The First Order (MFM)

Safeword LLC 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,205
51 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, flogging, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Becca Schuler has always fantasized about bondage, but does that really make her depraved? According to an ex-boyfriend, it does.

After losing her job, and with no way to pay her rent, Becca hits a local bar to drown her sorrows. The last thing she expects is to meet a mysterious woman who assures that she can make Becca’s dream a reality. Is there really a company called Safeword LLC that places submissive women with dominant men per their preferences on a simple application?

Knowing she has nothing to lose, Becca fills out the form on Her placement lands her in the sensual and strict hands of Lane and Ross Ellison, who train her to be their ideal submissive. But when Becca’s fear of not being perfect weaves its way into their lives, she sets out to be just that and unknowingly risks losing it all.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Peyton Elizabeth is a Siren-exclusive author.

The First Order (MFM)
51 Ratings (4.6)

The First Order (MFM)

Safeword LLC 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,205
51 Ratings (4.6)
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OK SO I met this amazing author and kinda fell in love with her sweet personality and fun, sassy side. I was the lucky winner of her basket at the Romancing the Plaza signing I went to in Kansas City, MO. After chatting with her, I knew I had to finish what I was reading and dive into her BDSM book...peps I was reading YA before this book so talk about 360 in reading directions...LOL

Where do I even begin? I loved the concept of this novel for starters. I think it is a cool idea that there is a "secret" business that can match up a submissive (either novice or experienced) with dominates....plural as in menage baby!!! So here is the low down, Becca is outta work and her boyfriend says she is a freak for wanting to be tied up and spanked. Well Kennedy (the woman who runs Safeword) overhears her convo and gives her a business card. Becca goes on line and submits an application. She shows up for her interview not knowing that brothers Ross and Lane are watching. They see Becca as PERFECT!!! She has zero training and they are so excited to work with her. Now Lane is kinda the uptight of the 2 brothers where as Ross is care free. I definitely was attracted to Ross at first but once Lane let his fears be known I warmed toward him totally.

Becca is a typical woman who is soooo not happy with her body. She isn't model skinny and has curves a plenty. The guys love it about her but her insecurities defo cause her some troubles. I think the men do their best to reassure her but typical woman, she still hates on her body image. So throughout this novel Becca gets into "trouble" and the men are there to "train" he to be their perfect sub. When the relationship seems to be working in the right and positive way Lane is a jackass and screws things up. Good think Kennedy isn't afraid to yell at the dominate to make him do everything to get Becca back.

I have to say I enjoyed the way the author wrote the story. She would set up a scene and then the chapter would end and it would be hours later. Becca would then flashback to the scene that was being built up. I enjoyed this because you can get to the meat of a situation that way. Anyway that is just my 2 cents.

Well I was messaging the author to say "SQUEE I finished" which was quickly followed by "Who is next?" There is a bit of a set up and I was glad I was correct. The author told me that the next book is due out May 31st but pre-orders will be around the 20th.
WOW, just WOW....
I absolutely loved this book and suspect that the author left herself room to grow in perhaps a sequel or two....Very nice to see that there are still some writers around that can put together a story and keep it going....for a couple of hundred pages...
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Peyton Elizabeth has created a new series that takes you beyond the standard world of Doms and subs. She takes you into the relationship that comes with the building of trust of all parties involved. She shows that it's more than about who does what to whom and more than about pain or punishment. Becca has always had a desire for more than vanilla sex, but when an ex-boyfriend calls her wish to be tied up depraved, she starts to think he's right. And yet she wants to try the lifestyle just once. After getting fired from her job and commiserating with a co-worker over drinks, her tongue get loose and she lets the tidbit slip. Her conversation is overheard by Kennedy Van Camp, owner of Safeword LLC. Handing Becca a business card, Kennedy tells her that she can help her find what she needs. Does Becca have the courage? Twins Lane and Ross have shared everything their whole lives. This includes their BDSM lifestyle and sharing women. But they're looking for more than a sub. They want THE sub, the one that will complete their lives and be their love. But they need the real Becca and not the sub whose need to be the perfect sub stifles who she really is. When an incident happens that shakes Ross and Lane's trust in Becca, Lane accuses her of betraying them, and she uses her safe-word, ending their ménage. Because trust is supposed to go both ways, isn't it? It takes the help of friends, Kennedy and time for Becca to see she may have safe-worded too soon. And Lane and Ross should have taken a different approach to the problem. The author takes you through the trial and tribulations of the building relationship between the three of them. She gives a beautiful look beyond what most books do about just the sexual aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. Her characters are well rounded and beautifully written. This is a story well worth reading. I'm looking forward to more from this author." -- Laurie P, The Romance Reviews

