[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, time travel, werewolves, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]
Leo O’Neil was captured while trying to rescue his mate, Bastion Dane, from enemy territory. Weak and trapped, he almost loses hope of escape until Bastion rushes into his cell and rescues him!
It wasn’t exactly the way he’d planned for this to go down, but he’ll take it, and now they have to get out of enemy territory before they’re caught again, separated, and killed.
Even when they make it to safety, Leo has some bad news to break to Bastion. The reason why he avoided his mate, and avoided claiming him for so long, is because Leo doesn’t belong in Bastion’s timeline. To claim him, to be with him and build a family with him, will mean that he can never return to his time, and giving up the revenge that he’s wanted for his entire life, and he’s not sure if he loves Bastion enough to do that.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Claim Me (MM)
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Bastion escape from his cell by killing the guard, he finds Leo and they both try to escape Lawrence territory, they succeeded with the help of the “cavalry” of Roarke pack. After they came back to Roarke territory Leo finally claims Bastion and tell his secret and his reason for not claiming Bastion.

I love this book, it was written differently then other storied with the same theme or even in this series because I felt that the story begin with an end. The book is about what happen to the character and their environment after the claim.
Most books with this theme focus on how the alpha tried to "wow" the omega or it is about how they meet.

But in this story it's more about what happen after they meet and claim. I felt bad that this story has so little pages I had hope it will be a little more because I love the main charterer.

I loved that it was more realistic and different than usual. Roarke being jealous and insecure felt very real, Leo being a bottom or Bastion not being the “lady in distress” like some of the omega appears to be and more demanding.

Anjelica from http://mmbooksreviews.com/
I definitely liked the way the author handled Leo and Bastion. Granted, the whole time travel paradox is, well, not addressed really at all, but I can live with it in order to get what I call my "brain candy".
Again, the sex was super hot, but the emotional parts between Westley and Roarke, plus Ash and David really made this book stand out for me.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"More revelations about the time travel business and its effects on Leo made this twelfth book of the series fascinating to me. After having learned a little more about Eli in the last volume, interesting details were added about Leo and his reasons for taking the demon's amulet to help him try to prevent the disaster that befell Roarke's pack in his timeline. But that was only half the fascination for me, the other half came from Leo's slowly building relationship with Bastion. Bastion, as a luna omega wolf, has felt the effects of being denied by his mate even more keenly than Leo has. But he is one feisty man! He stands up for himself, manages to rescue Leo, then proceeds to remain dominant even in the bedroom. Leo enjoys this as much as Bastion does, much to their mutual surprise and delight. The deep fear bastion has about Leo returning to his own timeline, leaving Bastion behind, is not so easily conquered, and Bastion is not afraid to confront Leo with the decision he ahs to make: the revenge he has wanted for so long or a life with Bastion and becoming a part of Roarke's pack. Leo may have set out to rescue Bastion, but ends up being rescued by him. Not to be deterred, he has decided to finally claim bastion as his ate – even though it takes them a while to complete the full claiming ritual. Meanwhile, they have a lot of fun in the bedroom, but the purpose of Leo's trip to the past keeps niggling at him. He is determined to kill Lawrence, the source of the disaster in his timeline, and Bud as well, while he is at it. It takes a confrontation with Roarke, the revelation of who he and Eli are, and a difficult decision before he realizes what’s really important. If you like shifter stories where time travel muddies the waters to the point you might get a headache from all the potential paradoxes, if you enjoy reading about mates who are desperately drawn to each other but one of them consistently denies the other to the point both are weakened, and if you're looking for a story with lots of hot action between the sheets as they finally give in and let their desires rule, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Leo’s ears perked, and just in case there was a camera on him, he stayed as still as he possible could. He didn’t even attempt to move as he heard the footsteps outside of his door come closer and closer.

They were soft, as if whoever was on the other side was walking barefoot.

That was normal. Not all werewolves liked wearing shoes if they didn’t have to. It made getting pants and other clothes off faster so they could shift without the constraint of clothes that might not shred.

