The Reluctant Dom (MFM)

Suncoast Society 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 104,906
52 Ratings (4.9)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA for M/F]

Love hurts…if you’re lucky. Kaden’s dying, but before he goes he has one problem to solve—he must ask his oldest and dearest friend, Seth, to take over as Dom and Master to his beloved wife, Leah. Seth has always seen himself as the perpetual screwup and Kaden as the strong and steady one, so his friend’s request rocks his world. He also knows there’s no way he can refuse Kaden this. Now Seth finds himself immersed in a role he’s far from comfortable with—inflicting physical pain to provide emotional comfort to the woman he’s secretly loved for years. Can he deal with his crushing grief over the impending loss of his oldest friend and still learn the skills he must master in time to become The Reluctant Dom?

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Reluctant Dom (MFM)
52 Ratings (4.9)

The Reluctant Dom (MFM)

Suncoast Society 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 104,906
52 Ratings (4.9)
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This story will gut you, make sure you have a box of tissues when you read this one! This was one of the most painful yet beautiful books I’ve ever read!
Oh, this tore me apart, put me back together again and then healed me. Amazingly emotional writing documenting a growing love as death slowly takes one of the three partners. One of the most amazing books I've read this year and one that will stay with me a long, long time.
Mary Blackhill
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "When the words written on the page of a book have the ability to slip into the reader’s mind and melt into the reader’s soul, you know that you have a hit on your hands. Tymber Dalton does that and more with her beautiful tale of love which she titled The Reluctant Dom. Imagine your best friend telling you that he is dying. Then imagine him telling you that the person you believe him to be is only a half truth. If that is not enough to stop your world from spinning out of control, imagine him telling you that his wife, your friend, is his slave and he is her master. Could you begin to comprehend all he has shared? Could you even believe what he has told you? The real question is would you be willing to do what he asks in order to protect, provide, and love the one thing that is more precious to him than his own life? This is the unique and amazing love story of Kaden, Leah, and Seth. The story shows us that sometimes things may not always be what they seem. It provides us with the vision of just how far people will go in order to make someone feel secure, loved, and happy. It is a story of love, sadness, truths, trust, and sorrow. It is a story that is written with such devotion to the characters that the emotions written on the pages are felt within the person who is reading the book. This is a love story in its purest form. A story that centers on how far one person will go to save another. It is a story that celebrates the true meaning of friendship as well as a story of grief and the unique ways people deal with the effects of loss. It is a story of selfless love. It is a story that shows us how far a person is willing to go to guarantee that the people he loves are taken care of with a feeling of peace and well being. It is a story that shows us with a bit of creative magic the dreams you have can be realized even if you are not there to witness it happening. This is a story for anyone who believes that love is sometimes hard, but when you give into it, that love may be exactly what you need to get through each day." -- Debbie, Literati Literature Lovers

5 STARS: "I’ve read a lot of BDSM books, but this by far captures the lifestyle so beautifully and realistically. While the subject matter of death is sad in itself, this is ultimately a tale of how a man wants his woman to be cherished once he’s passed on. Kaden wants to ensure Leah’s financial and emotional security and knows she’ll be in good hands with Seth. THE RELUCTANT DOM, not only does Seth has misgivings about entering into this type of relationship; he’s still coping with the news of his best friend’s cancer and potential death. Fascinated, I’ve always wondered how this type of relationship actually starts, and Ms. Dalton brilliantly uses her characters to help readers figure it all out. Leah is naturally submissive in every way, eager to give her all to those she loves, sexually and emotionally. She wants to cook and provide a nice home. She’s excited about giving her man what he wants in bed. Kaden is dominant, caring and wonderfully in tune with all of Leah’s needs and he wants to ensure that Seth understands that, no matter what. The sexual adventures in the book are erotic, entertaining and steamy; they make sense to the success of this tale. The title of this book is fitting as it directly and vividly correlates with the plot and makes sense in ways I could never have imagined. There’s a connection with each player and the reader will experience a myriad of emotions up until the very end. People are already talking about the intensity of this book and the exceptional writing skill of Tymber Dalton. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a classic!" -- Priscilla, Night Owl Reviews

