Hyrruld Warriors 1: Through the Tapestry (LoveXtreme)

Hyrruld Warriors 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,965
11 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Sci-Fi Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
King Maxon and Sol of the Hyrruld system, escape mortal peril with their five dragon knaves after Max's kingdom is destroyed by civil war. 
Their escape through the Tapestry takes them into another dimension, a strange world inhabited by giants.
The mate bond is triggered, needing Max to complete the intimate ritual with each of his powerful dragon warriors, a task he hungers for as he takes them all into his bed…and eventually his heart. 
In a strange new world dominated by flesh-eating giant slugs and gargantuan felines, he finally forges an eternal bond which will see his legacy secured. 
In the loving embrace of his sexy mates Max finds solace and discovers the love, tenderness, and passion he has always longed for and begins a journey to reclaim his kingdom, avenge his people and return with his mates to take back what he has lost.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Hyrruld Warriors 1: Through the Tapestry (LoveXtreme)
11 Ratings (4.4)

Hyrruld Warriors 1: Through the Tapestry (LoveXtreme)

Hyrruld Warriors 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,965
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
1st time reading this author. I liked the concept and overall world building. There is a lot of promise there. The tone of the story though, confusing. The story started out very seriously, with Max and is warriors escaping his traitorous uncle, Max's kingdom destroyed and he and his knaves regrouping for revenge. It was all very dramatic and compelling and I was hooked early on. But then the story got way off track IMO. The urgency and drama disappeared once the men got temporary asylum. The tone did a 180 turn. There was a lot of joking around and comical moments. It felt very strange & out of place given the their circumstances. The sex was hot and I really liked the love the men showed for each other. However a lot of the sex scenes, while hot, were tinged with humor and anatomical jokes which....really? In such a serious situation? Eh, I was expecting more....life & death, lust & desperation I guess, instead I'd jokes. Another example of weird tone: Max saves the life of his friend's child, who is dying. In order to save the child, Max tells the mother she must use some of her own life force to save the child and it would mean she would'nt be able to have more children. She agrees: the child is saved. Pretty dramatic & emotional right? So why then, 2 pages later (in the same scene!) is the mother is joking and giggling, like nothing ever happened? I had to do a double take. Very inconsistent. Finally, and I have to say this b/c it keeps popping up in a lot of Siren books lately, the OVERUSE of exclamation marks. It's like the characters are always SHOUTING. The overuse started around the middle of the book and got progressively worse. I feel bad blaming the author since this should've been corrected in Editing. And since the problem was progressive, that, to me could be a sign of lazy editing. Anyway, I know it seems I had a lot of complaints, but I will say, despite the flaws, I did like many aspects of the story, definitely liked the characters, and I would try Book 2. I feel like there is a lot of potential here, and with some tightening of the story and tone (and less exclamations) this series could be very good series.




The trek through the alien world was strange, to say the least. If anyone would have told Sol he would be sitting atop a gigantic black panther who could communicate telepathically, he would have laughed long and loud. He wasn’t laughing right now.

His seat atop the gigantic black panther named Myre caused a lot of emotions, but amusement was definitely not one of them. Atop this high perch, he wouldn’t exactly say he felt safe and secure. For all he knew, Myre was taking them all for lunch for his family. He loved Max, but the man could be naïve at times. Sol was prepared for anything, not understanding how the other knaves could be so relaxed about the situation.

Perhaps it had something to do with the bond. Max trusted this creature, so through their connection they felt no need to be wary. Sol had other ideas. He trusted no one. After the past few weeks of tragedy and betrayal, he could not afford to let down his guard.

So, you think I will be dining on you and your companions this day, dragon knave?

Sol jerked in surprise as the growling voice sounded in his head.

Scowling he sent a glare to the top of Myre’s furry head, right between his silky black ears.

Laughter sounded in his head and he scowled even more fiercely.

Dragon knave, I understand your concerns but you have nothing to fear from me. Should you harm or attempt harm to any of my clan, however… The threat was left open-ended, and Sol sneered, ignoring the dart of fear. This was not their world, and judging by the size of the inhabitants, they were the smallest of the small. Even the insects were bigger than they were!

Sol rarely felt insignificant, his ego far too healthy to ever feel that way. Here, for the first time he realised he may not have all the answers and may not be able to protect Max should things go badly.

Knave, your clan are no threat to me and my clan. Your king has great courage, despite his puny size.

Sol snorted at this, since while Max was definitely the smallest, he was by no means puny. His frame was leanly muscular, his abs ripped and his arms strong. Sol imagined other parts of Max’s body. The nicely plump cock which hung between his thighs had Sol’s mouth-watering, since it was long and thick and tasted delicious.

Knave! I can really do without the graphic imagery there! I am a happily mated feline with eight fine offspring. I have no need to be presented with pictures of another male’s cock…however thick and delicious!

Sol blushed furiously, then scowled again.

“Perhaps if you would be so kind as to stop invading my thoughts, you would not have to suffer images of Max’s beautiful cock!”

There was dead silence for a full second before Myre began literally roaring with laughter. All of the knaves and Max were staring at Sol, who belatedly realised he had uttered the sentence aloud.

“Beautiful cock, is it? Our esteemed alpha appears to be daydreaming!” Shimmer gave Sol a wide grin, orange eyes glinting like flames.

Max chuckled, then winked at his alpha knave. “Well, it’s nice to know I’m appreciated…or parts of me anyway!”

More laughter followed, before a barrage of teasing at Sol’s expense. Trying to defend himself, Sol finally gave up and laughed along with them.

