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1st time reading this author. I liked the concept and overall world building. There is a lot of promise there. The tone of the story though, confusing. The story started out very seriously, with Max and is warriors escaping his traitorous uncle, Max's kingdom destroyed and he and his knaves regrouping for revenge. It was all very dramatic and compelling and I was hooked early on. But then the story got way off track IMO. The urgency and drama disappeared once the men got temporary asylum. The tone did a 180 turn. There was a lot of joking around and comical moments. It felt very strange & out of place given the their circumstances. The sex was hot and I really liked the love the men showed for each other. However a lot of the sex scenes, while hot, were tinged with humor and anatomical jokes which....really? In such a serious situation? Eh, I was expecting more....life & death, lust & desperation I guess, instead I'd jokes. Another example of weird tone: Max saves the life of his friend's child, who is dying. In order to save the child, Max tells the mother she must use some of her own life force to save the child and it would mean she would'nt be able to have more children. She agrees: the child is saved. Pretty dramatic & emotional right? So why then, 2 pages later (in the same scene!) is the mother is joking and giggling, like nothing ever happened? I had to do a double take. Very inconsistent. Finally, and I have to say this b/c it keeps popping up in a lot of Siren books lately, the OVERUSE of exclamation marks. It's like the characters are always SHOUTING. The overuse started around the middle of the book and got progressively worse. I feel bad blaming the author since this should've been corrected in Editing. And since the problem was progressive, that, to me could be a sign of lazy editing. Anyway, I know it seems I had a lot of complaints, but I will say, despite the flaws, I did like many aspects of the story, definitely liked the characters, and I would try Book 2. I feel like there is a lot of potential here, and with some tightening of the story and tone (and less exclamations) this series could be very good series.

Reviewed by: SoCalReader (Date: 03/02/2015)
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