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "A devastating medical diagnosis forces Kaden to make a request of his oldest and best friend, Seth, he never thought he’d make. He desperately needs Seth to agree to take care of his wife Leah after he’s gone. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The situation is anything but simple because Kaden is Leah’s Dom and Master and he’s afraid that she’ll revert to the self-destructive behavior she used to exhibit. He’s determined that Seth take the crash course in providing for Leah’s needs – only Seth wasn’t even aware of Kaden and Leah’s unusual lifestyle and he has no clue if he can be a Dom. Seth has been Kaden’s best friend for over twenty years. They’ve supported each other through many difficult situations – including Seth’s troubled marriages and divorces. Seth has always looked up to Kaden and viewed himself as a perpetual failure in everything he does. Kaden’s news and request stun him but despite his fears and sorrow he’s determined to at least try to be the man Kaden believes he can be. Leah had an extremely trying childhood and as a direct result of that finds emotional comfort in pain. When Kaden first met her she used self-inflicted injuries but purely by mistake they discovered she could achieve the same results from spankings which lead them to the BDSM lifestyle. Kaden’s loving discipline grounds her and allows her a sort of freedom she hadn’t experienced before but now with his cancer diagnosis her future is looking bleak. The only upside is that Kaden’s chosen to complete his promise to always protect her and if he can’t be there to do it himself than he will see that someone he trusts and loves, but not ‘in a do you’ sort of way, will be there to love and protect her in his place. Forget keeping a few tissues handy, just grab the whole box and start reading. I fully admit I cried my way through this story but couldn’t put it down either. In fact, I spent the whole day yesterday reading THE RELUCTANT DOM (and the puffy eyes I have this morning prove that I am not a ‘pretty crier’). This is one of those emotionally driven stories that even though you know what’s eventually going to happen you want to take the journey with the characters. There wasn’t any aspect of these relationships that didn’t fascinate me. From Kaden and Seth’s long-standing friendship, to the marriage between Kaden and Leah, right down to the unusual relationship between all three of them – they all feel very real and because of that the emotional impact is more intense. Tymber Dalton does a beautiful job bringing this story to life through highly memorable characters and difficult situations tempered with humor and genuinely loving personalities." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

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Seth awoke Sunday morning to bright daylight streaming through his window and hitting him in the face. He was surprised to see it was after eight. Leah hadn’t brought his coffee in yet, even though he smelled it brewing.

His TV was still on, too.

He got out of bed, used the bathroom, and shut off the TODAY show while Lester Holt was in the middle of talking to someone about innovative pet accessories.

Sudden, irrational fear flooded him. He hoped Leah wasn’t upset at him for not playing with them last night after class.

That’s stupid. She’s not yours to play with, dude. No matter what the two of them say. This should be Kade’s time with her.

It still disturbed him.

He walked out to the kitchen and didn’t look into the living room as he passed. He poured himself a mug of coffee, debated whether to shower or go jogging, finally opted for a shower. He could spend time swimming that afternoon. Frankly, it was probably too hot already for a good run. Dropping dead of heatstroke wouldn’t help anyone.

He turned to walk down the hall and froze as he passed the living room doorway.

Kaden was stretched out on the couch, reading the Sunday paper and dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.

Leah was…

Holy fuck!

She was…


Kaden had bound her to the sturdy coffee table.

Not on.


The rope harness formed intricate patterns around her torso. Her hands were bound behind her back, and she was trussed on her knees, ass in the air. Kaden had looped the rope around her legs in such a way that they were spread, leaving Seth staring at her open and defenseless shaved pussy. The rope was looped multiple times around her legs, forming another intricate pattern.

Seth’s jaw gaped.

Kaden looked up and reached for his coffee mug. “Oh, good morning.”

Seth stared.

Kaden took a sip of coffee, put his mug down, and went back to reading his paper.

Seth stared.

