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The Forest of Dark Delights (MM)

A Cox Fairytale

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 20,000
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After the beast became human, Belle turned into the animal.

We all know the story. The dangerous and ugly Beast finds his true love in Belle, and after a horrific fight with Gaston, the beast is finally transformed back into a man. But what happens after that?

It’s almost two years later, and Belle is no longer the sweet woman the Beast fell in love with. She sweeps into towns with her ruthless army to pillage every book she can find and add it to her library. Beast is lonely, saddened by the lover he can’t understand, but then an old enemy returns to the castle.

Gaston is not the man he used to be. He made a promise to himself when he survived that fall, broken but alive. He’d make his amends to the beast, someway, somehow.

When at last Gaston and Beast start a forbidden romance, the evil that is Belle returns to the castle…

Be Warned: m/m sex, spanking, bondage

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Adam was no small man, but neither was he as big as he had been when in beast form. His cock was well past ready; the foreskin at the tip was pulled back and beads of cum had dribbled out. They slid down his leg as he stroked his member. Adam gave his tip a well-aimed wad of spit and then pressed it to Gaston’s hole.

Gaston gasped and tried to shift away.

Adam growled, grabbed the wiggling body with one hand and his dick with the other. He shoved, sending the tip of him inside the warmth of Gaston’s body.

“Beast!” He yelled, audible even with the gag.

Adam pushed a little deeper then pulled out and gave the area another spit. He wasn’t a gentle man, not tonight. Tonight, he was the beast. Adam thrust forward, urging half his length in Gaston. The man tangled in shackles groaned and winced. “Take me,” Adam whispered.

Gaston pulled his hands down from over his head and grabbed his cock eagerly.

“No!” Adam yelled. This was his control, his dominance. Adam pushed Gaston’s hands back over his head. He gave his hips another push, burying more of his erection inside.

Gaston cried out and wiggled beneath him.

Pleasure made his vision swarm. Adam laid one hand on Gaston’s hip and the other on his neck. He squeezed the delicate column as he pulled out and pushed back in. Those inner muscle pulsated and quivered around his length. “Yes.” Adam buried himself deep. Each thrust was a brutal show of strength. Adam wasn’t about to let this erection fade away in a fizzle. He wanted the biggest bang he’d ever had in his life. He worked Gaston’s body with rage and intensity until both men were gasping. Gaston’s protests turned into eager moans. The sound drifted through the room in an obscene manner that matched the actions on the bed. Adam growled, so close to coming. His gaze fell onto Gaston’s face. His black hair was a tangle of strands around his head. His skin was slightly red from the pressure of Adam choking him. Each slap of flesh against flesh made the high that much more unfathomable.

Then the reality collided with fantasy.

Adam came. His whole body gave a surge of adrenaline and need. Adam slammed his dick into the man so profoundly that Gaston literally cried out. Then Adam was spewing cum. It sputtered out in ribbons of cloudy white as he gave that tight hole a few last thrusts. The string broke, sending Gaston’s leg crashing into Adam. Gaston shoved his leg against Adam’s ass, pushing him forward to keep Adam seated deep within. Adam gave one last heave of thick cock into tight hole, and then he pulled out. His breathing was an erratic, uneven mess of gasps as he rolled onto the bed.

Gaston, hands still bound, reached down and stroked his dick. He was rough with the beautiful penis, tugging until his hips arched. Cum shot from Gaston’s shaft like a fountain. It sprayed and splattered his body. The blanket was dotted with wet drops by the time Gaston let go of his cock.

Adam liked the hazy look in Gaston’s eyes and the way the man’s body went languid with pleasure. Adam turned to his side, exhaustion nipping at his consciousness.

“Do you … do you want me to stay?”

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