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The Lion’s Secret Love - Book Six of The Masters of the Cats Series

The Masters of the Cats Series

Riverdale Avenue

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 66,300
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In this sixth title in the best-selling Masters of the Cats series, cat shifter Opal Vanberth was young for her kind, but she knew she had an old soul. And she had always felt more comfortable with humans than her own kind. Maybe it was the fact she had been raised by a human heroin addict, or that she had been in and out of foster care for most of her life. One thing was for sure, she never expected men like River, Rhodes and Zanger to be hers. And she always worried something else would take her happiness away, as it always did.

River-Wander had studied in universities unknown to humans, fought beasts that would make any man run in fear and created a warrior species, which he was the leader of, to protect the world around him. But so far, he wasn’t doing a very good job of protecting his own meru. Rhodes, Zanger and River have bonded together and were determined to protect their female, even if it meant one of them must leave their fold for a dangerous mission. Can River hold his family together, knowing what his weru, Zanger, must do to survive? Or should he take his family and leave Earth all together?

User Reviews
I loved this book. It is my favorite of the series so far. The Masters of the Cats series is fantastic!


I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put it down from the first chapter on. I have read the whole series but this is by far the most riveting so far in this series. Each new page had something t...

- plnemec


“I see you haven’t changed,” River said, drawling her attention.

“Oh, I’ve changed, but then again, not everyone gets the right to see certain parts of me.” Opal scanned his body. It was the same, but bigger if that were possible; taller, filled out like that of a warrior. Up close now, she could tell he was wider built, and he had a scar running up his forearm under his T-shirt that hadn’t been there before.

“Are you okay?” Opal asked, reaching out to run her finger over the mark, but he pulled back, nodding.

“I’m fine, but I missed you, Kitty,” he said, holding out his hand to her.

She stared at it, then back up into his eyes. Opal was lost as she placed her hand into his. River pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight.

“What took you so long?” Opal finally got out. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she tried to scrub them away before looking up at him. But he pushed her hands aside and wiped them away himself.

“My people are on their own time schedule. I’m afraid the only reason they allowed me down here now is because of the threat to Earth. So, I guess it’s good news for us, but not as a whole.” He glanced over at Zanger, who held Kirk.

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