GoldenAngel.jpg5 ANGELS: "I must confess, this story was suggested to me by a friend, as she knows I've read a plethora of BDSM tales. Before today, however, I hadn't even heard of Peyton Elizabeth. After recently reading a wildly delicious (and popular) series of financially successful dominants who find their perfect-for-them submissives, I was dubious, certain that nothing could top that collection of stories. But, the blurb intrigued me, as did the quietly elegant website. Once I began reading this story, I simply couldn't put it down. Becca enthralled me, coming into her own, being able to finally articulate her needs. Lane and Ross were a perfect blend of funny and serious, mellow and Type A. As a dominant duo, they were a force to be reckoned with. They blew across Becca's senses, overwhelming her and sending her through the heights of bliss. There was a time when I was uncertain of their happy ending, but upon reading that there was hope for them after all, I became tearful, not only grateful that there was a happy ending but for the way this trio found it. This story is the beginning of is sure to be a ridiculously popular series. It far exceeded my expectations, that's for sure and is heartily recommended." --Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews




5 HANDCUFFS: "Sensual, sexy and stimulation overload describe Peyton Elizabeth’s new novel, The First Order, Safeword LLC. The First Order finds Becca Schuler walking through the doors of Safeword LLC, where the perfect matches are made for a submissive and Dominants. Becca has always known that vanilla sex was not for her and decided to take a chance when an elegantly clad business woman approached her in a café and handed her a business card that would change her vision of the world. Becca is introduced and placed in the very capable hands of twin brothers and Doms, Ross and Lane Ellison. Together the three negotiate and explore the relationship they all desire and need. Peyton Elizabeth took this reader to new heights as I read the book completely captivated and absorbed in the characters. Ms. Peyton Elizabeth’s description of Becca created a beautiful soul that desired true love and understanding, while allowing herself to be fully vested in the relationship she forged with Lane and Ross. The author placed me on sensory overload as every touch and caress emanated from the pages. True submission goes beyond giving your body to another, but more importantly giving your soul, your total being. The First Order demonstrated this as the author described Becca’s inner turmoil and desires in allowing herself to be owned by two strong and dominant men. Becca’s submission was aptly written; held no misconceptions and allowed the reader to feel every nuance. Although Lane and Ross were portrayed as two very dominant males, I felt an underlying sense of insecurity and commitment phobia in their venture for the perfect submissive. As I read further into the story, I surmised that the insecurity I detected was not necessarily in the commitment stance but in realization that the submission was the commitment. Although both Lane and Ross saw Becca for the beautiful person she was, inside and out, it wasn’t until the relationship reached an impasse that the desired truth finally emerged. Lane, Ross and Becca were an exceptionally beautiful ménage, they complimented each other in personality and spirit. The sexual connection was brilliantly written, descriptive and sans vulgarity. The sexual scenes added beauty and connectivity to the story and were not an afterthought thrown in, simply because. The First Order left the door wide open for subsequent books as we were introduced to enigmatic and colorful character. This reviewer has a new favorite author as I look forward to reading more of the series, Safeword LLC." -- Evelise Archer, Sexy Erotic Xciting Review

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Her voice drifted through the speakers. It wasn’t loud or obnoxious, but more like honey trailing down the bark of a tree. It was smooth and sultry with a touch of naiveté. Rebecca’s hair was strawberry blonde and fell a little below her shoulders. Natural waves were woven into the strands. Lane could tell even from here that her eyes were green. The sundress hid most of her legs, but Rebecca’s calves were tight and tapered sensually to her slender ankles that were wrapped in the straps of her white sandals. Kennedy started off the conversation with a basic rundown of her company, which Rebecca was sure to have already read on the website.

