[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Keenan Tatum is a public relations specialist and he’s just been assigned to work a big account. There’s only one problem. Keenan is in lust with the man he’s going to be working with and Dalton McCall doesn’t really seem to care that he’s alive.
Dalton is a black panther lost in the scent of his mate, but he doesn’t want to make a move too soon because once he does there will be no holding the panther back. The animal will claim his mate without preamble, but Dalton fears Keenan will reject the panther.
Then, Keenan overhears a murder and becomes a target, forcing Dalton to put his heart on the line at all emotional costs. As he does his mating dance, Dalton is drawn deeper into the deadly conspiracy his mate stumbled into. However, the ferocious panther has no intentions of allowing himself or his mate to become victims of their deadly foe.
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Panther's Bite (MM)
13 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is my first time reading a book from E.A. Reynolds. I just love a new shifter series.

Keenan for awhile has had a major crush on Dalton. When Keenan is given the account to manage the Cactus District project and he will be working closely with Dalton. Keenan witness the murder of his friend Terry. Before Terry dies tells him that his father has found out something that could destroy everything, if a war is started. Dalton must protect his mate Keenan, while giving him time to get use to him being around. With all the attack happens against the Den, Keenan moves in with Dalton. What Keenan finds out about himself and what can start a full out war? Who will he trust to tell and how will he handle it.

Can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

The reason for a 4 hearts, is that the story was sometime hard to follow, the characters had no background and how they all fit in sometime was confusing.


This book was off to a great start for the series, hopefully in the next book. The characters will explain a little better.

virginia lee




Dalton McCall set the bottle of tea he was nursing back on the table in the quiet bar and grill of the Cast Iron Club. Seated with him were two of the senior members of the panther pride Haven Claw and its leader. The grim-faced men were gathered to discuss the anomaly occurring in their pride. In only the last three weeks two pride mates had been killed and they had no answers as they continued to work on the revitalization project that seemed to have sparked the murders.

“The humans haven’t come up with any answers,” Dalton said quietly. “And I doubt they truly give a damn about men being killed in the Cactus District in spite of the sudden interest in our project.”

The Cactus District was only one of three areas left in Peyton that the panthers hadn’t claimed as their territory until recently. Their decision to do so had been sparked by the fact that some of their pack members worked and chose to live in the neighborhood rather than in pride-run gated communities. Some of them, including himself, owned businesses here. Securing the neighborhood as well as finding the killer was even more important since one death was a random occurrence but two in the same area was a pattern.

“I agree,” Valentine Voss, their pride leader, said. Voss owned the construction company handling all of the revitalization projects in the Cactus District. “But we have to work in conjunction with the mortal police as you well know.”

He gave his pride leader an impatient grunt. They’d engaged a private detective, a panther, to look into the murders. “Well, what has Lawry found out?” He didn’t think they were taking a hard enough line, but his pride leader wouldn’t be swayed by a senior enforcer’s impatience. That’s why Voss was the leader and not him.

“Both Larry and Russ met with someone from a shadow company called Hoof a week before they were killed,” Voss said, his voice vibrating with tension. “The company wanted to buy their properties, but both men said no. I’ve talked to Terry, and he said he’s also been approached along with Russ’s daughter and wife.”

“The computer plays a part in pride security, but surely Hoof isn’t looking to break into pride homes. So, they might be interested in compromising our security for some reason,” Collen said with a deep frown.

“That might well be the case since the bookstore was just a bookstore and office for Larry’s part-time genealogy business,” Dalton said quietly.

“We need to beef up security since we’ve taken the district over,” Collen said. “We have to keep our people safe.”

“We need someone on each, on Peta and Terry at all times,” Dalton said. “Until we can ascertain exactly what Hoof’s endgame is.”

“I’m moving enforcers in tomorrow,” Voss told them. “The enforcer station was finished this evening. I’ll have it manned by six panthers at all times. Four of them will be actively running patrols in the neighborhood day and night.”

“You should beef up security here too,” Collen told Marcel Mendes, the mocha-skinned man who owned Cast Iron.

“I’ll get on it first thing in the morning,” Mendes agreed with a sharp nod. “Dalton you need to keep an eye on Terry.”

“I’ll contact him first thing in the morning,” Dalton murmured as his gaze fell on a five-foot-eleven-inch-tall man striding toward the bar with a male of the same height. He watched him take a seat, and turn to face his companion. Dalton liked the classic boy-next-door-good looks and his chocolate skin. Man and panther wanted to lick him up and play with his long black hair, which hung past his shoulders in black dreadlocks. “Does Lawry have any clue who owns Hoof?”

“Nothing is popping on Hoof,” Voss answered in an irritated tone.

“We could get Peta to run an in-depth computer search on them,” Collen said. “I’ll talk to her about it.”

“Probably a dummy company of some kind,” Dalton murmured. He throttled a purr that threatened to erupt as Keenan turned around and their eyes met. The boy was his mate, and he’d figured that out three months ago when he first met Keenan in the club.

He hadn’t done anything more than dance a few dances with him. He was going too slowly for the panther who craved its mate with a hunger that grew more vicious each day. However, there was just too much risk of Keenan rejecting him if he didn’t ease him into a relationship.

“It damn sure isn’t a real estate company or Dawg and I would recognize the name,” Collen told them.

