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This is my first time reading a book from E.A. Reynolds. I just love a new shifter series. Keenan for awhile has had a major crush on Dalton. When Keenan is given the account to manage the Cactus District project and he will be working closely with Dalton. Keenan witness the murder of his friend Terry. Before Terry dies tells him that his father has found out something that could destroy everything, if a war is started. Dalton must protect his mate Keenan, while giving him time to get use to him being around. With all the attack happens against the Den, Keenan moves in with Dalton. What Keenan finds out about himself and what can start a full out war? Who will he trust to tell and how will he handle it. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book. The reason for a 4 hearts, is that the story was sometime hard to follow, the characters had no background and how they all fit in sometime was confusing. OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK This book was off to a great start for the series, hopefully in the next book. The characters will explain a little better.

Reviewed by: virginia lee (Date: 04/17/2015)
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