Safeword LLC had been one of Lane and Ross’s first clients when they opened their doors. A safe, sane, and consensual relationship in the BDSM lifestyle was the company’s goal, as was placing the right submissive with the dominants who could give her what she needed. Lane and Ross had lived the lifestyle for years, but had never mixed business with pleasure. It wasn’t until recently that they realized that what they were searching for wasn’t going to be found at the exclusive clubs they frequented.

“Rebecca, I gave you my business card for a reason and now you’ve had the weekend to think about what Safeword can offer you. I need to ask you a question before this interview proceeds. Why did you fill out our application?”

Lane closed the distance to where Ross stood. Standing side by side, they listened as this beauty struggled with her words. He looked closely at her chest, seeing that her breathing was uneven. Her hands were clutching the purse that sat in her lap. And even though she must have been nervous as hell entering into the unknown, the little sub had the courage to answer Kennedy’s question.

“Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had these fantasies of—well, being tied down. In order for me to have an, um, an o–orgasm, I n–need to picture that in my head.” Rebecca looked down at her hands, which were white from the pressure of her grip. “My last boyfriend called me depraved and—wait a second.” Rebecca lifted her head and looked across the desk at Kennedy. “Why did you give me your business card?”

“Because you, my dear, are not depraved. There are many, many women out there with your desires who have no idea how to go about finding a man to give them what they need.”

“But I don’t like pain,” Rebecca said in protest, leaning forward just a bit in her chair. “I clicked on the links that were on your website and I didn’t find one that excluded pain.”

Kennedy chuckled and then leaned back in her chair. “Rebecca, each relationship in BDSM is different. What is right for one person may not be right for another. Are there sadists and masochists? Absolutely, as well as many degrees in between. But that is why we have limits.”

“So I can request no pain?”

“Let me ask you a few questions before I answer that question, Rebecca. Have you ever experienced anything outside the realm of vanilla sex?”

“Um, no. I’ve tried different positions, though.”

“Have you had anal sex?” Kennedy asked, picking up a pencil.

“No,” Rebecca answered, shifting in her seat.

Kennedy made a check on the paper in front of her. “Have you ever experimented with nipple clamps, clit clamps, paddles, whips, floggers, straps, or canes?”

“N–no.” Rebecca was staring at the paper in Kennedy’s hand, but then looked back up. She straightened her back. “I answered those on the application.”

“Yes, but it is my job to verify your information, Rebecca.”

Lane smiled. So far, Rebecca’s actions were parallel to his and Ross’s needs. When she was hesitant, Rebecca severed eye contact. If she felt confident or bold in her thoughts or actions, eye contact was reconnected. They didn’t want someone experienced, already trained by another Master. Lane and Ross wanted to mold a woman to their likes, wants, and desires. Most importantly, they didn’t want a mindless woman who didn’t have a will of her own. They needed a promising novice they could lead in the discovery of her submissive self. She needed to have spirit as well as passion.

“What about exhibition?”

“Exhibition? I thought I was going to be with two specific men, not passed around. Look, maybe this was a mistake. I—”

“Close your eyes, Rebecca.” Kennedy had hardened her tone. Lane and Ross knew that to possess that feature, one was usually a dom or domme, but they had yet to figure out what Kennedy’s deal was. She didn’t speak of her personal life. Hell, maybe she was a switch. “Now.”

Rebecca didn’t hesitate, a sure sign of her true nature.




Ross gently released her breasts and brought his warm hands down to her cool stomach. It wasn’t as flat as Becca would have wanted it, and she mentally cringed at what she would say if he asked her to describe her abdomen. She wasn’t good at this game and wanted it over with, yet she’d never felt so aroused. It was if her body had awakened from a long winter’s sleep. How had Ms. Van Camp known this was what Becca had needed?