He didn’t know how long he stared, only that not only was his morning boner back with a passion, it was probably standing straight out in his boxers. He couldn’t bother looking. The sight of Leah tied to the table…

Holy fuck!

Seth slowly walked around the back of the couch. Kaden continued reading the paper, as if this was the most normal thing in the world. When Seth finally made it to the other end of the couch, where he could see Leah’s head, he realized she had a pillow beneath her and she lay with her left cheek against it, staring at him and Kaden. She was also gagged. When she caught Seth’s eye, she winked.

Holy freaking fuck!

Kaden read the paper.

Seth swallowed hard. “Um.”

Kaden nodded. “Shibari. Also known as kinbaku, depending on who you talk to.” He held up the rest of the paper, offered it to Seth, who numbly shook his head.

Kaden went back to reading the paper.

After more long, silent minutes, Seth managed to form vowels. “Is she…comfortable?”

Kaden didn’t look up from the paper. “Are you comfortable, sweetheart?”

Well, they obviously weren’t formal this morning.

She made a sign with her right hand. From this angle, Seth could also see the harness formed a sort of bra around her boobs, pushing them out in a way that didn’t help things on his end.

Kaden glanced over the top of his glasses at her hands. “She’s comfortable.”

He went back to reading the paper.

Seth stared. He wasn’t sure how long he stood there and stared. He was sure, however, that if Leah didn’t have the ball gag in her mouth she’d be smiling. He knew that playful look in her eyes.

Seth walked around the couch and sat at the end, near Leah’s head, staring at her. The knot work looked intricate, amazing.

That was when he noticed the paramedic scissors and Leatherman tool for the first time. Kaden had laid them on the table, near Leah’s right knee.

“What are those for?” Seth hoarsely croaked.

Kaden looked to where Seth pointed. “Just in case. Never do rope bondage without them.”

He went back to his paper.

“How long are you leaving her like that?”

Kaden glanced at the cable box. “Another ten minutes. Then her torture starts.”

Seth thought Leah moaned, but it wasn’t an “oh, shit” moan. It was an “oh, goodie” moan.


“Yeah. For being a little on the pushy side yesterday. She’s going to spend the day being tortured. Aren’t you, love?”

She definitely moaned that time.

Seth stared, realized he still held his coffee mug and that his hands were trembling. He set it on the coffee table near Leah’s head. Somehow that didn’t feel right, so he picked it up and moved it to the end table.

“Do I want to know how you’re going to torture her?”

“You should. You’ll find this very effective.” He lost himself in the paper again.

“Um, dude. Focus. What are you going to do to her?”

“Keep her on edge all day long, not let her come. Later tonight, if she’s a good girl”—that comment he directed at Leah—“I might let her have an orgasm. If she’s very good, I’ll let her have two.”

She moaned again.

Nope, definitely an “oh goodie” moan.




With a deep breath, Seth forced his feet forward, stopping in their bedroom doorway.

Kaden had unbuttoned his shirt but not taken it off yet. Leah had kicked off her shoes, but was still dressed. She spotted him in the doorway, and the brilliant smile that lit her face drew him inside their room.

She rushed to him and put her arms around him. “Kiss me.”

He did.

As she ground her hips into him, he skimmed his hands down her back and cupped her ass, then pulled her tightly against him so she could feel how hard he was.

She softly moaned.

Kaden walked over. He’d shed his shirt but still had his shorts on. He pulled her hair away from her neck and brushed his lips against her nape, making her shiver in Seth’s arms.

“Are you ready to get fucked, love?” Kaden softly spoke in her ear.

She practically melted against Seth as she moaned.

Kaden wasn’t finished. His voice dropped to a low growl. “We’re going to make your fantasies come true, love. We’re going to fuck you all night long. You’re going to have two hard cocks to service from now on, and you’re going to be a very busy girl.”

Seth’s cock painfully throbbed in his jeans, but he didn’t break their kiss.

Leah mewled, squirming between them, obviously excited.

“Tell Sir what your biggest fantasy is,” Kaden growled.