Leo didn’t even look at the reinforced door that was in front of him. He kept his head down and used his ears as whoever was on the other side inserted a key into the lock and turned it.

Lawrence most likely. Probably coming to try and beat some sense into him for coming alone. Again.

That was fine, because this time when the man came in, Leo was going to play it cool and wait for him to get close enough so that Leo could sink his teeth into the man’s throat.

“Leon!” The word was whispered, but it could have been screamed for the way it made Leo’s head snap up.

Bastion was there in the doorway, and he left it open as he ran to where Leo was and fell to his knees, putting his arms around Leo’s shoulders.

“Oh my God, they said they caught someone and I didn’t know it was you!” Bastion said.

Leo moaned as Bastion grabbed his face in both hands and pressed a hard to kiss to his chapped lips. Leo hadn’t been able to smell who was on the other side of the heavy door, but now that Bastion was in here with him, his scent was just flying up Leo’s nose, and strength and energy were rushing into him, healing all of his smaller wounds and making him feel like he could burst through the walls of this damn room.

He had to push Bastion away from him when he felt the man’s tongue against his lips, even though it made the other man moan in disappointment. “How did you escape? How did you get here?”

He had to know, and he also began looking Bastion over for any signs of mistreatment. His ransom note had been written in his own blood.

It was difficult because he was wearing clothes. Just a t-shirt and a pair of grey joggers. Nothing else. Bastion had been captured while in wolf form out in the woods, so someone must’ve given him the clothes to wear.

Bastion bit his bottom lip. He looked like he didn’t want to say anything, but of course he did. “Someone came into my cell to tell me you’d been captured. I didn’t specifically know it was you, but definitely someone from the pack.”

Interesting, since Leo wasn’t an actual member of Roarke’s pack.

“I don’t really know what happened. I just lost it. I attacked the guard. I felt so weak before so I don’t know how I got the energy for it, but he didn’t expect it and...”

Bastion trailed off and pulled his hands away from Leo’s face. That was about when he noticed that there was blood under his fingernails. It looked like he’d tried to wash it all off his hands, but there was still some caked in between the ridges of his fingerprints.

“I tried to get it all off. I didn’t shift entirely either. Just my hands. I got claws really fast and they were in his throat and I couldn’t stop myself. I took his keys and I came here. They said you would be here.”

Leo wrapped his arms around Bastion’s shoulders and pulled the man close. Bastion stopped babbling when Leo held onto him like that, and his returning hug was so tight that in the heat of the room, Leo was starting to have breathing troubles again.

He pulled away from the other man and had to look him in the eyes. “I’m so sorry you had to do that. You shouldn’t have had to do that,” Leo said. If he’d been doing his job right. He would have been the one to go to Bastion’s rescue, and an omega wouldn’t have had to deal with the trauma of killing another man. “Everything’s going to be okay now. We’re getting out of here.”

Bastion’s eyes were shining, and he kissed Leo again.

Fuck, Bastion tasted good. Already Leo’s dick was hard and ready, an annoyance between his legs that was standing up as if it was looking at them and trying to call out for attention.

Yeah, well, not now. That was going to have to wait because as kinky and exciting as it would be to have sex while still on the enemy’s property, that was just a little bit too dangerous for his liking.

“Can you walk?” Bastion asked, and he helped Leo to his feet.

Leo groaned when he was up, but any shakes or weakness he’d previously felt were gone now that he was with Bastion. “Yeah, I’m good,” he said, and he shook out his body a little anyway, letting his muscles breathe just to be sure there was nothing wrong with him.

“What about you?”

“Me?” Bastion asked, and then he smiled. “I’m fine now.”

“Bastion, Lawrence wrote Roarke a note in your blood,” Leo said, and he was still looking his mate over, trying to determine if there was any place on him that wasn’t quite right. The clothes were covering him up for the most part, and Bastion’s natural scent was so overpowering that he’d barely scented the blood that was dried to his hands.

“Oh, that,” Bastion said, and he lifted his dark t-shirt up just enough to expose his slim stomach.