“Please describe where my hands are, Rebecca.”

“Oh, my stomach, Sir.”

“That’s all you have to say?”

“I–I’m not happy with that part of me, Sir.”

“Then let’s change your view, shall we? I see porcelain skin that is soft to the touch while the slight swell speaks of your fertile health.” Ross stroked his thumb across her lower abdomen, which caused her muscles to contract as well as her pussy. “Your voluptuous curves lead into what an artist would see as perfection, lightly etching your lines to catch the blossoming of your hips. The only thing their artwork lacks is the ability to capture the grace with which you tilt them as you walk, framing your flower between them.”

Becca watched as his hands dipped farther down, suspended right above her bare pussy. Her clit was enflamed, glowing a bright pink, and had been overly sensitive since she’d left the spa. The dampness growing inside her thighs was becoming alarming. If air could cause such a fiery reaction, Becca wasn’t sure she’d be able to cope with Ross’s touch. She was finding it hard not to lean back against his broad chest for support. Ross pulled his hands away and stepped back. She nearly collapsed in frustration.

“Place your fingers inside your folds, Rebecca. Pull them apart and show me your pussy.”

Becca had to lock her knees in place. Ross had stood behind her with his mouth close to her ear as he described parts of her body that she never would have considered erogenous. After listening to his words and seeing and feeling her body respond to him, Becca was on the verge of accepting his portrayal of her sensuality. But now, seeing her bare mound and being instructed to expose her pussy, Becca felt her vulnerability return in waves. In her mind, there wasn’t anything pretty about her pussy.

Not wanting Ross to think she was hesitating, Becca slowly brought her hands around and slid an index finger into each fold. Much to her surprise, her newly waxed skin felt like slippery velvet.

“Pull up and expose yourself to me.”

Becca was surprised when her hands didn’t slip and she was able to separate her folds, exposing her engorged clit and drenched labia. Her juices flowed as if he had turned on a faucet. She would have been red with embarrassment at her condition if it weren’t for the state of flushed excitement she was now in. She kept her eyes glued to her pussy, not wanting to give Ross a reason to add to her earlier punishment. How was Ross going to describe what she was displaying as anything other than what it was? Becca had reservations that he would be able to do so without her fainting dead away.

“You are easy to read, my dear Rebecca.”

Ross walked around her, coming to stand in front of the mirror. He was blocking her view and Becca hesitated on where to look. Ross took the decision away from her when he slowly bent to one knee—directly in front of her bare pussy. He shifted so that she maintained her view. She was both mortified and set afire when he inhaled deeply.

“Your smell is intoxicating. Moisture is flowing down your inner thighs and glistening like a beam of light shining down from a streetlight on a puddle gracing an empty street. Do you know what that tells me? It divulges your arousal at being put on display. Lane and I look forward to presenting you at the club among other places. A friend of ours is very good with rope. Maybe we should ask him to slip some twine in between your folds, similar to how you have your fingers, and make sure your pussy is open for viewing. I’d be profoundly honored to say that your cunt belongs to us both. Do you see what I see? Your pussy is open, revealing satiny pink skin and a flaming red clit that’s throbbing with the beat of your heart. Do you feel your clit pulsating?”

Becca felt her pulse in her ears just like she did when she was about to have an orgasm, but couldn’t quite reach that point of release. If only Ross would touch her—just one touch would bring her the explosion she desperately sought. Becca couldn’t hold back the whimper of utter conquest that escaped her throat. Ross had done nothing but run his finger down her arm and express his appreciation for her body and he’d somehow taken her beyond anything she’d ever sexually experienced.

“Do you now see what I see, Becca?”

The heat of her name coming from his lips soaked into her skin. Yes, Becca saw herself as he pronounced—a sensual, beautiful woman. More importantly, she felt it. A sense of confidence washed over her, as if they had consummated their connection. She felt cherished.

“Yes, Sir,” Becca whispered.

“A man could get used to coming home this.”

Becca couldn’t hold back her cry of surprise at hearing Lane’s voice from across the room.


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