breathing hard, watching as Lucas stroked his hand along his hard length with lazy, powerful strokes. He stared at her with smoky, half-lidded eyes. Dan deftly removed her bra, allowing her breasts to tumble free. Lucas’s eyes opened wide again as he took the sight of her naked chest in.

“God, you’re perfect,” Dan growled, his searing-hot gaze traveling over her bare skin.

Josie flushed with pleasure at his words and at the desire in Lucas’s eyes. Dan ran his hands up her sides, caressing her breasts. Then he took possession of her lips again in an openmouthed kiss that had her eyes closed and a moan lingering in her throat.

She leaned back, giving him easier access to her breasts as he pulled her nipples gently, teasing them, pushing the pink tips, stroking with his thumbs. He touches kept her on a razor-edge of arousal, climbing steadily toward her peak. Her pussy was sopping wet for them both. Her eyes fluttered open again because she didn’t want to miss the heavenly sight of Lucas naked. Lucas still watched them both with passion blazing in his eyes and his hard cock thrusting outward from his big, muscular body. The tip of his long, perfectly formed cock and now his fingers gleamed with precum as he stroked himself. She wanted to lick them dry, but when Lucas started for her, the tension coiling in her pussy was nearly too much.

Dan had bared her breasts, but she still wore her knee-length black skirt. Lucas surprised her when he went down on his knees in front of her. Dan moved around behind her, his hands back on her breasts where she wanted them and his kisses on her neck sending waves of gooseflesh across her body.

With greedy fingers, Lucas pushed her dress up, bunching it in his right fist and holding it around her hips. The sight of her white panties, clinging to her curves, pulled a shuddering breath from him. She loved that sound. She could listen to it every night.

Slowly, tormenting them all, he drew her panties down her legs centimeter by centimeter. The musky scent of her arousal must have reached his nose, because he closed his eyes in bliss and breathed in deeply.

He nudged her legs apart. She was trembling as she spread herself for him, and she knew he felt it. Felt her need. Reveled in it. He remained on his knees before her. She tilted her hips toward him, eagerly spreading her legs even wider. His eyes opened and he met her gaze as he leaned between her thighs. His tongue slid lightly over her outer lips. A gasp escaped her lips, but she edged toward him again, desperate for more. Her trembling increased. Her need seemed to drive him onward. She desperately wanted to be moaning in pleasure, losing her mind to Lucas’s tongue, to Dan’s kisses and his hands on her breasts.

He thrust his tongue deeper into her pussy. He began to lick her deeply, tasting her with teasing rhythms that soon had her whimpering and breathing fast. He drove her to a helpless moan when he brought the tip of his tongue up to flick across her clit. Her orgasm rocketed toward her, but before she climaxed, he dropped his tongue into her channel again, working her with his deep tongue thrusts until she reached yet another plateau of mind-blowing pleasure.

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