Leo hissed at the sight of a nasty looking bite mark that was curled around his side.




“I’m not going to deny you,” Leo said, and because he just couldn’t resist it, he dipped his head a little lower and breathed in Bastion’s scent through his nose. He smelled deeply along his neck, and the scent of his warm blood and lust was so heady and wonderful. It made his dick swell even more. “Clearly, I don’t want to deny you anymore,” he said, glancing down between them.

Bastion did the same, and his cheeks actually turned a little red at the sight of Leo’s dick. “Then what are you doing?”

“This,” Leo said, and he quickly slid down Bastion’s body, pulling the man’s underwear with him until it was at his knees, and he sucked the man’s dick into his mouth before Bastion could even utter a word.

Bastion’s body shivered, and Leo took it as a sort of personal victory when Bastion’s hips immediately thrust upward into his mouth and his body shivered. Yeah, that was right. He was the one doing this to his mate, and he was the only one who would ever do this to him. No one else was ever going to touch him, or hurt him, or anything.

“Holy fuck. Jesus Christ, Leon, yes,” Bastion said, and then his fingers were threaded in Leo’s hair and gripping it tightly. It hurt, but not so much that Leo was ready to stop. He kind of liked it, if he was being honest with himself.

“Right there, just like that. Holy Christ, your tongue, yeah,” Bastion said, and it seemed like he’d lost the filter between his brain and his mouth as long as his dick was inside of Leo’s mouth.

Bastion was inside of Leo. Leo could taste his mate’s pre-cum, and he could feel the energy exchange between them, as well as the strength that was rushing through his body. He was sending all of his energy and strength back to Bastion, wanting his mate to heal, and knowing that he would so long as they stayed connected.

Okay, yeah, fine, maybe he was also being a little selfish about this too, because he’d wanted this for so long. He wanted to fuck Bastion, to claim him and put his scent all over the man so that no one would ever be able to so much as look at him without knowing that there was an alpha somewhere who had his back.

Leo didn’t want Bastion moving so much, so he kept his hands on the man’s hips, preventing him from thrusting into his mouth. Bastion made a noise of protest at that, but it was basically tough luck. There was no way Leo was going to let his mate hurt himself by humping into his mouth, not when that wound on his side had been so bloody and gruesome the last time he’d seen it.

“L–Leon, oh fuck, I’m coming,” Bastion said.

Leo already knew that, and it was exactly what he wanted, too. He wanted his mate’s cock inside of him, and his cum inside of him, too. If he couldn’t fuck the man then he at least wanted to make sure that Bastion’s essence was inside of him.

That was exactly when the invisible lightbulb above Leo’s head clicked on. If he was too afraid to claim Bastion and take the topping position, then Bastion was going to be the one to fuck him.

That didn’t sound all that bad, actually. In fact, he loved the idea once it got into this head.

It made him suck harder on Bastion’s cock, and warmth flooded his mouth as Bastion’s fingers gripped his hair tightly as he came.

He couldn’t move his hips because Leo wouldn’t let him, but that didn’t stop him from twisting his head from side to side and moving his chest.

Leo was a little worried about that, so he pulled his mouth away even before Bastion’s dick had the chance to go soft. “Are you all right?” he asked, and he looked down at the white bandages that were wrapped around his middle, searching for any visible signs that the bleeding hard started up again.

The white wasn’t being stained with red, and Leo certainly couldn’t smell anything.

Bastion had a satisfied smile on his face. His dark eyes were half lidded, and he was staring up at the ceiling with his long hair all messed up because the way he’d been turning his head this way and that on the pillow.

Leo had never seen anything so sexy in his life. It was seriously like he was looking at his sexual fantasy come to life.

Bastion even let out a little purr of contentment. “That was all kinds of awesome,” he said.

“Do you always talk like a teenager?” Leo said. Not that he minded. He kind of liked it.

“Young at heart,” Bastion said, grinning down at him with that same lazy I just got laid look on his face. “It’s not my fault you’re old, either.”

Technically, Bastion was older than he was.

“Where do you keep your lube?” Leo asked.

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