Voss sighed deeply. “We’ll find them, but if this is just a few homophobes banded together to make trouble, then the PR campaign will smooth some things over with the city. And we’ll make damn sure they pay for Larry and Russ’s deaths.”




Dalton worked Keenan’s belt open as he kissed his neck. “I want to touch you.” He unfastened his pants and dragged the zipper down its track before pushing his hand down inside them to cup his ass. Dalton worked his hips in erotic circles grinding against Keenan.

Keenan let out a sizzling curse. He caught his lip between his teeth. It was going to be so damn good when Dalton did take him. “Sir, you feel good grinding against me. I can’t wait to get you inside me.”

Dalton lifted his head and looked down into Keenan’s eyes. “You’ll have to, darlin’,” he murmured as he pushed his hand down inside Keenan’s briefs to capture his swollen cock. “I don’t want the first time to be up against the door.”

IHe didn’t sound in any hurry to get in his pants, but it was obvious he wanted him. Maybe he should push him, force him to show a few of his cards. If they had sex tonight at least they’d have it out of their systems. At least, they’d be able to work without distractions.

Dalton worked his thumb over the tip of Keenan’s cock and swiped the drop of pre-cum and used it to ease the friction. Dalton gave his cock a slap. Keenan gasped. Dalton gave his cock a harder tap.

“Oh, yeah.” He licked his lips. Dalton’s hands were warm and callused, exciting him even further. “I like that.” He scraped his fingers over the back of Dalton’s neck. His hips pumped.

“I can’t wait to get you in my mouth,” Dalton murmured. “I’m going to suck you dry, sweetheart.”

Keenan grunted as Dalton worked him harder. He loved it. He was getting hotter with each commanding stroke and rough pull. “Kiss me, please, Sir?”

Dalton smiled. “You want my kiss?”

“Yes.” He panted. “Please.”

Dalton brushed his lips over Keenan’s. “The closer you get to coming the sweeter you taste.” He kissed Keenan’s top lip. “But don’t come yet.”

He pumped faster into Dalton’s hand. “Feels so good, it’s driving me crazy.” His eyes closed as heated sensation washed over him. He wasn’t going to last no matter how much he wanted to.

“You’re going to make me punish your cute little ass, aren’t you?” he crooned as he squeezed the base of Keenan’s cock. “I said not yet. Now, be good or I’ll make you turn around and spank you.”

He shivered at the thought. There was nothing sexier than a spanking and after what he’d just gone through a hand on his ass would be a welcome prelude to a hot wet dream tonight. “You’re making me hotter, Dalton.”

“Good,” he crooned as his thumb stroked over the mushroom head of Keenan’s cock. “Get rid of the tie and unbutton the shirt.”

Keenan was in a haze. He didn’t bother to question. He merely reached up and worked his tie free and left it hanging around his neck as he worked the buttons of his shirt free. He grunted as his cock was slapped hard. He didn’t normally enjoy too much cock and ball torture, but tonight it felt too good to call a halt to it.

Dalton blinked and Keenan stilled as he remembered what he was wearing beneath his shirt and pants. Black lace T-shirt with matching briefs. He’d wanted to feel sexy even though there was no one special in his life.


“I agree,” Dalton murmured. “I had hoped you’d have on nothing beneath. Do the briefs match?”

“Yes.” He averted his gaze and prepared for Dalton’s rejection but he felt a tug on the T-shirt and then heard it rip before Dalton’s lips skimmed over his shoulder.

Dalton licked a path down to his nipple and Keenan marveled at the slight sandpaper roughness of the moist tongue that quickly reignited the flame in his loins. He pushed his fingers into Dalton’s hair and groaned as his tongue curled around his nipple, lashed it. Sharp teeth played over the areola before Dalton sucked the tiny aching point into his mouth.

Keenan panted, his head thrashed against the wall. He whimpered as wave after wave of bliss washed over him like a flood. “Dalton!” The word was a whispered plea for more as desire throbbed inside him.

The sharp pinch of his nipple had him crying out. It felt so good he was losing himself in the sensations.

Dalton turned his attention to the other nipple and laved it before giving it a light slap and then sucking it. Keenan pushed a hand into his hair and tugged the short strands. He heard the soft approving moan as Dalton’s soft lips trailed kisses down to his stomach where his tongue teased Keenan’s navel.

“Yes.” He groaned softly. This would be the only time he allowed his weakness for this man to rule him. His eyes slid closed as Dalton took the head into his hot mouth. Keenan’s hips jerked from the sensual caress of the roughness of Dalton’s tongue.

Dalton closed one hand around the shaft as he sucked Keenan’s cock deeper into his mouth. Keenan looked down at him, watched as his damp flesh slid from Dalton’s lips before vanishing back into his mouth. The sight pushed his arousal higher.

He pumped his hips fucking into Dalton’s mouth. He threw his head back, eyes closed, reveling in the heat and suction. “Fuck, you’re killing me!” He groaned harshly. He clenched his fingers tighter in Dalton’s hair as a ragged moan fell from his lips.

“You taste good, baby,” Dalton murmured then licked down the shaft to the tight balls. He licked over one orb then the other before drawing it into his mouth.

Keenan groaned. “Sir, suck my cock,” he whispered. He was going to go up in flames. “Suck it.”

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