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Bastion escape from his cell by killing the guard, he finds Leo and they both try to escape Lawrence territory, they succeeded with the help of the “cavalry” of Roarke pack. After they came back to Roarke territory Leo finally claims Bastion and tell his secret and his reason for not claiming Bastion. I love this book, it was written differently then other storied with the same theme or even in this series because I felt that the story begin with an end. The book is about what happen to the character and their environment after the claim. Most books with this theme focus on how the alpha tried to "wow" the omega or it is about how they meet. But in this story it's more about what happen after they meet and claim. I felt bad that this story has so little pages I had hope it will be a little more because I love the main charterer. I loved that it was more realistic and different than usual. Roarke being jealous and insecure felt very real, Leo being a bottom or Bastion not being the “lady in distress” like some of the omega appears to be and more demanding. Anjelica from http://mmbooksreviews.com/

Reviewed by: Anjelica (Date: 10/19/2013)
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