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The First Order (MFM) by Peyton Elizabeth (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: BDSM, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre

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OK SO I met this amazing author and kinda fell in love with her sweet personality and fun, sassy side. I was the lucky winner of her basket at the Romancing the Plaza signing I went to in Kansas City, MO. After chatting with her, I knew I had to finish what I was reading and dive into her BDSM book...peps I was reading YA before this book so talk about 360 in reading directions...LOL Where do I even begin? I loved the concept of this novel for starters. I think it is a cool idea that there is a "secret" business that can match up a submissive (either novice or experienced) with dominates....plural as in menage baby!!! So here is the low down, Becca is outta work and her boyfriend says she is a freak for wanting to be tied up and spanked. Well Kennedy (the woman who runs Safeword) overhears her convo and gives her a business card. Becca goes on line and submits an application. She shows up for her interview not knowing that brothers Ross and Lane are watching. They see Becca as PERFECT!!! She has zero training and they are so excited to work with her. Now Lane is kinda the uptight of the 2 brothers where as Ross is care free. I definitely was attracted to Ross at first but once Lane let his fears be known I warmed toward him totally. Becca is a typical woman who is soooo not happy with her body. She isn't model skinny and has curves a plenty. The guys love it about her but her insecurities defo cause her some troubles. I think the men do their best to reassure her but typical woman, she still hates on her body image. So throughout this novel Becca gets into "trouble" and the men are there to "train" he to be their perfect sub. When the relationship seems to be working in the right and positive way Lane is a jackass and screws things up. Good think Kennedy isn't afraid to yell at the dominate to make him do everything to get Becca back. I have to say I enjoyed the way the author wrote the story. She would set up a scene and then the chapter would end and it would be hours later. Becca would then flashback to the scene that was being built up. I enjoyed this because you can get to the meat of a situation that way. Anyway that is just my 2 cents. Well I was messaging the author to say "SQUEE I finished" which was quickly followed by "Who is next?" There is a bit of a set up and I was glad I was correct. The author told me that the next book is due out May 31st but pre-orders will be around the 20th.

Reviewed by: Angiebabe1974 (Date: 05/10/2013)
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