“Myre, quit teasing my mate!” Max scolded the big cat who didn’t seem the least bit phased. Why should he? He was top predator here. Who would have thought a cat would outgrow a dragon? Huh!

The teasing continued until they saw the trees begin to thin, leading to a large meadow with grass as tall as Max. Padding lithely along, Myre moved along a narrow trail, his massive head easily clearing the tips of the grass stems.

On the other side of the meadow, a tunnel opened up, disappearing underground. Myre gave no warning as he dropped his shoulders and head, lifted his hindquarters and tipped his passengers all off onto the dusty ground at the tunnel’s entrance.

Squealing, Max rolled to the ground, landing on his back then squealing some more as the others piled on top.

Myre, of course, was highly entertained as he sank back on his haunches, licking one large paw lazily, his long black tail flicking from side to side. His sapphire eyes sparkled as he sat there watching as his erstwhile passengers unscrambled themselves and got to their feet. Everyone glared at Myre, who gave a sniff of disdain before gesturing with his head into the tunnel.

The group exchanged glances, since the tunnel was very dark and relatively small.

Well, really. I suppose you expect me to go first? Myre’s haughty amusement sounded in everyone’s head before with a sudden shiver he transformed from a gigantic feline into a humanoid form.




Max awoke to find his face buried in an armpit. A sweaty, hairless armpit. While not unpleasant smelling, it had him wrinkling his nose slightly. Easing away, he inhaled the delicious aroma of masculinity which seemed to seep into his pores. A powerfully muscled arm held him firmly, anchored around his waist and pressing him against a large and very warm male chest.

Lifting his head and blinking golden eyes sleepily, he viewed the stunning array of muscles spread out before him. A virtual banquet rippled with each slow breath, just begging for him to glide his tongue over each dip and ridge. Licking his lips, his gaze drifted lower to encompass the sleek abdomen equally as devoid of hair as the rest of the torso. There was the faint sheen of golden scales just below the surface of the skin, which formed into a narrow v further south.

Hungrily, his golden gaze fixed on the loose cotton shorts which covered the masculine bulge. Even in repose, the length of the man’s cock was impressive. The cotton material was thin and did nothing to hide the shape. Max couldn’t prevent the slight whimper of desire which escaped him. He really, really wanted a taste of that thick monster.

He whimpered again as the cotton began to shift, tenting outward as the monster beneath swelled to fully engorged glory. A hand came up to cup the back of his head, tangling in the silky dark blue hair which fell in a slightly mussed wave to just below his shoulders.

Gently but firmly, the hand tipped his head and his eyes locked with a pair of beautiful violet eyes which shone like jewels. Desire mixed with a deep anguish, and Max felt his heart clench.

“Don’t.” Max whispered hoarsely, trying to pull away from the temptation. He didn’t think he could stand it if Sol rejected him again. With all that had happened, the last thing he needed was for his best friend to play games with his emotions.

The hand at his nape tightened briefly then moved, cupping his jaw. A calloused thumb rubbed gently against his cheek, the violet gaze softening slightly. Sol blinked once, and the anguish left, to leave only raw desire and a yearning which had Max tensing in anticipation.

“One night with you was never enough.” Sol spoke softly, his deep voice sending shivers of desire along Max’s spine. He closed his eyes against the memories of the night two years ago, just before he graduated from the Academy. Max remembered the same sensual scent of Sol’s skin in his nostrils and the salty taste of his skin under his tongue.

A firm hand now cupped Max’s taut butt, massaging the soft globes gently and Max shuddered at the feel of those strong fingers so close to his clenching hole. His lower half was encased in loose-weave pyjama bottoms, but the searing heat of Sol’s touch still burned like he’d been branded. Involuntarily, reacting to the stimulus, his hips moved in a dry hump against Sol’s thigh. His cock hardened to rock-hard attention.

Groaning softly, Sol tightened his grip on Max’s jaw and pulled Max up to lie prone atop his big body, his head descending to meet those soft inviting lips which parted in anticipation. Like a butterfly’s wing, Sol’s lips touched Max’s and they both sighed with pleasure. Max tasted Sol’s breath, the heated moisture a heady brew. A slick tongue explored the outer curves of Max’s plump lips. Max gave a whimper, parting his lips to invite further intimacy.

Taking advantage of the open lips, Sol swept his tongue inside. Tasting Max delicately, he made forays inside in an investigation, which soon amped up into a passionate lip lock. Soon both men were panting, Max rocking steadily against Sol.

Max’s fingers began to move, sliding along the ridges and valleys of Sol’s fantastic torso. His own personal man toy that he could spend hours playing with. This time, however, he was searching for a quick release of passions pent up over many years. No way would he let Sol devastate his heart again. That’s what he told himself, anyway. Finding his target, he slid his hand over the thick wedge of aroused flesh surrounded by soft cotton.

Sol bucked against his hand and Max felt the dampness as Sol leaked pre-cum steadily from his aching cock. The vibration of a guttural grunt of pleasure quivered against Max’s lips.

“I need you,” Max whispered into Sol’s delicious mouth. “Is this what you want? If you don’t, we need to stop now. I can’t go through any more pain right now. ”

Sol gave a low growl, then gasped as Max’s hand slipped beneath the waistband of the shorts and began stroking the thick cock beneath. Naturally lubricated with the pre-cum oozing from the tip, Sol was soon pumping his hips against the sensations shooting from his cock to his balls and sending every nerve ending his body possessed into zinging life.

“I’ve always wanted this.” Sol spoke softly, his voice a deep rumble. “I should never have let you go.”

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