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I’m an optimist who spends her days dreaming about possible new books and the characters that will become the stories. I also love to read paranormal romance novels, but I’m a big fan of the Dresden Files novels as well as Harry Potter books. I also have an interest in psychic abilities and the possible numerous ways in which they could be used in daily life. However, when I’m not daydreaming about new characters and sexy scenes I could write, or reading a new book, I’m writing.

I’m a Northern born, Southern raised city girl with a degree in communications. I’m single with no children but writing is my first love and continues to dominate my life.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career as a novelist?

A: I was creative as a child, loved to read. However, when I was a junior in high school AP English, my teacher used two of my stories for the school paper. I was thrilled about that. Then, an assignment I had to write for class was entered into a contest, and I had no idea until I got an honorable mention. It was then I decided I would love to write for a living. Also reading Lora Leigh’s first three Breed novels gave me more confidence to go for it. 


Q: Who is your favorite writer or writers?

A: My favorite writers are Jane Austen because she wrote with wit and a vivacity that makes me laugh. The heroines are often strong spirited even in the face of adversity. Also Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series. The psychic element is intriguing, but the animal shifters are even sexy and the stories are often more about the emotional edge of romance. And I love Lora Leigh’s Breeds and Elite Ops. Steamy scenes and passionate women. She has the brooding male down pat.


Q: Which of these writers inspire you the most and why?

A: I’d have to say all three authors inspire me because they each have elements of their story-telling style that I’d love to emulate.


Q: How do you create your story? Do you use an outline?

A: I love to just write once I’ve decided on a basic story concept and the characters. Especially the characters. Once I have the heroine and hero’s names picked out and what will be the major conflict that brings them together, I don’t think much about how they get there. I just start writing and let my imagination take me where it will. After I have the first seven chapters, then I like to think through what I have, see what acts more finely define the characters, what scenes make sense. Then, I rewrite and move on. I don’t rewrite again until the manuscript is finished because for me the first six chapters are going to define the rest of the novel.


Q: Besides reading, what do you do in your spare time that helps clear your head and unwind?

A: I love to cook. I’m nothing fantastic in the kitchen, but I have a few specialties that I love to play around with. Photography is a minor hobby that I’m developing a renewed interest in as well. However, the biggest thing I do that helps me unwind is hanging out with my mom. She makes me laugh and we have plenty of fun together.


Q: Have you ever been involved in an interracial relationship?

A: I have been involved in a few interracial relationships, and I’ve found that guys who want to be in a relationship outside of their race are comfortable in their skin around me. The alpha guys will always go for it, like alphas do. The biggest problem with the relationship is never race in my experience. The baggage and character flaws that we always bring into a relationship cause the breakup just like any other relationship. I’m not saying race or color or culture doesn’t exist, just that it’s not a determining factor in how the relationship goes.

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