Her head lolled back against Kaden’s shoulder. Her eyes looked glazed with passion. “I want Master and Sir to fuck me at the same time,” she whispered. “I want to feel both of your cocks in me.”

Kaden’s hands cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples through the fabric of her shirt. “Be more specific. Tell him exactly what you’ve told me.”

“I want one of you to fuck my pussy while one of you fucks my ass. I want you both to come inside me at the same time. I want you both to claim me. I want both my masters to use their slave hard tonight.”

Seth’s mouth dried up.

“Tell him another one.”

Her eyes fell closed as Kaden pinched her nipples. “I want Sir to fuck me while I suck Master’s cock.”

Kaden nipped the side of her neck. “Another.”

She was squirming between them now. Seth suspected if he slipped his fingers inside her that she’d be drenched.

“I want to take turns sucking my masters’ cocks while one of them licks my pussy. I want my masters to tie me up and use me all day long and fuck and suck me. I want to run around naked all the time, and whenever Master or Sir wants, they fuck their little slave, whether it’s inside or outside, or they make me suck them. I only want to please my masters.”

Seth took a ragged breath. “Okay,” he hoarsely whispered. If she kept talking like that, he would come in his jeans.

“Go get in bed, love,” Kaden softly ordered.

Seth released her. She frantically ripped off her clothes and threw herself onto the bed.

Seth stared. Kaden looked at him. “Well?”

“Well what?”

Kaden laughed. “Let’s go fuck our slave.”

Seth’s fingers felt numb as he unbuttoned his shirt. Kaden turned off the lamps. Soft light spilled in from the bathroom, making it more intimate and still giving them enough to see.

Kaden finished undressing and lay down next to Leah. She kissed him as he slipped a hand between her legs. She spread them wide and moaned as he pushed a finger inside her.

The sight broke through Seth’s mental paralysis. He finished stripping and lay down on her other side. She turned and kissed him as he cupped her left breast. He brushed his thumb over her nipple, and it immediately hardened in response.

He wanted to fuck her all night long.

But first he wanted to make her come.

Seth slid down the bed and pushed her legs further apart. She turned her face to Kaden and kissed him as Seth wrapped his hands around her thighs.

“Tell me what you want,” Seth hoarsely asked.

She broke her kiss with Kaden. “I want to feel your lips on my clit.”

Seth groaned with need. He could easily squirm against the bed and make himself come at this rate. He lowered his mouth to her sex and gently traced every curve and fold with his tongue.

Leah loudly moaned.

Kaden played with her nipples, alternating between them, rolling them between his fingers. “Let him hear how much you enjoy it,” he ordered.

“So good,” she gasped. “Feels so good.”

Seth took his time, flicking her clit with his tongue, then alternating long, firm strokes, laving it.

He had to fuck her. Now.

He wrapped his lips around her clit and gently bit down, setting off a thermonuclear explosion inside her body. She cried out, her body tensing on the bed. Seth firmly clamped his hands around her thighs and kept her coming, refusing to let go until she was trembling and whimpering in Kaden’s arms.

With one last swipe of his tongue along her clit, he lifted his head. “How was that?”

Her eyes were still closed but she nodded.

Seth sat up and grabbed her hips, pausing with his cock at her ready entrance. “Look at me,” he whispered.

She opened her eyes.

“Do you want me to fuck you, baby?”

She nodded.

“Ask for it.”

“Please fuck me!”

He sank his cock into her and paused, enjoying the feel of her hot, slick muscles. Seth closed his eyes and waited before slowly thrusting. He would explode if he went too fast.

Leah tried to thrust against him and he held her hips. “No, just lay there and let me feel you,” he said hoarsely.

She fell still. Kaden kissed her and played with her nipples.

She felt incredible. It was easy to lose himself in the sensation and forget about the future with his cock buried balls-deep inside her.

Kaden broke their kiss and nibbled on her ear. “He’s going to fuck you good. But we’re not going to let you come again yet. After he comes, you’re going to get him nice and hard again, and then we’ll both fuck you, love.”


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