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The Reluctant Dom (MFM) by Tymber Dalton (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: BDSM, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre

This reviewer's rating: 5 - Outstanding

Poignant, heart-breaking, and immersive... a MUST read! Sometimes when I give a 5-star rating, it means 4.5/5. The Reluctant Dom gets a full, enthusiastic perfect score from me. Anyone who likes menage, even on a basic level (meaning it's m/f/m and not m/m), and BDSM should read this book. Have tissues handy, because you are going to cry. Several times. I'm a huge fan of Tymber Dalton and have read several of her menage romances, but I can honestly say that The Reluctant Dom is not only my favorite TD book, but one of my favorite romances ever. I'm so glad it was re-released in ebook!! I'm not going to rehash the plot for you - you can read the book blurb - but even you know it's coming, Kaden's death is a whammy. I cried like a baby. And no, that's not a spoiler - it's the point of the whole plot. The whole book is meticulously crafted, the emotions genuine and natural. The BDSM aspect does not rule the story, either. It does play a big part, but it's therapy for Leah, not a need for exhibitionism or kink... not there's anything wrong with those! *wink* I also loved getting to see Tony again. He plays a secondary role in The Reluctant Dom, much like he did in Dom by Default. If he has his own book, I definitely need to read that! Anyway, if you're waffling on whether or not to read this, do it. Yes, it's sad. Yes, it has a little kink. Yes, it feels a little weird at first, one man handing his wife off to another as he dies. But it is delightfully addicting, thoroughly fulfilling, and hands-down one of the best stories I have ever read.

Reviewed by: DaVinciKittie (Date: 06/29/2012)
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